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Animal Activities for Kids

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I’m so excited to share all these fun animal activities for kids with you! These printable crafts, worksheets, and preschool activities are perfect for learning all about animals with your kids this spring. I’ve included so many fun activities you can use in the classroom or at home.

These animal activities for kids will encourage your preschoolers to build early literacy concepts, counting, and practice their fine motor skills too. Plus, they’re perfect for making memories together with your early learners. Keep reading to discover all the fun you can have learning about animals with your preschoolers and these no-prep printables.

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animal activities for kids

Arctic Animal Activities for Kids

Get started with my printable cut and paste arctic animal crafts for preschoolers. These cute winter crafts are easy to prepare for use in the classroom or at home on a rainy day. Crafts like these are easy for kids to follow and encouraging for any reluctant artists in the group.

learn all about animals

With this arctic animal craft set, you’ll be able to create polar bears, arctic foxes, penguins, a moose, and more! Just cut and paste the pieces together to make your own arctic animal friends. They pair well with living things science lessons about the arctic or each of these animals. 

Start with story time, then try an arctic animal craft to match your picture book for the day. It’s a great way to build reading comprehension skills and help your preschoolers make strong connections between what they’re reading and these animal activities for kids.

Check out some of our favorite arctic animal books to go along with these cut and paste crafts:

Minute Earth Explains: How Did Whales Get So Big? By MinuteEarth

Hello World! Arctic Animals by Jill McDonald

Winter Survival: Animal Hibernation, Migration, and Adaptation by L. R. Hanson

Over in the Arctic: Where the Cold Wind Blows by Marianna Berkes

Polar Bear Island by Lindsay Bonilla

All About Animals That Live in the Ocean

Summer is coming soon complete with trips to the beach and lots of swimming! It’s the perfect time to explore ocean animals with your preschoolers. If you haven’t seen Disney’s new documentary series all about whales, that’s a great place to begin.

ocean crafts for preschool

Then, make your own cut and paste whale craft with my printable ocean animal activities for kids bundle. It’s a great way to learn all about animals that live in the ocean and get some hands-on practice building your own jellyfish, seahorse, crab, and so many more fun ocean creatures too.

Check out more Ocean Activities for Preschool to pair with these cute animal activities for kids. You can use them to help your preschoolers build important literacy and numeracy skills while learning all about animals that live in the ocean this year. Then, try an ocean themed sensory bin and this paper turtle craft for even more hands-on learning fun.

ocean animal activities for kids

Sensory bins are the perfect way for early learners to explore new concepts and topics in a hands-on way that gives them a multisensory experience. Fill your sensory bin with water, gelatin, or water beads. Then, add Safari Ltd. Ocean Toob and a fun yellow submarine from Green Toys for your budding oceanographers.

Free Ocean Counting Mats

Practice counting and recognizing numbers to 20 with these fun and free ocean themed counting mats too.

free ocean activities for kids

Use mini erasers, pom poms, or gummy sharks to place the correct number of ocean animals on each counting mat for a fun way to learn this summer.

Animal Reports for Kids

Nonfiction writing through animal reports is one of my favorite topics to teach. Grab this fun set of informative zoo animal reports today to take your Kindergarten teaching to a whole new level!

kindergarten animal reports

Dinosaur Animal Activities for Kids

No list of animal activities for kids would be complete without mentioning dinosaurs. They might be extinct, but they’re definitely on the top 10 list of preschool’s favorite animals and it’s easy to see why. Dinosaurs are big and awesome! 

dinosaur activities for kids

If you’re looking for more ways to learn about dinosaurs with your preschoolers this year, you won’t want to miss my Preschool Dinosaur Activities list. Your future paleontologists can craft their own paleontologist cut and paste characters to play with and learn about. It’s a great way to begin talking bout paleontology with your dinosaur fans.

dinosaur crafts for preschool

Then, have fun creating your very own dinosaur crafts including a triceratops, a pterodactyl, a stegosaurus, a T-rex, and many more too. Your preschoolers can make their favorite dinosaur friends all in one day or make one each day as part of a lesson about each dinosaur. 

However you use these cut and paste printable animal activities for kids, I’m certain your kids are going to love them! Plus, don’t miss my dinosaur playdough mats for hands-on learning fun, printable dinosaur counting activities, and an adorable dinosaur name craft too.

All About Animals That Live on the Farm

These Preschool Farm Theme Lessons are filled with so many activities you can use at home and in the classroom for lots and lots of learning fun this spring. With more than 15 activities, it’s the perfect preschool theme for your early learners this year.

Get ready to have fun learning about cows, chickens, measuring, spelling, and farm animal crafts!

farm animal crafts for kids

That’s right, I’ve included easy to use cut and paste crafts for your preschoolers in this farm animal activity bundle. You’ll get handprint crafts, fingerprint art, “muddy” process art, and printable mask animal activities for kids with this preschool theme.

Be sure to tie these fun crafts together with farm board books when you’re all done. It’s the perfect way to combine literacy and fine motor skills!

