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Preschool Valentines Day Activities

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preschool valentine activities for kids

Do you need some preschool Valentines Day ideas to jump start the holiday? Well look no further! This post has tons of preschool Valentines Day activities to last you all week long.

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Here are some of my favorite Valentine crafts for kids and printables to use in your preschool classrooms or at home this February.

Prek Valentines Day Activities

Preschool Valentines Day activities for math

This preschool Valentines Day math activity has been a constant hit over the past few days.

We practiced rolling the dice and counting the number of chocolate chips on the cookies. (If your students are passed the counting stage, have them subitize by quickly looking at the dice and identifying the number of chocolate chips without having to count.)

Then, we searched for the number we rolled on the Sweet Treat jar, game board and covered it.

Conversation heart activities

Candy conversation heart activities for Valentines Day

This candy conversation heart activity is a fun hands on way to teach sorting, counting, tallys, colors, and graphing to preschool kids!

We started this activity by sorting the Conversation Hearts by color. We then colored the hearts on the worksheet to match what we had so we could get to work!

After that, we counted the Valentine candy hearts in each group and wrote it down on the worksheet. You could also tally the amount here instead.

When we were done, we created a bar graph on the worksheet. You could easily color this in if you wish.

Once we were done we extended our learning by talking about which color had the least and most, if a specific color had more than the other, and what it meant if there were none of a specific color.

I highly suggest grabbing this hands on preschool Valentines Day activity! It’s a super simple and fun way to practice math this Valentines Day in the classroom or at home.

Valentines Day Graphing Activity

conversation heart graphing sink or float activity for valentines day

Another fun preschool Valentines Day activity for kids to do this February is a sink or float graph.

To complete this activity, give your students a paper heart to color and tell them to predict if a candy Conversation Heart will sink or float in a liquid of your choice. I like to show them the differences in water, soda, and vinegar.

After they make their predictions and create a class graph, have them record their answers and the results on this fun Valentine worksheet.

Valentines Day Coloring Pages

Valentines Day coloring page

Here are 8 Valentines Day coloring pages to practice identifying numbers 1-10. These Valentines Day coloring pages are a great way to assess number recognition and work on coloring skills all in one.

Valentines Day coloring page

Valentines Day Science

valentines day science

This candy Conversation Heart activity is a fun Valentines Day science experiment to do with your kids. This Valentines Day worksheet comes with 3 different layouts:

  • only drawings (as pictured)
  • drawings with a few words and
  • drawings with a sentence for each observation

Since this Valentines Day science activity can be differentiated for PreK on up, I gave you a few different Valentines Day worksheets. This way you can choose which worksheets meet the needs of your students best.

How to do this Valentines science experiment

You’ll need to gather a few supplies such as the Valentine worksheets, Conversation Hearts (class set), 3 clear containers, water, soda, and vinegar.

valentines day science

Fill each container with a different liquid and have your students record if they predict the candy hearts will sink or float. Then, place a few candy hearts into each liquid and record what happens on the Valentines Day worksheet.

Free Valentines Printable

free valentines printable with playdoh

I set up these adorable Valentines with PlayDoh for my little ones class today and am obsessed with how they turned out. Do you want to make these cute Preschool Valentines for your kids too? All you need is:

Toss the Valentine goodies into a ZipLock sandwich bag and staple it closed with the free Valentine printable on top. I know your preschoolers class will just love receiving these Valentines.

Valentines Day Fine Motor Ideas

Valentine fine motor activity lacing hearts

Threading and lacing are fine motor skills that can take a few tries to really nail. As you can see in the pictures, my little cutie finally has grasped pushing and pulling the string through the holes; however, she is still all over the place with her placement!

Valentine fine motor skills activity with lacing

Going from one hole to the very next is a tough skill for little fingers and eye coordination, which is why I was so giddy when I found this giant pack of felt hearts from Dollar Tree.

Now we can practice our little heart out. I think it came with 15 in a pack and has been a great addition to our Valentines Day themed activities.

Valentines Day Ideas for Preschool

Valentines Day activities for kids to practice beginning sounds

Beginning sounds can be fun to teach, especially if you have fun manipulatives to use.

What kid doesn’t like cookies? You’re in for a treat with this activity. Students will identify the picture on the cookie and isolate the initial sound. Then sort the cookie into the correct cookie jar.

Love Letters Tracing Activity


This is an easy Valentines Day handwriting and letter identification activity that can be used with or without the worksheet.

I had these cards stacked face down and my students practiced tracing the capital and lower case letter over the dotted lines. Then, they found the letter on the Love Letter worksheet and traced it again for letter recognition reinforcement.

This activity comes with a capital and lowercase letter worksheet that would work nicely printed front to back. For more fun, you can always throw these Love Bug cards into a sensory bin for your students to search through.

Valentines Day Worksheets

Valentines Day worksheets

Hands on activities are fun, but sometimes a cute worksheet is what we need.

