How to Make a Snowman


This how to make a snowman craft and how to writing activities are the perfect crafts and activities to do during a procedural writing unit.

Teaching how-tos? Your students would love to use this craft in addition to the how to make a snowman writing printables. This snowman craft includes:

  1. A snowman craft
  2. How to make a snowman writing printable
  3. How to make a snowman cut and paste activity
  4. How to make a snowman anchor chart of materials needed and steps

This how to snowman craft would also look great on a Christmas or Winter themed bulletin board after reading the book Sneezy the Snowman or Snowmen at Night.

This craft of a snowman can be copied onto colored paper, cut out, and glued together by students or xeroxed and traced by students for a fun Winter themed activity.

**Please note that you can easily change the colors of any of my crafts by simply changing the color paper you print or trace them on.**

Looking for more snowman activities? Check out this post.


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how to make a snowmanHow to Make a Snowman
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