In addition to these farm themed lessons and animal activities for kids, check out some of our favorite farm themed games that are perfect for preschool learners and kids of all ages:

Count Your Chickens from Peaceable Kingdom

The Purple Cow Magnetic Travel Game

Learning Resources’ Veggie Farm Sorting Set

Smart Games Smart Farmer Board Game

Live on the Farm Board Game: Preschool Edition

All About Animals That Live in the Pond

Spring is an excellent season to introduce your preschoolers to all the wonderful animals and plants that call the pond home. There are lots of frogs, ducks, and amazing plants you can explore with a trip to your local pond. Don’t forget to take some bread to feed the ducks and a picnic lunch to share too.

pond activities for kids

This spring, check out my Pond Theme Animal Activities for Kids for more fun ideas to use with your preschool learners at home or in the classroom. There are more than 15 reading, math, and fine motor activities in this cute preschool theme plan. 

Don’t miss the pond animal activities for kids in this bundle. They’re the perfect way to build on the things you’ve learned at your field trip to the pond.

More Pond Crafts and Activities

If you’re looking for easy pond crafts to add to your pond theme week, you won’t want to miss this simple insect craft of a dragonfly.

dragonfly craft

Create a dragonfly craft in cattails then use the dragonfly coloring page to improve handwriting and coloring skills.

Or grab this frog life cycle cut and paste craft. It’s perfect for building important fine motor skills with your preschoolers this Spring. 

frog life cycle craft

I also have a free frog write the room activity for you to try this Spring.

animal activities for kids

Hang these frog cards around the room for some gross motor fun or toss them in a sensory bin for Spring learning.

While you’re learning about the pond with your kids this spring, check out some of our favorite books all about animals that live in the pond:

The Gray Kitten and the Night Pond by K. Tania

Over and Under the Pond by Kate Messner

Pond Walk by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

In the Small, Small Pond by Denise Fleming

Be a Pond Detective by Peggy Kochanoff

Zoo Animal Activities for Kids

I love taking a field trip to the zoo in the spring! It’s the perfect time to see all the animals before the heat of summer and after the chilly temperatures in winter. If you’re planning a zoo field trip with your preschoolers this spring, you won’t want to miss all these animal activities for kids.

There is a lot to learn when you visit the zoo. Before you visit, or after you get home, enjoy some of these activities all about animals that live in the zoo. I’ve got 8 zoo animal activities and crafts your kids can put together to create their very own keepsakes of their favorite zoo animals.

zoo animal crafts for preschool

You can build a lion, elephant, monkey, giraffe, zebra, and more! Along the way, your preschoolers will be developing excellent fine motor skills as they cut and paste these zoo animal crafts together. Don’t miss an opportunity to learn even more about the animals that live in the zoo with these animal activities all about the zoo:

Reading Activities: early readers, letter practice, zoo syllables, and more.

Math Activities: animal graphing, flamingo counting games, monkey math, and more.

Plus, all kinds of extra zoo animal activities for kids to do this spring. It’s an excellent way to learn about animals even if you can’t make a trip to your local zoo this year. 

all about animals activities for kids

I’ve added a brand new fun zoo animal activity for kids too. This printable is the perfect way to help your preschoolers practice learning their shapes together during your zoo themed lessons. They can match lots of giraffe and zebra shapes for all kinds of animal learning fun! 

Check out my Preschool Zoo Theme for all kinds of great ideas all about animals in the zoo with your kids at home and in the classroom. Then, tell me which zoo animal your preschoolers love the best in the comments.

Bug and Insect Printables

Kids of all ages are fascinated with bugs, which makes it a perfect thematic unit to learn in the Spring. Check out some of my favorite free printables and crafts to turn your next insect theme into a fun learning experience.

Bee Shapes

Match the bee shapes to their beehives with this fun and educational math activity for kids. It also has an added tracing activity for fun fine motor skill practice!

insect activities for preschoolers

Be sure to also check out these animal tracing worksheets for even more fine motor skill building in your next animal theme!

Counting Bees

This fun write the room activity is perfect for teaching identifying numbers and counting in a fun insect theme. It comes with printables to work on numbers 1-10 as well as 11-20.

bug activities for kids

Bug Playdough Mats

Playing with Playdough is always such a hit. Grab these free bug playdough mats and let the fun begin today.

bug and insect playdough mats

Ladybug Counting

Toss this free ladybug printable in a sensory bin or hang it around the room for a gross motor activity and watch your kids learn through play! They’ll love practicing their counting skills as they count the number of ladybugs on each card and color in the right amount on the worksheet.

insect activities for preschoolers

Ladybug Craft

Need a craft to do this summer as you learn about bugs? You won’t want to miss this adorable ladybug craft!

ladybug craft

It comes with 2 variations of bodies (blank and dotted) so your kids can add their own dots for a math activity, if desired. It also comes with a fun coloring page with an added handwriting component.

More Animal Activities and Crafts

If you’re learning all about bats in your next animal theme or during Halloween this October, you won’t want to miss my bat craft.

all about bats activities

You’ll get this adorable bat craft for kids and an all about bats book to learn lots of bat facts this Fall.

All About Animals Activity Bundle 

If you love these all about animal activities and crafts, don’t miss the new activity bundle for even more preschool learning fun in your classroom or homeschool this year. I’ve grouped together lots of awesome printables, crafts, and activities. 

animal activities for kids

What animal is your preschooler most excited to learn about this year? Are you teaching a dinosaur fan or a future marine biologist? Share your preschooler’s favorite animal activities in the comments. I can’t wait to read all about them and try a few with my preschool learners too!

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