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What Activities Can You Explore with A Preschool Apple Theme?

Check out the apple activities for preschool in my apple theme lesson plan for ideas to get you started. It’s filled with opportunities to learn about apples, Johnny Appleseed, and all kinds of important early numeracy and literacy skills too.


You can use apple activities to learn syllables, phonemes, letter recognition, and prepositions.


Then, explore early math skills like subitizing, adding, and apple themed counting activities with your preschoolers.

What Can I Teach My Preschoolers About Apple 

Check out these preschool apple activities!

Apple Life Cycles

Label Apples

Apple Syllables

Fruity Sound

Subitizing Seeds

Number Mats

Don't forget about arts and crafts!

Creative art activities are a great way to help your preschoolers build self-confidence and learn to express themselves and their emotions through art

Johnny Appleseed Crafts For Kids