These Valentines Day worksheets come with 33 pages of math, literacy and fine motor skills. They are perfect for a Valentine theme or used for extra work with early finishers. It includes:


  • Counting 1-10
  • Counting 11-20
  • Patterns
  • Identifying numbers
  • Graphing
  • Color by number
  • Tally marks
  • Ordering numbers


  • Color by letter
  • Rhyming
  • My name
  • Spelling
  • Reading colors
  • Identifying letters
  • Tracing letters
  • Alphabetical order
  • CVC words
  • Beginning sounds

Free Preschool Valentines Day Activities

Valentines Day tens frame number mats


I love using these themed number mats in our weekly lessons for several reasons.

Do you realize how challenging it can be for a toddler or preschooler to roll Play Doh or to simply write a number? These are skills that definitely need to be practiced again and again.

Another reason number mats are great is because it allows your students to apply math skills such as number recognition and one-to-one correspondence within ten frames!

These are definitely a class AND household favorite! Be sure to get yourself a FREE copy of these preschool Valentines activities here.

Valentines Day Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are one of my favorite ways to let kids explore and learn. This Valentines Day counting activity is perfect to add into a sensory bin.

Valentines Day printables

This is also the perfect activity for getting wiggly preschoolers out of their seats and moving about. Simply hang the cards around the room for gross motor fun. Plus, they’ll be learning to identify numbers and count too.⁣⁣⁣

Love Letter Hunts

Don’t you just love activities that get your kids up and moving as they learn? This activity does just that.

valentines day activities

Hang the love letter cards around the room. As your students find each one they will identify the number on the letter and color in the correct color on the worksheet.

Valentines Day Count and Cover

Number recognition and counting are important skills for preschool students to learn. Help set a solid math foundation this February with a free Valentine count and cover activity for kids.

Valentine math activities

As your preschoolers identify each number, they will trace them and count out that many items on the mat. As you can see, there’s a variety of manipulatives that can be used with this Valentines Day freebie. Here are a few of my favorite math counters for kids:

Valentines Day Invitation to Play

valentines day crafts for kids

These free and fun preschool Valentines Day activities are the perfect way for your kids to get creative while they learn. I love invitation to play activities because they’re the perfect mix of creativity and academics!

Each preschool Valentines Day activity comes with a set of cards and allows you to make a fun valentine or sweet treat.

Simply identify the numbers on the cards and place that many objects on your Playdoh. If you don’t have Playdoh, don’t worry. This also comes with a printable mat your children can make their masterpieces on.

valentine activities for kids

Valentines Day Crafts for Kids

Valentine crafts for kids

This Valentines craft was an extremely easy craft to do with preschool kids. To recreate this:

  1. Trace your students hand and arm on brown paper
  2. Cut it out and glue it on a simple outdoor scene
  3. Then, cut strips of colored paper horizontally on the short side and staple the ends together so they make heart shapes.
  4. Glue these down on the brown handprint to resemble a tree.
    • I went ahead and cut strips to make mini hearts as well to put inside but it’s definitely not needed for this Valentine handprint craft.

Valentine Name Crafts

easy name craft for valentines day

Another fun and incredibly simple Valentines Day craft for kids is this Valentine name craft.

Simply draw a heart on colored paper and write your child’s name. Then, have them cut between each letter and glue it back together like a puzzle.

Valentines Day name craft

Or get extra crafty with my candy jar Valentines Day name craft for kids. It’s a great way to build your name as you craft!

Tear Art craft

Valentines Day crafts for kids

I think my favorite crafts for preschoolers to do are tear art crafts. I like them so much that I try to include them in just about every theme we complete.

This Valentines craft is one your preschoolers or toddlers can independently do all by themselves. To recreate this masterpiece:

  1. Grab this heart template from my free Valentines printable pack
  2. Simply cut strips of colored paper into strips
  3. Have your child tear the strips horizontally so it makes tiny pieces.
  4. Glue the pieces on the heart template and leave it to dry

Pizza Valentines Day craft

If you’re looking for an a-DOUGH-able Valentine craft for kids, you’ve come to the right place. This pizza themed Valentines Day craft is sure to be a hit.

pizza valentine craft

Simply type or write the reasons you like your Valentine in each heart then cut and paste your pizza templates as shown for a great Valentines Day card for kids to hand out this February.

Valentines Day Books for Preschool

Read aloud is one of my most favorite times of the day because the kids enjoy it and learn so much new and rich vocabulary from it.

Here’s a list of a few of the Valentines Day books we used this week:

Want Even More Valentines Day Ideas and Activities?

Grab my Valentines Day printables bundle HERE and get 15 other Valentines themed activities for cheap. Check out what’s included in the bundle:

Valentines Day ideas

Then grab 70 free printables from me and my friends.

free winter activities for kids

These will help you out for the rest of Winter, including all the fun holidays like Valentines Day!

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