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Fall Leaves Math Craft


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This Fall leaf math craft is the perfect Fall math craft and activity to do during a fun fall leaves theme as you learn to count or graph up to 5 or 10 this Autumn. This leaf math craft also comes with a leaf coloring page and a counting leaves activity. The counting leaves activity includes 10 frames and 20 frames.

This craft of a leaf pile can be copied onto colored paper, cut out, and glued together by students or xeroxed and traced by students for a fun Fall themed activity.

What’s included in the leaf craft pdf:

• A photograph of the leaf math craft activity

• Labeled templates for the leaf craft with a title of what it is and the suggested color paper to print it on.

•Leaf coloring page

•10 frame and 20 frame counting leaves options

•Graphing to 5 and 10 (options for 3 colored leaves, 2 colored leaves, or no graph)

•Different types of leaves so you can differentiate based on your students cutting abilities

•Color and black/white worksheets provided


**Please note that you can easily change the colors of any of my crafts by simply changing the color paper you print or trace them on.**


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