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Patriotic Crafts and Activities for Preschoolers

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Summer is almost here. It’s the perfect season for ice cream, swimming lessons, and celebrating America. 

I’ve put together the very best patriotic crafts for kids and lots of patriotic activities for preschool learners to do in the classroom and at home. I’m so excited to share all these fun summer crafts with you!

Keep reading to get the scoop on my favorite books, printables, activities, and easy patriotic crafts you can do with your early learners. Plus, I’ve got some great ideas for virtual learning fun this summer too. You won’t want to miss these Memorial Day activities and 4th of July craft ideas! 

patriotic crafts for kids

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The Best Patriotic Picture Books

Reading aloud to preschoolers is an excellent way to introduce all kinds of new topics and ideas. Plus, it’s the perfect way to help your kids develop print awareness, expand their vocabularies, and build important early literacy skills for kindergarten. Check out my favorite patriotic picture books for kids to get started:

Blue Sky, White Stars by Sarvinder Naberhaus

Apple Pie 4th of July by Janet S. Wong

The 4th of July Story by Alice Dalgliesh

This is my Flag by Kara Carline

We the Kids by David Catrow

These patriotic picture books are the perfect way to inspire your preschoolers with a love for all things red, white, and blue this summer. Plus, they pair up perfectly with patriotic crafts for kids and my printable patriotic activities too. 

Easy Patriotic Crafts For Kids

I love doing crafts with my preschool learners! Crafts are the best way to help your preschoolers build fine motor skills. They’ll develop strong finger muscles as they cut, paste, draw, string beads, and more this summer. Check out these easy patriotic crafts for kids to get started with your preschoolers:

4th of July Craft for Kids

There’s nothing easier and cuter than this 4th of July craft for kids. You’ll love how simple this is to recreate and how adorable it looks hung up.

patriotic crafts for kids

All you need is red, white, and blue construction paper, scissors, glue, and star stickers.

Simply tear red construction paper into strips and glue them down on a white piece of paper to resemble stripes. Then, trace your child’s hand in blue construction paper and add the star stickers to it.

Be sure to let your child write Happy 4th of July. Crafts always look so cute in kids handwriting.

Flag Tear Art Craft

Tear art is perfect for little hands to build upon fine motor strength. Grab this flag template in my patriotic bundle and make an adorable flag craft with your preschoolers.

Presidents Day crafts and flag crafts for preschoolers

Cut and Paste Fireworks Crafts

Fireworks aren’t just for New Years celebrations. They’re also synonymous with the 4th of July! This year, make your own fireworks right in the classroom with these adorable cut and paste fireworks craft. It’s a great way to help your preschoolers practice cutting and pasting this summer too. 

patriotic crafts for kids

These cute printable fireworks will add an element of fun to your 4th of July celebration without the dangers or explosives. It’s a great way for kids to get in on the fun this summer as we celebrate America’s Birthday!

Easy Bingo Dot Flag Craft 

If paint is still outside your wheelhouse, I totally understand. You can still get crafty with your preschoolers and build fine motor skills too. Check out this cute flag craft with bingo dot markers and paper.

4th of July activities for kids

This dot flag craft is perfect for tiny hands. Simply identify the beginning sounds on each card and color in the matching letter on the flag worksheet.

You can even get your toddlers in on the learning fun with this cute 4th of July craft idea. It’s an easy patriotic craft for kids I just know you’re going to love.

Process Art with Sun Catchers

Process art projects are a lot of fun for preschool learners because they focus on the process of creating something, not the finished product.

Doing projects like this with your preschoolers can be a fun and easy patriotic craft that inspires creativity and self-expression. 

This patriotic suncatcher kids craft is a great way to create some festive flag art with your preschoolers to celebrate our nation!

Plus, the process is relatively mess free and doesn’t involve lots of clean up for teachers or moms. 

Salt Painting Fireworks

Salt painting isn’t just a cute patriotic craft for kids, it’s also a fun science experiment!

