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Preschool Zoo Theme

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Children are naturally fascinated by animals. They love to observe them, learn about them, and even pretend they are animals.

Every kid I’ve come across absolutely loves the zoo so I knew this weeks zoo themed lesson would be a hit. Here are a few of the preschool zoo activities we loved.

Preschool Zoo Activities

Flamingo Counting

preschool zoo activities

Counting is a skill that’s essential for kids to master by the end of pre-k. This preschool counting activity is not only engaging but it is a whole lot of fun!

Your will start by drawing a numbered card from their stack. Then, they will build upon their fine motor skills by attaching these links together to match the amount shown on the card!

Paw Print Measuring

Measuring zoo animal footprints

This is one of my favorite activities because you can mix and match it in several different ways. You can tape the cards around your classroom and track the animal footprints.

Your students could choose one footprint and measure various objects around the room with it. How long is your desk using the tiger footprint?

Working on nonstandard measurement? Throw some unifix cubes in a tub and record the measurement of each footprint on the provided worksheet.

I also threw in a ruler that students can use if you want to teach them how to use the tool.

Leopard Patterns

Patterns are a fun skill to review that your preschoolers will love to do each and every week. Look how cute this zoo pattern activity is!

This is a quick and easy preschool activity that can be differentiated to meet your kiddos needs. The cards include easy AB patterns and increase in difficulty.

Simply print the leopard and throw some strips of colored paper, string, or cut up pipe cleaners into a tub for your little learners to manipulate. They can use the pattern templates that are provided or create their own patterns. Want to add in a little bit of fine motor skills?

Have your students use a magnet (with pipe cleaners), a scoop, or tweezers, to manipulate the tiny pieces.

Feed the Monkey

prek zoo activities for kids

My little one has mastered the counting stage and is just now dabbling into simple equations to 5 with pictures or manipulatives so this simple addition activity was right up her alley. We attached the monkey face to these photo cases and practiced feeding the monkey according to what the meal card said.

Then we recounted each banana and leaf to add to our equation and practiced saying plus and equals again and again. My little one thought she was such a big girl with this fun addition activity!

Zoo Animal Dominoes

zoo themed activities for preschoolers

Need a great preschool reading activity that incorporates zoo vocabulary words along with beginning sounds for your students? If so, this is the one!

Everyone loves dominoes and this is a simple spin on the classic game. The students will name the animal and isolate the initial sound in the animals name.

Then they will locate the letter that makes that sound and choose which direction to place it. The beginning sound domino game continues until the last beginning sound is placed and the Finish card is down on their desk. Your kiddos will love this!

Zoo Animal Syllables

preschool zoo theme

This is another preschool reading activity that can be played in several ways. This comes with zoo syllable cards where students can color in the number of syllables in each zoo animals name or clip a clothes pin to the correct number.

You could even have your students sort these into 3 separate categories: animals with 1 syllable names, 2 syllables in their name, or 3 syllables in their name. I’ve also included a cut and paste activity (hello fine motor skills!) to go along with this unit.

Want Even More Zoo Themed Pre-K Activities?

Grab your copy of all of these preschool zoo theme printables plus TONS more HERE. There’s 20 things in all which should keep your kids engaged for a week or longer!

Free Zoo Theme Activities

Don’t forget to grab this free zoo theme activity! Number mats are always a HUGE hit. You’ll especially love them because introduces reading, handwriting, ten frames, number recognition, and fine motor skills all in one!

free zoo themed activities for preschoolers

If you’re heading to the zoo sometime soon you HAVE to grab this zoo scavenger hunt activity. It’s the perfect free zoo game to play with your children or students as you explore your local zoo. My little ones love going around the zoo and checking off the boxes as they locate the animals.

preschool zoo theme scavenger hunt

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