Preschool Name Crafts and Name Activities

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Teaching your preschoolers how to spell and write their own names is one of the most important things they will learn this school year. There are lots of preschool name crafts to explore and practice name writing at home and in the classroom! I’m excited to share some of my favorite name recognition activities to teach preschoolers how to spell and write their own names.

Preschoolers don’t learn to spell and write their names overnight. First, they must master the alphabet and basic fine motor skills. Then, you’ll be ready to teach your students with fun name activities for preschoolers. Get ready to discover my favorite name crafts for preschool and master this kindergarten readiness skill in no time!

preschool name crafts

My Favorite Preschool Name Crafts

If you’re looking for name crafts for preschool, you’re in the right spot! I’ve got lots of great preschool name crafts you can use to help your students practice all year long. Check out my favorite name crafts for preschool below.

Apple Name Craft

With school starting soon, I know an apple theme is near! This adorable apple name craft is a perfect addition to any back to school bulletin board or apple themed center as children learn how to spell and write their name this Fall.

preschool name crafts

This great preschool name craft also comes with a coloring page and half sheet for kids to practice writing their name in their best handwriting. All you need is colored paper, glue, and scissors to bring this name activity for kids to life.

Pete the Cat Craft

This blue cat is everyones favorite. Grab my Pete the Cat craft and pair it with your child’s favorite story, Four Groovy Buttons for even more name learning fun.

Pete the cat craft

Dot Marker Name Craft

I love this preschool name craft because it’s easy to make and mess-free too. All you’ll need to get started are “do a dot” markers and paper. First, print your child’s name in large letters on the paper.

It’s okay to use uppercase or lowercase letters for this activity. In fact, it’s a great time to begin teaching your preschoolers that we capitalize the first letter in a proper noun. Next, practice spelling the letters and build pre-writing skills by having children trace each letter with their fingers.

name activities for preschool

Finally, you’re ready to get creative! Break out the dot markers and let kids make dots to trace each letter. It’s an easy preschool name activity for kids who might not have mastered the proper pencil grip yet. Plus, it makes for some adorable art for the fridge at home.

Crayon & Pencil Crafts

These cute cut-and-paste name crafts for preschool are easy to make and perfect for lots of different back-to-school themes. Get my Crayon Cut and Paste Name Craft to get started. Then, let your preschoolers choose safety scissors, glue sticks, and their favorite crayons for these name crafts. 

cut and paste name crafts for kids

These Crayon Crafts will look super cute on a bulletin board and they pair well with my Crayon Box Back to School Name Activity too. I really like using a crayon or pencil theme for the back-to-school season in my preschool classroom. Don’t miss my Pencil Cut and Paste Name Craft too!

You can use this pencil activity with glue sticks and safety scissors to help build name recognition skills and practice spelling names with your preschool students this year. Just grab my printable cut-and-paste craft templates and get started learning to spell names in the classroom and at home.

preschool name crafts

Dinosaur Name Craft

Roar! Do your preschoolers love dinosaurs? You can take advantage of this trendy theme in your preschool classroom or homeschool space with my adorable Dinosaur Name Craft. This cut-and-paste name craft is part of a bundle of dinosaur-themed activities you can use to teach all kinds of important literacy and numeracy skills.

dinosaur name craft for kids

Plus, don’t miss my Preschool Dinosaur Activities and theme ideas for your early learners. I’m sharing all my dino-themed favorites including play dough mats, crafts, and hands-on sensory play ideas too.

Firetruck Preschool Name Craft

I love this adorable name craft! This firetruck name craft goes so well with my Community Helpers Preschool Theme. Plus, you can use this Firetruck Name Craft to help your preschoolers build name recognition skills.

name recognition activity

These adorable firetrucks are a nice craft to do with kids after a field trip to the local fire station, as part of a Fire Safety Lesson, or added to a fun storytime about firefighters. Don’t miss all the fun with this firetruck cut-and-paste name craft.

Valentine’s Day Name Craft

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for preschool name crafts! You can use this cute craft to help preschoolers get ready for all the name writing they’ll be doing when they write valentines for friends and family.

easy name craft for valentines day

In this activity, your preschool learners will get to create their own cute name puzzle. First, print my Valentine’s Day Heart template or draw your own large heart on paper. Then, write your child’s name inside the heart or have them write it and cut it into strips.

Finally, let your preschoolers have fun piecing the heart back together to spell their names. Glue their Valentine’s Day name puzzle down on paper to keep. You can gift this adorable name craft to parents or grandparents to celebrate the holiday too.

Halloween Name Crafts

I love Halloween! It’s such a fun holiday filled with opportunities for role-playing, imagination, and lots of learning fun. You can begin building spelling and handwriting skills with my preschool name crafts for Halloween this year.

