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Best Homeschool Supplies List for Teaching Preschool at Home

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If you’re homeschooling a preschooler this year, you’ve probably been thinking about preschool homeschool curriculum options and the best homeschool supplies to get your new learner. You’re in the right place!

I’m excited to share the best homeschool supplies list for preschoolers with you.

Whether you’re teaching in English or homeschooling in Spanish, you’ll get practical tips for homeschool organization, supplies kids will love, and tools for teachers in this comprehensive homeschool supplies list. Plus, free homeschool supplies for teaching preschool this year.

In my ultimate guide to preschool, you’ll discover schedules, planning help, developmental milestones, and my favorite thematic units. You can use my FREE ultimate guide and the best homeschool supplies list to make your homeschool a success this year!

best homeschool supplies for preschool

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What Supplies Should I Get for Homeschooling?

Whether you’re a veteran homeschool mom or brand new to this lifestyle, having the best homeschool supplies on hand will make everything about this year much easier. Let’s start with the essentials.

These are the items you’ll definitely want to have on hand no matter what preschool homeschool curriculum you’re planning to use this year.


As you’ll quickly see, having a laminator in your homeschool is a game changer. If you’re stubbornly waiting to purchase one, I want to encourage you to stop waiting. 

Laminators make life as a homeschool parent so much easier, especially when you’re teaching preschoolers. Laminated paper items last longer, allowing you to cut costs by replacing them less frequently.

Here are 3 awesome laminators for your homeschool supplies list.

Scotch Thermal Laminator

A4 4 in 1 Laminator Machine

Fellowes Ayla Laminator

Library Card 

Access to books is critical to a successful education for any child. Start building your home library with book gifts from family and friends or shopping for books that interest your children.

You’ll also want to get a library card.

Honestly, a library card is the number one thing you’ll need to homeschool. With planning and forethought, the library can save tons of dollars in your homeschool budget.

Plus, it’s the best way to expose your preschoolers to a wealth of books and media options for their age group that’s 100% free!

Many libraries also offer free preschool classes, storytime sessions, and play groups your child can participate in for free. Some libraries also play host to homeschool groups, so you can meet up with other homeschoolers in your area for socialization and support.


There are so many free resources and printables available here at The Primary Parade. You’ll want to take advantage of these free homeschool supplies to teach all kinds of important preschool skills. 

You’ll need a basic printer to make the best use of many items here and all over the web. Check out these printers I like for my homeschool supplies list: the Canon PIXMA TS202 and the HP Deskjet 3755.

They’re both budget-friendly and reliable printers that will help you take advantage for the free homeschool products available online.

I personally have the HP Officejet 6978 and although it’s a bit higher in price, it’s a great homeschool printer option.

I love pairing this with HP Instant Ink so I save a ton on ink. Want to try 3 months for free? Sign up using this link.

Sensory Bin Table

A sensory bin table is one supply that my preschooler uses daily. I love changing the fillers and manipulatives with each theme and my little ones is always so engaged with the academics I place inside.

To learn more about how to create a DIY sensory bin, check out my sensory bin blog post.

Do Homeschool Kids Need Backpacks?

As a homeschooler, there are some supplies we can cut when we’re making our list of the best homeschool supplies. Traditional classroom desks aren’t needed and might not see much use in your homeschool this year.

In fact, my own homeschoolers are more commonly found under a blanket on the couch or cross legged in the floor these days.

There are some traditional classroom resources you might find helpful to add to your homeschool supplies list this year. For example, you might be wondering if homeschool kids need backpacks.

The answer is yes and no. 

Backpacks aren’t a daily necessity for homeschoolers who won’t be hauling books or papers back and forth to a school building. However, a good backpack can make nature walks, field trips, and community classes easier throughout the year.

Check out some of my favorite backpacks for preschoolers down below.


My Green

Skip Hop

10 of My Best Homeschool Supplies List

Now that we’ve talked about essentials like printers and library cards, let’s talk about some of the best homeschool supplies I’ve come to love over the years. These are great in a classroom, but they’re also super helpful for a preschool homeschool supplies list too.

Magna Tiles

Magna Tiles are great for practicing shapes, basic geometry, fractions, and for calming sensory overload in preschoolers. They’re easy to manipulate, build with, and encourage preschoolers to use their imaginations.

