Preschool Weather



Get ready for a fun filled week with your toddler or preschooler learning all about the weather! This preschool themed weather unit is designed to introduce your child to academic skills and concepts in an exciting way! These preschool weather activities are easy enough for a parent to complete with their child or in a classroom.

Each of the days of preschool weather lessons include a reading or writing component, a science activity, a math activity, and a weather read aloud.

Activities Included in this Resource:

Literacy Weather Activities: Weather Easy Reader, handwriting, syllables, rhymes, name activity, spelling, letter of the week (W), and read alouds

Math Weather Activities: One to one correspondence, sort and classify, counting, measuring, graphing, subitizing, and patterns

Science Weather Activities and Crafts: build a tornado in a bottle, rain cloud in a jar, windsock, water cycle, temperature sensory bin


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preschool-weather-activitiesPreschool Weather
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