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Free and Cute Easter Counting Worksheet for Kindergartners

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Welcome to our delightful Easter-themed adventure: “Count the Cute Easter Bunnies with Kindergartners”! As spring blooms and Easter joy fills the air, it’s the perfect time to engage our young learners in fun and educational activities. Let’s explore a variety of Easter counting activities specifically designed for kindergartners and young children to enhance their numeracy skills while celebrating the Spring season. 

From interactive Easter counting worksheets to engaging Easter bunny counting games, we have a plethora of ideas to make learning both enjoyable and meaningful. Get ready to hop into the world of numbers with the charm and cheer of Easter as our guide!

Easter counting worksheet

Celebrate with the Easter Bunny Counting Song

Easter presents a wonderful opportunity for teachers to infuse joy and creativity into the classroom while incorporating educational activities like counting. One engaging way to celebrate Easter and reinforce counting skills is through the Easter Bunny Counting Song. Teachers can utilize this song to make learning fun and memorable for young learners.

To start, teachers can introduce the Easter Bunny Counting Song, which incorporates counting from one to ten along with the excitement of Easter festivities. They can encourage students to sing along, clap, or even dance to the rhythm of the song. As they sing, students can hold up corresponding numbers on their fingers or use props such as bunny-shaped cutouts to represent each number.

In addition to singing, teachers can integrate hands-on activities like Easter-themed counting games or worksheets. For instance, students can count chocolate eggs, bunny figurines, or colorful Easter eggs as they participate in various interactive tasks. Teachers can also incorporate storytelling about the Easter Bunny’s adventures, integrating counting elements into the narrative.

By combining music, movement, and thematic elements of Easter, teachers can create a dynamic learning environment that fosters both excitement and educational growth. The Easter Bunny Counting Song not only reinforces counting skills but also cultivates a sense of festive spirit and camaraderie among students, making Easter celebrations in the classroom both enjoyable and enriching.

My Favorite Easter Counting Worksheet

My favorite Easter counting worksheet will have your kindergartners excited about math in no time at all! Kids will enjoy counting cute bunnies and coloring the correct number on their Easter counting worksheet. Parents and teachers will love how easy this activity is to complete in the classroom or at home.

Easter counting worksheet

If you’re looking for creative and engaging Easter counting activities, you won’t want to miss my Counting Easter Bunnies Activity for kindergartners. This Easter counting worksheet is so easy to prep for students. It can be added to any classroom math center or used to make an Easter sensory bin into a math learning activity your kids will love!

You’ll get printable Easter bunny counting cards featuring cute bunnies from 1 to 10 and a corresponding Easter counting worksheet with bunny-themed numbers for kids to color. Just add crayons and you’ve got a cute Easter counting activity to keep little hands busy this Spring.

More Cute Easter Counting Activities

Hands-on Easter counting activities provide an easy way for teachers and parents to engage kindergartners as they embrace the spirit of the season and reinforce essential numerical concepts. Discover more cute Easter counting activities to keep your little learners busy below.

Easter Egg Number Hunt

Another creative Easter counting activity involves hiding plastic Easter eggs around the classroom or outdoors on the playground. Include a numbered piece of paper or a small amount of jelly beans for kids to count inside each egg. As kindergartners find the Easter eggs in this scavenger hunt, they can collect them in baskets and practice identifying the numbers. For more advanced mathematicians, it would also be fun to practice arranging them in sequential order too.

Easter counting activities

Or if you need a printable version, this Easter Egg Hunt works well too! It’s a fun activity to toss into a sensory bin or use for gross motor work around the Easter holiday.

Bunny Hop Counting

Bunny hop counting is a fun Easter bunny counting activity your kids are going to have so much fun completing! You’ll need to create a bunny hop path before students arrive with numbered footprints or cutouts on the floor. Try my printable Bunny Craft Template for creative cutouts.

This Easter bunny craft is the perfect Easter craft for kids

Kindergartners will take turns hopping along the bunny path, counting aloud as they land on each number. To make this Easter counting activity more challenging, space the numbers differently or introduce cute Easter-themed obstacles like baskets or stuffed animals for students to hop over. This adds an element of excitement and a little extra challenge to this Easter activity.

Easter Egg Addition

A really fun way to practice basic math skills with kids is by engaging in Easter egg addition. First, provide your kindergartners with a set of plastic eggs. Be sure that each contains a different amount of small Easter-themed objects or candies. Kids will then combine the quantities from two separate eggs and count the total number inside. 

This Easter egg addition activity reinforces counting and introduces the concept of addition in a way that’s tangible and exciting for kindergartners. These hands-on Easter counting activities are an easy way for parents and teachers to foster learning and keep kids engaged while they practice critical math concepts this Spring.

How can you use my Easter bunny counting activity with your kindergarten students this Spring? Do you have more fun Easter counting activities planned for your little learners? Tell me all about your favorite Easter activities in the comments!

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