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25 Easy Snowman Crafts for Kids of all ages

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The holidays and winter are just around the corner, and you know what that means — time to plan some creative snowman crafts for the kids! We’ve compiled a list of 25 winter crafts featuring adorable snowmen of all types.

Recycle materials such as egg cartons and mason jars or turn ordinary household items like paper plates, bowls, and cups into festive little snowmen. Use these crafts to add some snowmen to your kid-made holiday decor or to have something creative to do after the Christmas season is done but there’s still plenty of winter left.

If you don’t live in an area that gets snow, it’s a fun way to get some of that snowman magic. Get started on one of these cute and easy crafts today!

snowman crafts for kids

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Easy Snowman Crafts from The Primary Parade

Have fun indoors on a snowy day with one of our festive snowman projects.

Printable Snowman Crafts

Our adorable printable snowman are easy for kids to make and for teachers to prep! Customize the snowman by choosing the number of snowballs used to make him, the number of buttons, or the colors of the mittens, hat, and scarf.

They’ll look adorable on a bulletin board or lining the walls in the classroom.

printable snowman crafts

Plus you can pair these with my sequencing worksheets during your next procedural unit and describe how to make a snowman. This includes the craft, anchor chart of materials and steps, writing pages, and sequencing cut and paste pages.

how to make a snowman

Paper Plate Snowman Craft

Do you want to build a snowman? This one is made using paper plates, cotton balls, paper, buttons, and glue.

Children will love adding the cotton balls to make a fluffy body for the snowman. Plus, they’ll get plenty of scissor practice in while cutting out the various shapes and adding fringe to the scarf.

Check out the step by step directions to create your own snowman craft for preschoolers.

snowman paper plate craft

Snowman Christmas Countdown Calendar

Build up anticipation for the most wonderful day of the year! Our snowman countdown calendar is a super cute way to count down the days until Christmas.

His nose spins around the plate, moving a little each day until the big event. It’s a great DIY Christmas craft for kids of all ages.

snowman christmas countdown calendar

Fun Snowman Crafts for Preschoolers

Paper Roll Snowman

Easy Peasy and Fun has the cutest idea for a snowman using rolled up paper. Rolling the paper helps children work on their dexterity and concentration.

Once the rolls are made, they’re attached to a colorful background and are ready for their faces, buttons, and accessories.

paper roll snowman

Puffy Paint Snowman

What kid doesn’t love puffy paint? It’s the perfect medium for making a puffy snowman that looks like he’s made out of real snow.

Make it look even more realistic by sprinkling some fake snow over the top of the puffy paint, gently shaking off the excess and letting it dry.

puffy paint snowman

Marshmallow Snowman Ornament

Make a snowman that you can enjoy all season long. This snowman ornament is super cute and made with marshmallows, so your child is sure to love making one while enjoying a marshmallow snack.

Simply grab a fillable ornament, add mini marshmallows, and add a face. The sparkly earmuffs come together quickly using a pipe cleaner and sparkly tinsel.

marshmallow snowman ornament

Pinecone Snowmen

Gather pinecones while enjoying a nature walk, and then come back to make snowmen! You’ll stuff cotton between the scales to make them look like they’re covered in snow.

Then, make a face out of felt, and finish his face, arms, and accessories with pipe cleaners and mini pom poms.

pinecone snowmen

Felt Melting Snowman

A melting snowman has never looked so cute. Follow Messy Little Monster’s tutorial for making this melted snowman craft out of felt, pom poms, buttons, and a few other accessories.

Don’t forget to collect some twigs from the backyard to make the arms.

felt melted snowman craft

Paper Bowl Snowman

Turn ordinary paper bowls into adorable snowman faces with some pipe cleaners, pom poms, googly eyes, and colored paper. The bowl shape makes them perfect for hanging on the wall during the holiday season.

paper bowl snowman

Sock Snowmen

Angie Holden’s sock snowman craft is easy enough for kids to make, but adults will want to get in on the fun, too. Turn simple white socks into adorable snowmen using some fillers, stuffing, buttons, and felt.

It even has a cute little snowman’s hat —all made from the same sock.

sock snowman

Coffee Filter Snowman

Crafting doesn’t get much simpler than this easy coffee filter snowman from Look, We’re Learning. Construction paper, coffee filters, and crayons are the only materials you’ll need.