Pattern Blocks

Pattern blocks help preschoolers to visualize shapes, manipulate them, create patterns, and explore basic geometry concepts. You can make your own pattern block cards so that children can match the shapes to the shape on the card for a free homeschool supply your preschoolers will enjoy.

You can use printable patterns for pattern blocks to encourage your preschoolers to create new things that line up with your thematic unit or your child’s interests too. It’s a great way to take a pattern block activity to the next level!

My First Bananagrams

This game is great for preschoolers who aren’t reading yet and those who are just beginning to read. My First Bananagrams uses colorful lowercase letter tiles to encourage word play without the rules and structure of more grown up word games like Scrabble.

You can use these tiles for all sorts of things, from sensory bins to letter hunts, to phonics practice.

In fact, I love using Bananagrams, magnetic fridge letters, and my printable thematic alphabet cards in sensory bins. Check out my DIY Sensory Bin Ideas for inspiration you can use with your preschool homeschool curriculum this year.


An abacus is the most basic math learning device and it’s a great place to begin exploring number fluency, early math concepts, and counting with preschoolers. Kids can begin building confidence about math at an early age with an abacus. Plus, it’s perfect for hands-on learners!

Handwriting Paper

The wide spaces and colorful lines on traditional handwriting paper make it easy for preschoolers to master writing their letters and numbers. Adding a notebook filled with handwriting paper to your homeschool supplies list will make it much easier to teach handwriting to your preschoolers this year.

Paper Clips

I love paper clips. In addition to all the practical and typical uses, they are so versatile! They make easy counters when you’re in need. You can use paper clips for sorting by size or color.

They make practicing patterns, counting, and one to one correspondence easy too. 

Electric Pencil Sharpener

I actually didn’t purchase an electric pencil sharpener for our homeschool right away and I definitely regretted it. My preschoolers can use the electric pencil sharpener more easily than a manual sharpener.

It’s also a great timesaver in our homeschool day when using colored pencils or practicing handwriting.

White Board

I really like having a white board to make all kinds of activities more fun. We draw, write letters or numbers, make patterns, and play games on our white boards.

Sure, we could just use paper, but the white board adds a fun new element that encourages preschoolers when they’re feeling reluctant about lessons or practicing a challenging new concept.

Art Supplies

If you’ve ever shopped for supplies from a teacher’s classroom list, you’re familiar with how specific they can be. Fortunately, our homeschool supplies list can be whatever we want it to be. 

Now is the time to let kids get excited and choose the notebook with their favorite character, the sparkly art supplies, or whatever gets them excited.

We have come to love Crayola colored pencils, erasable pens, shape erasers, chalk pastels, and tempera paint sticks.

Be sure you have a way to organize the supplies as well. This 3-tier rolling cart is my favorite way to do so. It’s very sturdy and has enough space to hold and organize all the crayons, pencils, and any other supply your heart desires!


Playdough is definitely a preschool homeschool supplies list essential item. Brand isn’t important, you can use name brand playdough, get a great natural playdough, or make your own together with your preschoolers.

My preschoolers like vibrant colors and scented playdough the best. 

You can use playdough to help preschoolers build fine motor skills, practice a variety of literacy and numeracy skills with playdough mats, and encourage hands-on multisnesory learning in your homeschool.

Discover more of my free homeschool supplies and printable playdough mats with Preschool Playdough Activities and Homemade Playdough Recipes for your preschool homeschool curriculum.

Discover Free Homeschool Supplies

Are you looking for more free homeschool supplies you can use with your preschool homeschool curriculum this year? You’re in the right place!

I’ve got more than 100 free printable activities, crafts, and learning resources for your preschoolers to explore and learn with at home. 

You’ll have access to my Free Printables for holidays, thematic units, literary characters, historical figures, and more.

From environmental print, to playdough mats, to editable name writing templates, to counting games, and write-the-room activities, you’re sure to find something to meet your preschoolers where they are and challenge them to grow academically.

Pair these activities with books from your library, your homeschool preschool curriculum, and you’ll be ready for a preschool year that’s filled with learning, fun, and excitement!

If I didn’t mention your best homeschool supplies for preschool, please share them in the comments. I’m always looking for fun new resources, activities, and tools to make our preschool years a big success. I can’t wait to read yours!

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