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The FREE Guide to Preschool

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Hey there teacher friend! Are you searching for new ways to revamp your classroom? Maybe your curriculum isn’t up to par and you need something to supplement (or take over completely). Or maybe you just need some fresh, new ideas! If so, it sounds like you may be spinning in circles like I once was. Overloaded with a busy schedule full of constantly planning for future lessons, that made little to no time for my social life or family. If this sounds like you, you need to check out my FREE Ultimate Guide to Preschool.

Or are you a stay at home mom who is ready to dive in deep into the homeschool world, but you’re not quite sure where to begin. What curriculum do I choose? How long should my child work each day? What subjects do 4 year olds learn? Can I even handle being my child’s teacher?

I get it. ALL. OF. IT. I was you. As a teacher, I felt that the curriculum I received did not have enough rigor to get my little ones ready for the next grade level. I often found myself staying after school for long hours creating my own resources, or locked away in my home office researching standards and best practices so that my students could have hands-on, and engaging lessons each and every day.

As a mom, I kind of felt like a failure. My preschooler was very different than the kids I taught. She needed differentiation in her schedule and in the curriculum we used. I needed to think about her as a whole child, and come up with an entirely new game plan. And so, the FREE Ultimate Guide to Preschool was created.

What is the free guide to preschool?

The free guide to preschool is a great tool for beginners and veterans alike. It gives you insight on the development of preschoolers and how to plan your schedule around their active and down times. This resource comes with a checklist of academic skills and standards that are needed to be mastered by the time Kindergarten rolls around.

Not sure what skills to even teach your child or students? The academic checklist will help you out. It’s a great preschool reference tool to show you what you should be working towards. Is planning not your jam? I TOTALLY get that. My FREE Ultimate Guide to Preschool shows you what my weekly planning sheet looks like and how I spread my themes out for an entire year at a time!!! Need more ideas for incorporating gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and themes into your classroom? This ultimate guide has you covered. This is certainly the best Preschool resource around.

I genuinely hope that this resource helps you set up your dream classroom and gives you ideas for planning your daily activities. I know how hard it can be to plan purposeful, hands on lessons each day. I’ve been exactly where you are and let me be the first to tell you… planning doesn’t have to be a struggle. In fact, it shouldn’t be. My hope is that this guide helps take the stress out of planning for your class and lets you enjoy your kiddos in an engaging environment.

PS – If your preschoolers need a visual schedule to keep them on track throughout the day, I have a free one of those for you too!

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