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Free Color by Number Printables (2024)

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Color by number worksheets are a favorite with my preschool and kindergarten learners. Every printable color by number page offers lots of fun, requires almost no-prep, and is filled with learning opportunities for my kids. I’ve put together a big selection of free color by number printables you can use at The Primary Parade.

These no prep printables are perfect for long car rides, rainy days, extra practice for students to take home, or added to your current preschool theme. In fact, I’ve put together printable color by number sheets for nearly every holiday this year! Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of color by number for kids and check out all the number coloring pages available at The Primary Parade too.

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Have Fun Learning with Color by Number for Kids

I love adding printable color by number worksheets to my lessons and preschool themes. It’s an easy way to add all kinds of early learning skills practice that’s super fun for younger and older kids too. Keep reading to discover some of my favorite ways to use them in the classroom and at home.

I often carry a few simple color by number worksheets in my purse. With some quick adaptations to your printer settings, you can print them 4 to a page and cut into 4 x 6 color by number pages for your kids.

Then, take these cute coloring activities along to busy little hands at the doctors office, while waiting at a restaurant, or for road trips. In the car, you can pair them with a Travel Crayon Wallet to make it extra easy for your preschoolers to get creative on the go. 

Another way to use these printable color by number pages is to pair them with a good book. Reading aloud is one of the very best things you can do with your preschool and kindergarten learners. It helps them to build important early learning skills including phonics and print awareness. Reading aloud introduces new vocabulary, models fluent reading, and helps kids fall in love with books.  

Even though reading aloud is wonderful, it’s not without its challenges at times. Reading aloud to wiggly preschoolers tends to work better when you’re reading over snacks or doing an activity that keeps their little hands busy. These color by number worksheets are a great way to do just that! 

Printable color by number worksheets like these that match up with a good book are an excellent way to keep your preschoolers’ hands engaged as they listen to you read aloud. Ready to grab your own printable color by number pages? Keep reading to learn how.

Benefits of Color by Number Worksheets

You can pick up any activity book and probably find one or two easy color by number activities inside. They’re easy for kids to do and a lot of fun. But did you know they’re also filled with early learning benefits and skills practice for your early learners? 

Here are 5 amazing benefits your kids can garner from my free color by number printables:


The world needs more creative thinkers and you can help us reach this goal by encouraging creativity in your classroom and at home. Color by number printables are a great place to begin exploring creativity with early learners. 

The parameters on each color by number worksheet give kids a place to start with vibrant colors and numbers. Taking these choices out of the equation helps give reluctant kids the encouragement they need to take the next step and begin coloring. Then, they are likely to be more ready to try a freestyle coloring activity later.

Problem Solving

You can use printable color by number worksheets to encourage problem solving too. Each page contains an image hidden in the interesting shapes and squiggles for your children to discover as they color. In the end, the image is revealed by the colors your kids apply as they complete these color by number printables. 

Printable color by number activities are a fun first step to solving mysteries for preschoolers and kindergartners. Plus, they’re great for building critical thinking.

Fine Motor Skills

One of the biggest early learning skills your kids will get to practice with color by number printables is fine motor. Fine motor skills develop over time as children mature and are essential to all kinds of important tasks from buttons to zippers to writing their names. 

You can encourage children to practice fine motor skills and perfect these important early learning skills with printable color by number worksheets. Kids can practice:

  • Holding the pencil properly
  • Building dexterity
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Manipulating tools like colored pencils and crayons

Learning Colors

Odds are your preschoolers already know many of their colors if not all of them. However, you can still use color by number printables to teach color theory concepts. Use these printable color by number pages to explore primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, and color mixing with your preschool and kindergarten learners.

Plus, these free printables color by number activities are a great place for kids to practice reading color words that might be more challenging like “orange” and “violet.” Then, you can introduce colors they might not have come across before like magenta and amber.


Printable color by number worksheets are a fun and creative way for teachers to help kids practice their focus skills too. You might be surprised when your wiggly preschoolers are still sitting quietly, engaged in these color by number printables, using all their powers of concentration to finish the page.

Color by number pages give kids a set of procedural steps to follow to complete the task that are fun and engaging. It’s the best way to help them build their powers of concentration and focus. Plus, they’ll be having so much fun they won’t even know it!

