Name Writing Practice: Editable Tracing Template

Name writing practice is extremely important for preschoolers to do regularly. As an educator, I get tons of questions asking how to properly teach kids to write their name.

Did you know there are steps and strategies to teaching this basic skill? There’s also reasons why your child may not be ready to write their name just yet.

Follow the stages of name writing below to help your preschoolers learn to write their name today.

editable name writing practice book

Why is my child not writing their name?

You may be wondering why your little learner is scribbling all over the page. Or why their handwritten work doesn’t look like letters.

That may have little to do with how much you’ve practiced and more to do with developmentally appropriate pre writing strokes and for their age.

Pre writing activities for preschoolers handwriting

This graphic is a great representation of how handwriting progresses over time and the expectations for pre writing activities for preschoolers.

Some children are able to master strokes earlier than the expected ages shown, but don’t get discouraged if your child isn’t quite ready.

Before you can write your name 

There are some other things you can do before your students even begin writing their name.

First, they need to learn the alphabet (or at the very least the letters in their name). Your preschoolers also needs to know how to spell their name before they can write it.

Name songs

I always try to make this fun for my kids to do. I’ll turn their name into a song and we will sing it all day long so we can remember the order of the letters.

For example, my oldest has five letters in his name. When he was in preschool we would often sing a song to the tune of “Bingo” but instead of B-I-N-G-O we would insert the letters in his name.

Before I knew it, he knew the letters in his name and could order them properly.

Name puzzles

Puzzles are also a great way to teach your students their name. You can buy neat wooden puzzles on Amazon or make easy ones with paper.

name writing activity for kids

Learning name using fine motor skills

This is also a great opportunity to incorporate fine motor practice with your preschoolers. Write your child’s name and have him trace along the lines with mini erasers, pom poms, stickers, marhmallows etc.

name writing practice for winter

Here we used marshmallows for name writing practice in a winter theme. Keep reading for more name writing activities.

Name crafts for kids

Another fun way to learn to write your name is to use name crafts. This will help reinforce your students name so it sticks.

back to school name crafts for preschoolers

Make learning your name fun with themed name crafts like this free Halloween name craft.

editable name craft writing

These free pilgrim name crafts are an editable way to teach the letters in your child’s name too.

Thanksgiving name craft

Even these festive Christmas name crafts are fun for kids of all ages to learn their name.

This Santa name craft makes a great Christmas activity for kids

Name writing practice

In the classroom, I always had a name writing center. This literacy center was always a hit for my preschoolers because they were able to write their name in various, fun ways.

At home with my little one, I also incorporate name writing into our daily schedule.

Easter letters in my name sort
Letters in my name sort.

How do you teach a child to write their name?

Once your child has learned the letters in her name, she’s ready to write! Keep in mind, repetition is key!

If you’re like most people, you may be asking yourself how do you teach a child to write their name? As a preschool curriculum creator, I get this question a lot.

In order to teach name writing to preschoolers try following the steps below.

Step 1: Capital letters only

name writing practice for kids in preschool to learn to write your name

I always suggest beginning with capital letters first. Most capital letters are made up of straight lines which makes it easier for kids to write.

Step 2: Capital letter first

Free name tracing worksheets for preschoolers to practice writing their name

After you teach kids to write their name in capital letters, teach them that their name starts with a capital letter and the rest are lower case.

Step 3: Blank lines

Free editable name tracing worksheets for kids to learn to write their name

Finally give your preschooler blank lines to practice writing their name on their own and they should be good to go!

Editable name tracing worksheets

I remember being in the classroom and knowing my students needed name writing tracing templates so that they could practice writing their name each day but there was never extra time to create something cute for each student.

I needed a faster, more efficient way to create one for my little learners, so I made it editable!

These free name tracing worksheets for preschool are now available to you. I hope it relieves some of the stress of teaching first and last names in your classroom this school year!

I just know that this name writing practice sheet will enhance your kindergarten students writing skills and even their pencil grip too.

editable sight word worksheet

How to edit:

After you click and download the free editable name tracing worksheets, you can get started editing right away.

  1. Be sure you open the saved file with Adobe Acrobat on a desktop computer so that the tracing pages become editable.
    • I would also download the font I used on TPT (KG Primary Dots). In my opinion, this is an amazing tracing font for preschoolers.
  2. Go to the first box that is highlighted blue. Type in the name you want your student to practice writing and press enter.
    • This should populate the rest of the page in the same name.
  3. If you want to create a blank page, press the space bar in the first box and then press enter.
    • This should make the remaining boxes blank so your children can practice writing their name all on their own.

Since this is an editable template, I have also used this to have my students practice tracing numbers, sight words, letters in the alphabet, sentences, cursive and much more. The options are endless so have fun with this one!

Hands on name Writing practice activities

Over the years I’ve created tons of ways to incorporate name handwriting practice into my back to school plans. One of my favorites is my editable name book printables.

my editable name book with preschool name tracing pages name book name tracing pages for kids

With this template, you can easily create an editable name book for each student in your class in seconds so they can all practice writing their name. It’s as easy as opening the PDF with Adobe Acrobat on a desktop computer, typing your students’ names into the class list page, and pressing enter.

Editable name writing practice book for preschoolers

These pages include great ideas for name writing practice in a hands on way by using PlayDoh, rainbow writing, building with stickers, tracing, and much more.

Need more name activities for kids?

If you’re looking for even more ideas for teaching children how to recognize and write their name, be sure to read my related post. It covers tons of different name recognition ideas with fun and hands on name practice activities your young learners will love.





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