Halloween name craft for preschoolers

First, help your preschoolers master the first letter in their names with a batty Halloween Name Craft. You’ll need bowtie pasta (dyed black), glue, and my name craft printable. Kids will have fun gluing the pasta “bats” down to form the first letter of their own name. Then, build creative writing skills and practice handwriting by having preschoolers fill in the blank “I’m batty about…”

Next, get crafty by creating your own Witch Name Crafts for preschool. These cute crafts spell out your child’s name by gluing it to the witch’s legs. This free Halloween name craft will teach your preschoolers their name and fine motor skills this Halloween.

editable name craft writing

Finally, get bubbly this Halloween season with a not so spooky cauldron name craft. Spell your names in the bubbles and decorate your Fall bulletin board with tons of cute options this Fall.

Halloween name craft for kids

Don’t miss my Halloween Activities article for even more great ideas on how to celebrate the holiday with your preschool learners this October. Plus, get some great activities for building early numeracy and literacy skills in the classroom and at home too.

Thanksgiving Name Crafts – turkey & pilgrims

Check out my favorite Thanksgiving name crafts for preschool! They’re the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving celebration in the classroom. Plus, they’re a cute way to keep little hands busy while you prep for the big meal at home.

turkey hat template for kids

Get started with my super adorable Turkey Hats Craft. Have preschoolers write one letter from their name on each feather. Then, have kids attach the feathers to their turkey to create a really cute hat that’s perfect for practicing names too.

Next, add some history to your Thanksgiving celebration and practice name recognition too with my Pilgrim Thanksgiving Name Craft. I’ve included boy and girl pilgrims in this cut-and-paste name craft for everyone.

Thanksgiving name craft

More Fall Name Crafts for Kids

Fall is my favorite season so I’ve created some extra special Autumn name crafts for kids to create using printable leaves.

fall name craft for kids

Take this leaf name craft for example. Simply cut out the template and glue it together for your next leaf theme.

Winter Name Crafts

This winter name craft works well for celebrating any holiday this season. It’s perfect for those of us dreaming about snow. Just grab one of my favorite name crafts for preschool: the Name Snow Globe Craft

winter crafts for kids

If you’re looking for cute name activities for preschoolers, this winter name craft is the perfect one for you. Just print this free craft template and grab some crayons or colored pencils. That’s all you will need to make this adorable craft for kids.

Here’s another twist on using name crafts this Winter. Bring the snow to your kids and pretend you’re having a snowball fight with this funny, snow name craft. I love that it also comes with a handwriting page for added name practice.

winter name craft

Reindeer Name Craft

Learn to write and spell your name with an adorable reindeer name craft this Christmas. These Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer crafts look so precious on a Christmas bulletin board with your students names or a reindeer name of your choosing.

christmas name craft

Christmas Name Crafts of Santa and Elves

The Christmas holidays are a perfect time to create cute Santa name crafts for your winter bulletin board. Your students will get a giggle out of Santa being stuck in the chimney as they spell their name this holiday season.

This Santa name craft makes a great Christmas activity for kids

Elf name crafts are also a fun holiday craft for kids! Customize your free elf craft with your choice of colored paper and then teach your child to write their name. This would also make a festive Elf on the Shelf craft too.

This elf name craft makes a great Christmas craft for kids

Food name crafts

Do you have a carnival theme coming up? This popcorn name craft would be an adorable name craft for kids to decorate your bulletin board with.

popcorn name craft

Name Songs and Books About Names for Preschoolers

Did you know you can use name learning songs and books about names to begin teaching your preschoolers about their own names? I’ve got lots of favorites! Not only will these preschool name activities help you learn your students’ names, but they’re great for teaching kids to recognize and spell their names too.

Books About Names

The first word many kids learn is their own name. It’s one of the most important words for many of your preschoolers and it’s a great place to begin when teaching syllables, the alphabet, early reading skills, and handwriting.

You can use these great books about names to introduce preschool name recognition activities and help kids learn to love everyone’s name. Plus, they’re some of my favorite classroom picture books!

Your Name is a Song by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow

The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi

Alma and How She Got Her Name by Juana Martinez-Neal

The Change Your Name Store by Leanne Shirtliffe

My Name is Elizabeth!  by Annika Dunklee

Name Songs

Another one of my favorite name recognition activities to do with preschoolers is singing a fun name song. Name songs are catchy and easy to remember. Plus, they’re perfect for helping kids learn to spell their own names and master important literacy concepts too.

The name syllable song is a great place to begin. Teach kids to clap out the syllables in their own name while welcoming them to the classroom. Start by singing “Names can be short and names can be long. Say your name and clap along.” 

Preschoolers will have fun clapping along with their own names and learning to count syllables too. Plus, it’s a great way to learn the names of your students at the start of the school year. 

Hands-On Name Recognition Activities

There are so many fun preschool name activities you can do in the classroom and at home to get your kids up and moving around while learning to spell their own names. Check out some of my favorite hands-on Name Recognition Activities to get started mastering this important early skill with your students.

Do you have any name activities for preschoolers or name crafts for preschool you love to use with your students? Share your favorite name recognition activities in the comments section. I can’t wait to read about them and try a few with my students this year too!

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