womens history month activities

Women’s History Month Activities and Lesson Plans

March is Women’s History Month, a time to focus on the achievements, the unique experiences of women, and their roles in our society as a whole. You can use Women’s history month activities and lesson plans to help teach your preschoolers about important women in our history, historic achievements like the suffrage movement, and more. …

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rainbow crafts for kids

Rainbow Crafts for Kids

Engaging in rainbow crafts with your preschoolers is a great way to explore all kinds of fun science topics together this year. You can use rainbows to practice color identification and explore color mixing. Plus, it’s an excellent way to start talking about light and the effects of bending light. These rainbow crafts will give …

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prewriting activities for preschool

My Favorite Prewriting Activities for Preschool

Are you looking for prewriting activities for preschool students? Then you’re in the right place! I’ve got a fun way to build fine motor skills, develop hand-eye coordination, and get ready for writing this school year! Prewriting skills are a big first step for preschool students learning to write letters and master handwriting. From scribbling …

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Pumpkin activities for kindergarten

Fun and Easy Pumpkin Activities for Kindergarten

As Halloween approaches, the leaves change colors and pumpkins are everywhere! It’s the perfect time to incorporate pumpkin activities for kindergarten learners into your lesson plans.  I have all kinds of adorable pumpkin crafts and hands-on activities ready for your little pumpkins to enjoy this fall! Engage your students with science experiments, dramatic play, movement …

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January preschool themes

January Preschool Themes

What Is a Preschool Theme? Preschool themes, sometimes called thematic units or lesson plan themes, are usually centered around one topic. When teaching preschoolers, I like to choose preschool classroom themes that focus on holidays, seasons, or things that interest my students like dinosaurs, bugs, or farm animals. Great preschool themes create integrated lessons for …

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