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Color Interactive Notebook


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This color interactive notebook is a perfect color activity to teach colors. There are 11 adorable color crafts that are included with this color book as you learn all about each color. Then complete the accompanying color worksheets to reinforce the colors thoroughly.

This would make a great back to school craft to display on a bulletin board for open house and is perfect for an interactive color book during math time.

Simply print and cut the templates (or trace) then have your students assemble the crafts and books with you as you learn about each color. There’s also a coloring page included to save you time or if you don’t want to complete the craft.

What’s included in the color interactive notebook pdf:

• A photograph of each of the 11 color book activities and crafts

• Labeled templates for the color crafts with a title of what it is and the color paper to print it on.

• Coloring pages are included if you rather use that instead of (or in addition to) the color craft

This craft pattern can be copied onto colored paper, cut out, and glued together by students or xeroxed and traced by students for a fun back to school craftivity as you learn colors.

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