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Groundhog Day Directed Drawing Activity for Kindergarten

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My printable Groundhog Day directed drawing activity for kindergarten will enhance your students’ fine motor skills while giving them opportunities to express their creativity this February. Get ready to celebrate with my printable no-prep groundhog drawing for kindergarten learners!

Along the way, your students can discover the whimsy and folklore behind the holiday as they meet the famous Punxsutawney Phil, a groundhog who predicts the weather. Then, with paper and their favorite colored pencils or crayons, your kindergartners will be ready to draw their own groundhog friends just in time for the holiday. 

Keep reading to grab your step-by-step Groundhog drawing activities. Plus, get a few fun ideas for celebrating Groundhog Day in the classroom with your little learners. 

Groundhog Day directed drawing

Drawing Lessons for Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is the perfect time to learn about shadows with your kindergarten students. Understanding shadows is an important part of learning about light and early physical science. Shadows are also important in the world of art.

This February, introduce your students to lessons about shadows as you learn about how we celebrate Groundhog Day. Shadows help to ground paintings and drawings by holding light colors together and ensuring that there aren’t too many breaks in value. Check out these lessons in shadow with your kindergartners for more information:

Shadow from The Dr. Bionic’s Show

Shadow Tracing from The Dad Lab

Once your students have mastered shadows, get ready to draw a groundhog with my printable Groundhog Day Directed Drawing Activity

Groundhog Day Directed Drawing Activity

To begin, supply each kindergarten student with paper and a drawing utensil. Kids may prefer crayons, markers, or colored pencils. I like to have students begin with a pencil and eraser so they can easily make changes if they choose. 

groundhog day directed drawing

Begin the directed drawing activity by following the step-by-step instructions on my printable Groundhog Day Directed Drawing Page. These printables help kids practice following multi-step instructions and sequencing. Emphasize the importance of taking their time and following instructions closely as your kindergartners draw their groundhogs. 

You can use this fun Groundhog Day activity for kids to integrate discussions about hibernations, weather, and more this February. Encourage your students to explore topics they’re curious about and provide Groundhog Day books for them to learn more about these creatures after the activity. 

After they’re finished drawing a groundhog, encourage kindergartners to use different colors to add a seasonal background and make their groundhogs unique. In this way, they’ll be exploring their individual creativity too.  Once the drawings are complete, gather the kindergarten class to share their interpretations of Punxsutawney Phil. 

Teachers can hang the drawings around the classroom to create a festive and collaborative Groundhog Day display or a fun bulletin board. Alternatively, these groundhog drawings for kids make excellent keepsakes to send home for parents and friends.

More Fun Groundhog Day Activities for Kids

After the drawings are complete, invite your kindergartners to share one interesting fact they’ve learned along the way. This is a fun way for kids to practice communication skills and increase vocabulary. Then, try more of my favorite printable Groundhog Day activities for kids to keep the fun and learning going:

groundhog day shape craft
groundhog day coloring pages

Groundhog Day Shape Craft

Groundhog Day Color by Number Pages

A Groundhog Day directed drawing activity for kindergarten provides a holistic approach to learning, combining art, science, and storytelling. It engages young minds in a playful exploration of traditions, fostering creativity and motor skills development while instilling a sense of excitement and wonder about the world around them.

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