Color by Number Printables for Every Holiday

At the Primary Parade, you can get printable color by number worksheets for just about every holiday. Use these printable color by number pages in your classroom, homeschool, and for extra learning fun at home with your preschoolers and kindergartners.

Check out all the fun holiday color by number worksheets available here:

New Year Coloring Page

If you’re looking for an easy activity to help your kids settle back into their learning routine after the New Year, you’ve came to the right place. My New Year color by number worksheets are great for teaching letters, subitizing, different numbers, and colors.

new years color by number printables

Be sure to grab all 4 free New Year coloring pages and check out my other New Year activities today!

Coloring Page of Martin Luther King Jr

Your preschool and kindergarten learners can have fun learning all about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as they color these printable color by number worksheets featuring Dr. King and the peace symbol too.

coloring page of martin luther king jr

Then, get more tips on how to celebrate Martin Luther King Day with your preschoolers from my blog, complete with book suggestions and even more activities you’ll love to teach with this January

Groundhog Day Coloring Pages

Will the groundhog see his shadow? While you wait to find out, explore color theory and build fine motor skills with your preschoolers. These groundhog day free color by number printables are an easy way to learn and have fun at the same time while you wait for Spring.

printable color by number

Plus, don’t miss my groundhog day activities and crafts for your preschool classroom this year.

Dental Health Coloring Pages

Did you know that February was Dental Health month? Teach your students in a fun dental theme with these adorable Dental health color by code worksheets.

dental coloring pages

Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages

When you’re ready to make valentines with your kids, try these printable Valentine’s Day color by number pages. Print two, have your preschoolers color one for a friend and attach a blank color by number worksheet for the friend to complete on their own. It’s a fun way to encourage extra fine motor skills practice for everyone!

Valentines Day color by code

I’ve got 8 different Valentine’s Day color by number worksheet designs, so you’re sure to find something perfect for everyone on your valentines list. Your kids will love these hearts, balloons, and cupcakes and you’ll love that this valentine’s activity is no-prep!

100th Day of School Coloring Pages

What better way to celebrate the 100th day of school than with a little fun using my printable worksheets?

color by number worksheets

These printable color by number worksheets are just the thing for an easy activity you can use in the classroom on Day 100. Plus, they’re a great way to build number recognition skills and practice counting with preschool and kindergarten learners too.

Presidents Day Coloring Pages

Get ready to learn all about our Presidents with tons of fun Presidents Day ideas and Presidents Day coloring pages for kids.

presidents day coloring pages

In this Presidents Day activities bundle you’ll get 7 fun activities and crafts to use this February as you learn about our nations founding fathers.

Easter Coloring Pages

I know your students will be egg-cited to do these fun Easter color by number printables this Spring.

Easter color by number printables

Practice skills such as subitizing, alphabet, numbers, and fine motor skills with these adorable Easter coloring pages for kids.

Earth Day Coloring Pages

Get ready to learn more about our planet and have fun coloring it too with these printable color by number worksheets for Earth Day.

Earth Day color by number printables

Then, check out my Earth Day Crafts and a fun recycling flipbook you can use to teach your preschoolers and kindergarteners all about conservation in the classroom or at home this Spring.

St Patricks Day Coloring Pages

If you’re looking for a way to sneak in academics this March, you won’t want to miss these St Patricks Day color by number printables.

St Patricks Day color by number printables

St Patricks Day is all about fun, luck, and tricks. Grab these four free coloring pages and enjoy lots of academic fun with no added prep to your day!

Cinco De Mayo Coloring Pages

Cinco De Mayo is one of the funnest holidays of the year. Especially with my free Cinco De Mayo color by number printables. Grab these fun Cinco De Mayo worksheets and work on counting, subitizing, and the alphabet this May.

cinco de mayo color by code

Summer Coloring Pages

During the long, summer days the temperature gets warmer and kids would rather have a fun activity to do indoors. Why not grab these fun summer color by number printables for a great addition to your inside learning this season?

free summer coloring pages

Ice Cream Coloring Pages

You can’t have a summer theme without enjoying ice cream. This adorable ice cream worksheet is a fun way to explore numbers and letters this summer.

free ice cream coloring pages

Ocean Coloring Pages

An ocean animal theme is always a fun week for preschool learning. Grab these free ocean coloring pages and teach letters, numbers, and subitizing all summer long.

free ocean coloring pages

Pirate Coloring Pages

Need something to do on a hot summer day? These pirate themed color by number printables are perfect for summer learning. Just print and go for hours of pirate themed fun.

pirate coloring pages

4th of July Coloring Pages

If you’re looking for adorable 4th of July coloring pages to help you celebrate Independence Day this summer, you’ve come to the right place.

