Primary Color Mixing Worksheet Preschool Activities

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I’ve got a new color mixing worksheet preschool learners can do in the classroom! I’m super excited to share this new way to learn new colors, practice identifying primary colors, and have fun with you and your preschool students.

Plus, I’ll share ways to practice identifying colors, tips on teaching your preschoolers about secondary and tertiary colors, and all kinds of fun color mixing activities you can experiment with this school year.

Keep reading along to discover my favorite color songs to sing in the classroom, great books about colors, fun ideas from art teachers, and color mixing worksheets too.

color mixing worksheet preschool

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Explore New Colors with Primary Color Mixing Worksheets

Get ready to explore new colors with my Primary Color Mixing Activity for kids! It’s a lot of fun to add to your color week lesson plans. You can use it as part of your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations this March too. 

Color mixing worksheet preschool

This printable color mixing activity will help your preschool students review primary colors and learn about secondary colors at the same time. Plus, I’ve put together 3 separate color mixing worksheets you can line up with your student’s needs and abilities.

One primary color mixing worksheet focuses on drawing predictions and results for preschoolers who aren’t ready for handwriting practice just yet. Another encourages preschoolers to write in complete sentences and draw pictures of what they see and predict will happen. 

Each primary color mixing activity encourages preschool students to observe the colors and predict what will happen as they mix different colors. Then, kids get to practice the scientific method by experimenting with color mixing and recording their results.

Practice Identifying Primary Colors in the Classroom

When you begin teaching colors to your preschool students, the experts recommend starting with primary colors, then secondary colors, and finally tertiary colors. You can practice identifying primary colors in the classroom with all kinds of fun hands-on activities and color mixing worksheet preschool students enjoy!

I like reading great books, singing a silly color song, and engaging in hands-on activities to teach preschoolers about colors. Check out more of my favorite color activities below.

Learn Colors with Interactive Notebooks

An interactive notebook is a fun way to learn several colors while crafting. My interactive color notebook for kids includes printables for teaching all the colors of the rainbow and more.

You’ll also get fun color worksheets and a coloring page in case you want to skip the craft.

color interactive notebook

Explore with a Finger Paint Station

Centers are great for teaching all kinds of early learning skills to your students. To learn colors, add a finger paint station to the art center in your preschool classroom.

Check out the My First Fingerpaint Kit from Crayola for a fun way to explore paint colors and minimize the mess too.

Pair this Fingerpaint Kit with my free color mixing worksheet preschool students will love completing! This free color mixing activity is perfect for introducing primary colors and even secondary colors too!

color mixing worksheet preschool

It comes with 8 different color mixing mats with several variations to meet your students exactly where they’re at. Trace the color words or have your students write down the colors as they explore paint with this fun science experiment.

Sort by Colors

Teach colors and sorting in one with this fun color sorting crayon craft for kids. This color activity comes with a crayon box craft, 6 different color crayon templates, and the colored objects to sort.

color sorting craft

Simply print in color or black and white and color them in yourself. It’s a fun way to learn colors and craft during the beginning of the school year.

Learn Color Words with Color Books

Reading aloud to kids has tons of benefits! Help your preschoolers develop print awareness and learn about colors at the same time with these fun picture books about colors.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr.

Mouse Paint by Ellen Walsh

Monsters Love Colors by Mike Austin

How Do Dinosaurs Learn Their Colors? by Jane Yolen

Bear Sees Colors by Karma Wilson

Memorize Colors with a Color Song

Songs are fun and helpful when you’re teaching your preschoolers information they need to memorize. A catchy tune can go a long way toward helping facts stick. Check out one of my favorite color songs for preschool students.

The Rainbow Song:

Red and orange, green and blue,

Shiny yellow, and purple, too.

All the colors that we know, live up in the rainbow.

Red and orange, green and blue,

Shiny yellow, and purple, too.

Create Secondary Colors with Color Mixing Worksheets and Activities

After your preschool students have mastered primary colors, you can begin teaching secondary colors with color mixing worksheets and activities. My printable Ice Cube Mix Color Experiment is a great way to learn about and create secondary colors with your students as you learn through science!

Check out another fun secondary color mixing activity too, like my St Patricks Day fizzing pots of gold.

color mixing science experiment

Just add baking soda and a few drops of food coloring into each pot. See if your students can guess what secondary color will erupt when you mix different primary colors. Then, squeeze in some vinegar and watch the bubbles form!

Learn About Tertiary Colors with Color Wheel Activities

When your preschoolers are ready to learn about tertiary colors, it can be helpful to use a color wheel. Have your preschoolers add colors to their own paper color wheel or grab a helpful Color Wheel dinosaur to teach your students about primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. 

You can use my printable Color Mixing Chart to help preschoolers learn about how colors mix together to make new colors too. It’s a great visual to use in the classroom as you complete color mixing worksheets preschool students will enjoy.

More Color Mixing Activities to Experiment with Different Colors

There are many other coloring printables and activities available to help you experiment with different colors in the classroom and at home too. Try teaching color words to your preschoolers with Color by Number Worksheets or do some melted crayon art for a hands-on learning experience. 

St Patricks Day color by number printables

Color by code worksheets are always a big hit with my preschool and kindergarten students. Every printable color-by-number page offers lots of fun, requires almost no prep, and is filled with learning opportunities for students.

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