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Interactive Number Notebook


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This interactive number notebook is a perfect way for kids to learn numbers as they craft. Create a number craft to glue into your interactive number notebook during your next number of the week theme. Then complete the accompanying number worksheet (1-20 available) to reinforce the number thoroughly.


What’s included with the interactive number notebook and number crafts pdf:

• Labeled templates for each number craft with a title of what it is and the color paper to print it on.

• Worksheets for numbers 1-20 to reinforce the number using different skills in your interactive math notebook.

• Number craft pieces separated on different pages (all eyes on one page, shoes on another, arms/legs on a page together etc.) perfect for printing class sets AND one page crafts for each number (every piece on one page) so you can print on white and color them in if you’d rather save paper.

**Please note that you can easily change the colors of any of my crafts by simply changing the color paper you print or trace them on.**

This craft pattern can be copied onto colored paper, cut out, and glued together by students or xeroxed and traced by students for a fun number of the week craftivity.


Check out my number printables blog post for more ways to teach numbers to kids!

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