You can explore chemical reactions with your preschoolers and learn about colors as salt, paint, and glue work together to create a unique patriotic activity filled with fun.

patriotic craft for kids

Learn how to make your own salt painting fireworks from ABCDee Learning and explore the science behind fireworks and chemical reactions with your preschoolers this summer.

Printable Patriotic Activities for Preschool

Art projects and patriotic crafts are a whole lot of fun, but sometimes you just need a quick and easy printable activity. These printable patriotic activities for preschoolers are just perfect for kids to take home or add extra learning fun to a rainy day. 

The best part? They’re no-prep for teachers and moms! You can grab these printable activities and go have some easy learning fun with your preschoolers to celebrate America this summer. Check out these patriotic activities for preschool available right here at The Primary Parade!

Free Patriotic Activities for Kids

Work on counting, identifying numbers, fine motor skills, and subitizing with this easy patriotic activity for preschoolers.

free 4th of july activities for kids

Simply roll the dice and count (or subitize) how many stars you see. Then, peel off that many star stickers and place them on the free flag printable. Be sure you color the stripes when you’re done for a great patriotic activity for kids!

You’ll also get these easy cutting lines for kids to practice tracing or cutting with in my free patriotic activity bundle.

free fourth of july activities

Have fun building on your child’s fine motor skills with these free patriotic printables.

4th of July Worksheets for Preschoolers

If you’re looking for 4th of July worksheets and activities for preschoolers, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to check out my favorite ways to teach kids with hands on printables this summer.

4th of July Color by Code

Coloring pages are one of my favorite ways to practice skills with preschoolers. They’re fun for kids to do and no prep for the teacher.

These 4th of July coloring pages are great activities to teach kids letters, numbers, and subitizing this summer.

4th of july coloring pages

4th of July Worksheets

Practice counting this July with this fun 4th of July worksheet.

Simply toss the cards in a sensory bin and let your students count the number of stars on each card. After that, they’ll find the matching number on the worksheet to color it in.

4th of july worksheets

Patriotic Number Mats

All kids love playdough mats. That’s why this hands on playdough patriotic activity is such a hit.

patriotic worksheets

Simply grab your favorite playdough and build your math skills and fine motor skills in one!

Presidents Day Printable Activities

Printable Books about Presidents

After reading some of my favorite patriotic picture books to your early learners, build your very own early reader books to learn more about American history in the classroom or at home this summer. These printable books are a great way to introduce your preschoolers to our favorite American presidents!

Patriotic activities

Grab my printable president books to learn more about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. In addition to building print awareness and early literacy skills, your preschoolers can practice cutting skills and have fun coloring the presidents too.

Patriotic Crafts about Presidents

What’s more patriotic than learning about our founding fathers? These patriotic crafts of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington are the perfect addition to any Presidents Day activity or patriotic theme.

Presidents Day crafts

With simple cut and paste templates and writing pages, these patriotic craftivities are perfect for your next patriotic bulletin board.

Patriotic Sensory Bins for Kids

Looking for an easy patriotic sensory bin to throw together this Independence Day? Look no further than this cute idea from my friend Euny’s Designs.

patriotic ideas for kids

All you need is a bin, shredded paper and decorations such as pom poms and stars to bring this adorable patriotic idea to life!

Veterans Day Activities and Crafts

Veterans Day is an important time to celebrate the men and women who serve our country each and every day. In order to honor them in the classroom and at home, I’ve compiled my favorite Veterans Day activities and crafts for kids to do this November.

Free Veterans Day Tear Art Template

Tear art is one of my favorite activities for little ones to complete. It’s perfect for building fine motor strength and each one always turns out so cute! This free Veterans Day tear art craft is no exception.

Easy Veterans Day craft for kids

Simply grab my template and hand your little ones some construction paper and glue. You’ll be amazed at how unique each one turns out.

Veterans Day Matching Activity

Are your little ones good at matching? Practice this important skill using another fun patriotic activity from my bundle. Grab this free match the Veterans activity and use this time to introduce the different branches of our US Armed Forces too!

veterans day activities for kids

Veterans Day Craft Bundle

Show your patriotism this November with these adorable cut and paste Veterans Day crafts for kids.