It’s simple enough for preschoolers, but older children will enjoy it, too. Hang them in the windows for everyone to see!

coffee filter snowman

Cute Snowman Craft Ideas

Foam Cup Snowman

Use your imagination and creativity to turn simple styrofoam cups into the sweetest little snowmen ever. Snip some felt to make their scarves and noses.

Don’t forget to cover the ears with adorable earmuffs made using pipe cleaners and pom poms. Draw on some eyes, and you’re done.

Add these cute snowmen to your holiday decor; they’ll look so pretty on the kids’ table at Christmas dinner.

foam cup snowmen

Snowman Masks

Meaningful Mama’s snowman paper plate masks will make adorable photo props for your holiday party at home or at school. They’d also be super cute for a winter recital with the children singing “Frosty the Snowman” or “5 Little Snowmen.”

snowman paper plate masks

Egg Carton Snowman

The Best Ideas for Kids shows us how to make a fun and easy egg carton snowman craft. What a creative way to recycle materials!

The egg cups stack on one another to make the snowman’s body and head. Add a face, earmuffs, and buttons to complete the project.

egg carton snowman

Snowman Thumbprint Art

Put those little fingers to work making a piece of snowman art parents will treasure for years to come. It’s both a keepsake and a cute winter craft that can hang on the fridge all season long.

snowman thumbprint art

Cotton Snowman

This cotton ball snowman craft is similar to our paper plate version, and it’s just so fluffy! The colorful buttons really make this snowman pop.

cotton ball snowman

Name Snowmen

Fun-a-Day’s name snowman art is a fun way to help toddlers and preschoolers learn to spell and write their names. The snowman can be as “tall” or as “short” as needed.

Each letter gets its own snowball on the snowman’s body. It’s such a cute name craft idea!

snowman name craft

Wood Snowman Ornament

Jazz up your Christmas tree this year with a wood slice snowman ornament like these from Artsy Momma. Not only will they look great on your tree, but they’ll make adorable gift tie-ons as well.

wood slice snowman ornaments

Toilet Paper Tube Snowmen

Recycle your toilet paper rolls to make fabulous crafts like this toilet paper tube snowman from Frugal Mom Eh! With their colorful scarves and earmuffs and bright, smiling faces, they’ll add a lot of cheer to your kid-made décor this year.

toilet paper roll snowmen

Q-Tip Painted Snowman

Q-Tip painting is a fun way to work on fine motor skills, and it’s perfect for winter crafts like this adorable snowman craft project. The beautiful blue backdrop makes the snowman really pop.

qtip snowman

Paper Snowman Art

Fireflies and Mud Pies has a gorgeous idea for paper snowman art using a circle punch and snowflake punches to create a stunning winter scene. Isn’t it the perfect idea for kid-made Christmas cards?

Using the hole punches, you can assemble them fairly quickly!

paper snowman art

Snowman Mason Jar

This super simple snowman mason jar can be used for so many things! Fill it with treats to give to a neighbor. Add pencils or Sharpies to gift to a teacher.

Or, you can simply add it to your desk as a pencil holder for the winter.

snowman craft for kids

Printable Snowman Crafts

These snowman crafts are easy to assemble thanks to printable templates. They’re perfect for the classroom but are just as fun to make at home.

Snowman Headband

Simple Everyday Mom’s snowman headbands are the cutest. Make the craft version using colored paper or let the children color in the black and white version.

Kids will have so much fun wearing their snowman hats—it’s a fun idea for a Christmas party!

snowman hat printable

3D Paper Snowman

Even older children will enjoy making this great snowman craft with a fun 3D effect. It’ll help with scissor practice, too, especially with cutting along curved lines.

However, if you don’t have enough crafting time to allow the kids to cut out all the pieces, a large circle punch can help you make the circles quickly.

3d paper snowman

Paper Bag Snowman

Put on a little puppet show after making this fun paper bag snowman craft with your students or children. Print and cut the pieces, and glue them to a white paper lunch sack. It’s as simple as that!

paper bag snowman

Want to save these ideas for later? Pin this post of cute snowman crafts for kids to come back to when you’ve gathered everything you need.

easy snowman crafts for kids

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