4th of july color by code

These three patriotic coloring pages are a great way to beat the heat and teach numbers, letters, and subitizing to kids.

School Coloring Pages

Do you need some coloring pages to kick your school year off on the right foot? These color by code worksheets are a great way to earn letters, numbers, and colors as your students head back to school this Fall.

school coloring pages

Johnny Appleseed Coloring Pages

Johnny Appleseed’s birthday is September 26, so every year we celebrate by doing fun apple themed activities. I have several Johnny Appleseed color by number pages for you to use in your classroom on the big day.

Johnny Appleseed coloring pages

Fall Coloring Pages

Of course I have coloring pages for all the Fall holidays, but what about just plain ol Fall coloring pages for kids? Well, I’ve got those too! Learn numbers, letters, and more with these easy Fall Color by Number printables.

fall coloring pages

Halloween Coloring Pages

Get ready for some spooky fun with these halloween coloring pages. They’re the perfect addition to your halloween preschool theme this year. Plus, these printable color by number pages are an easy way to encourage creativity and problem solving with a little extra fun this October. 

Free Halloween coloring pages

Then, check out even more Halloween fun for your preschool and kindergarten kids from the Primary Parade. Don’t miss all my Halloween activities for preschool and some fun Halloween crafts for kids too.

Veterans Day Coloring Pages

Veterans Day is a day spent remembering those who fought for our freedom. Grab these free Veterans Day coloring pages for an easy way to integrate Social Studies, Math, and Literacy into your classroom this November.

Veterans Day coloring pages

Thanksgiving Color by Number

Encourage your preschoolers and kindergartners to express gratitude and focus on giving thanks with these Thanksgiving color by number worksheets. Your early learners will have fun coloring pilgrims and turkeys as they learn about colors with these numbers worksheets this November too.

Thanksgiving color by code

Do you want more than just educational Thanksgiving coloring pages? Check out my other printable Thanksgiving activities you can use in the classroom and at home this Fall.

I have two bundles that include more than 30 activities, crafts, and book suggestions for Thanksgiving your preschoolers will love! Plus, tons of free Thanksgiving activities for kids too!

Christmas Color by Number

Christmas color by number worksheets are the perfect addition to your holiday party with preschoolers this year. Check out my printable color by number pages featuring The Polar Express! These pages have cute color by number worksheets with the conductor, the train, and other characters from the book by Chris Van Allsburg. 

Christmas color by number

Add these color by number worksheets to your polar express preschool theme or use them to keep little hands busy while you read this classic Christmas tale together this December. Then, check out my Polar Express Activities and crafts for kids to do in the classroom and at home.

Or grab my newest Christmas coloring pages. Your students will love to color a snow globe, Christmas tree, snowman and more this December.

Christmas coloring pages

Winter Coloring Pages

While we’re talking about Christmas, I have to show you my newest winter color by number activities. Some families and schools do not celebrate the Christmas holiday, which makes these winter coloring pages a great alternative for learning.

winter color by number pages

With these holiday coloring pages you will reinforce skills such as number, letters, beginning sounds, and different colors all at once!

Alphabet Color by Letter Worksheets

As you can see, color by code worksheets are a great way to teach lots of different mathematic and fine motor skills. Did you know it’s also a great way to teach the letters of the alphabet too?

color by code worksheets for the alphabet

Grab these color by letter worksheets and discover the mystery uppercase and lowercase letter on every page. There’s even an added handwriting portion to boost your little learners fine motor skills too. These alphabet color by code worksheets for kids are the perfect way to teach the letters A to Z during the summer months or when kids are back at school. Be sure to grab these coloring sheets for Kindergarteners today!

In Conclusion

So what’s your favorite way to use free color by number printables with your early learners? Share your color by number learning fun in the comments. I can’t wait to read them! Don’t forget to grab your free color by number printables to use in the classroom and at home today.

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