Veterans Day crafts for kids

Create an Army solider, Navy Sailor, Airforce Airman, and members of the Marines and Coast Guard! This patriotic craft bundle has it all!

Veterans Day Coloring Pages

Are you looking for a way to integrate Social Studies, Math, and Literacy into your daily schedule? My color by code printables are perfect for that! Grab these Veterans Day coloring pages and teach basic skills like colors, numbers, and letters this November.

Veterans Day coloring pages

4th of July Craft Ideas & Activities You Can Do Virtually

More and more kids are learning online. Even preschool programs are adding virtual elements to their lessons and activities. If you’re looking for ways to have fun virtually with your preschoolers this summer, I’ve got you covered. 

Check out some of my favorite 4th of July craft ideas and activities you can do virtually with your early learners. I just know you’ll have a lot of fun with these!

Send Printable 4th of July Craft Ideas

One easy way to get virtual learners in on the fun is for teachers to send printable patriotic crafts to preschoolers. Check out some of the printable president crafts and patriotic activities available at The Primary Parade to get started. 

patriotic activities for kids

YouTube Read Alouds

Reading aloud to kids is something you can do virtually too! You can read books aloud to your students over video platforms like Zoom. Another idea is to send and play videos from YouTube with others reading great books for kids. 

Check out 4th of July Mice by Bethany Roberts. This cute picture book is the perfect patriotic activity for preschool! You can listen to the read aloud from Happy Cultivated with your preschoolers this July.

State Bingo

America is made up of 50 amazing states! Learning about all the states in the union is a great way to help teach your preschoolers about the United States this summer. Have fun playing a virtual state bingo game from ABCYa with your preschoolers to get started.

Virtual Field Trip

One of the most fun virtual learning experiences I’ve discovered is the option to take a virtual field trip. These cool virtual experiences give your preschoolers the opportunity to see unique places around the world they might not otherwise be able to explore.

Check out this virtual field trip to the Statue of Liberty from the National Park Service that you can share with your kids this summer. It’s the perfect way to celebrate America with your preschoolers virtually!

statue of liberty craft

When you’re done, create a cut and paste Statue of Liberty craft and discuss all the facts you learned on the virtual field trip!

More Summer Crafts for Kids

There are a lot of wonderful things to celebrate and learn about with your kids this summer. After you’ve explored all these wonderful patriotic crafts and activities for preschoolers, check out some of my other favorite summer crafts for kids.

Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Don’t miss these fun summer activities for kids including early numeracy skills like subitizing. The printable watermelon seeds activity in this bundle is perfect for your summer picnic!

watermelon craft

Summer Crafts for Kids

Beat the heat and boredom too with these summer crafts for kids. You’ll love the cupcake liner fish craft and the popsicle crafts for preschoolers too!

summer crafts for kids

15 Summer Themed Activities

If you’re looking for a summer lesson plan for your preschool classroom or homeschool, I’ve got you covered! Check out the 15 summer themed activities included in this lesson plan printable. There are all kinds of great opportunities to build literacy, numeracy, and fine motor skills too!

summer themed preschool activities

Preschool Summer Activities

These preschool summer activities are an easy fun way to help get your preschool learners ready for kindergarten during summer break. Don’t miss these printable play dough mats for building fine motor skills and practicing counting with your preschoolers too.

free preschool summer activities

Summer Reading Challenge

Summer is the perfect time to build early reading skills with reluctant readers. Check out my favorite summer reading challenge to get started exploring the world through books with your kids this year.

I’m so excited about celebrating Memorial Day & the 4th of July with my preschoolers this summer! I hope you and your early learners have lots of fun with these patriotic crafts and activities for preschoolers too. 

I love reading about all the fun you’re having with your preschool learners at home and in the classroom. Don’t forget to share your ideas and experiences in the comments for me. I can’t wait to read them!

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