Preschool Plant Activities

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Now that Spring is here, it’s time to roll out our newest unit, preschool plant activities! I love this themed unit because it’s easy to find free items around your house, school, or nature to be used in the lessons! Here’s a few of the items you can find in this weeks themed lessons.

Spring is a season for new growth, so it’s the perfect time to explore botany and growing plants with your preschoolers. Plus, you can use this fun plant theme to teach all kinds of early reading lessons, math skills, and develop motor skills with hands-on activities too.

Your preschoolers will love these fun worksheets, crafts, and science activities! Ready to discover a few of the items you can find in this weeks themed lessons? Check out my favorite plant activities for preschool!

preschool plant activities

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Plant Activities for Preschool Math Practice

I can’t wait to share some of my favorite plant activities for preschool with you! I’ve included 15 activities in this printable unit study. Check out some of my favorite math activities below.

preschool plant activities

Leafy Link Math Activity

This leafy link math activity is a fun way to introduce counting, one to one correspondence, and handwriting in one fun activity! Simply choose a numbered card, find it’s matching flower, say and trace the number, and connect the corresponding number of Link-N-Learns to the plant’s stem.

preschool plant theme activity to practice counting

Petal Number Sense

This has been a huge hit with my little learners. Can you blame them? This preschool plant activity is super cute and extremely engaging.

preschool plant activities

Just choose a flower center and match it to the correct numbered petals to practice number sense with your preschool students. 

Flower Counting Math Activity

This math center activity is perfect for your preschool classroom this spring! Your students will love choosing a watering can and counting to find the matching numbered tulips in this math game.

plant activities for preschool

Subitizing Sprouts with Plant Number Mats

These plant number mats are one of my favorite printables to have on hand. I love how there are so many skills wrapped up in one amazing resource.

preschool spring activities to practice numbers in a plant theme

On each number mat your student will practice their handwriting, fine motor skills, reading, number recognition, and ten-frame skills!

What’s even better is that these plant number mats are totally free printables!

Preschool Plant Activities for Reading Practice

Reading aloud to your preschoolers is the very best way to encourage early literacy skills and help your students fall in love with reading from the very start! Check out the beautiful plant themed picture book suggestions included in my new unit and use them to give your preschoolers the gift of curiosity.

Plant Books for Preschoolers

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

Lola Plants a Garden by Anna McQuinn

From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons

Magic School Bus Plants Seeds by Joanna Cole

My Garden by Kevin Henkes

You can use these books about plants to introduce your preschool students to the magical world of reading during circle time. Plus, they match up really well with the preschool literacy activities below.

Compound Word Tulips

Blending compound words can be a tricky topic for little learners. Help your little learners get ahead of the game by grabbing this plant themed learning resource for your reading center. Your students will choose two leaves, blend the words together, and identify the compound word. For example, Snow + Man = Snowman!

preschool plant activities

Flower Name Craft

Help your preschool students learn to spell and write their own names with this fun flower name craft activity. It’s an adorable craft for the bulletin board in your classroom! Plus, great practice with handwriting and letter identification for your early learners. 

There are lots of other awesome literacy activities in this plant unit study too including a letter match activity and an emergent reader you can use to practice phonics skills. It’s a great printable literacy activity to send home with your students as well.

Hands-On Plant Activities for Kids

One of our favorite fun things to do while learning about plants with preschoolers is to actually plant some. You can use all kinds of recycled materials for planting seeds with your preschoolers. For example, egg shells make a great biodegradable option. 

earth day activities for kids

Lima Bean Plant Project

We planted lima beans in egg shells last year to celebrate Earth Day. It’s an easy activity you can do right in the classroom. Then, preschoolers can experience planting and watching things grow all through spring.

First, break the top of the egg and clean it out. Let your preschool students add soil to the egg shells and plant their own tiny lima bean seed. Then, add water and make sure your plants are placed somewhere in the room where they can get sunshine. A window in your science center would be a great spot for students to observe their plants as they grow.

You can try this project with different types of seeds including sunflower seeds and wildflower seeds. It’s such a fun spring science project to do again and again! Don’t forget to have your preschool students record their results along the way too.

Dyed Flowers Preschool Plant Activity

Another fun science activity you can do with preschoolers is to dye flowers. Dyeing flowers is pretty easy and the effect is really cool to watch!

You’ll need scissors, 3 white flowers (carnations work well), food coloring, clear plastic or glass cups or jar to hold the flowers, and water. Fill each cup halfway with water and add 3 drops of food coloring to each cup. I like to use a different color dye for each cup.

Then, carefully cut the end of each flower’s stem and place one flower in each cup. Wait one hour and check your flower petals. You should begin to see the change! 

After a day, the flower petals will be well-colored and fascinating for your students. It’s such a fun plant science experiment to encourage preschoolers to learn about the natural world this season.

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