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Fun Classroom Christmas Party Games for Kids

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Celebrating Christmas in the classroom is fun and exciting! It can also be very educational and valuable for your preschoolers. In addition to making learning important early concepts more fun with classroom Christmas party games, your preschoolers can learn about different cultures too.

Choosing Christmas party themes for your classroom is a great way to embrace learning about different holidays, new learning concepts, and make it more fun for your preschoolers. There are all kinds of classroom Christmas party games you can use to teach literacy, numeracy, and build motor skills with your preschool learners.

Discover printable preschool Christmas party activities and my favorite classroom Christmas party games for kids below.

Christmas party games for kids

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Christmas Party Themes for the Classroom

Preschool themes make it easy to cover lots of different content areas in a way that’s fun and engaging for early learners. By choosing themes your preschoolers are interested in and themes that line up with seasons or holidays (like Christmas) we can help our preschoolers learn with valuable real-world experiences.

Christmas parties are lots of fun for preschoolers. Christmas party themes for the classroom  incorporate hands-on crafts, skill building Christmas party activities, beautiful books, and introduce important conversations with your students. 

Great Christmas party themes for the classroom make it easy for preschoolers to make connections and increase their comprehension skills. Discover some of my favorite Christmas party themes for the classroom below.

The Polar Express

Read the classic, watch the film, and try some of my favorite Polar Express themed Christmas party games for kids. Don’t miss my favorite Polar Express Activities and Crafts for even more learning fun with your preschoolers this December.

christmas party activities

The Nutcracker

Explore classical music with a Nutcracker theme this Christmas. Your preschoolers will love learning about the ballet, the music, and the history of nutcrackers. 

Learn about the simple machines that make a nutcracker work. Play songs from the nutcracker on bucket drums or listen together in the classroom.

Read this beautiful Christmas story aloud to your preschoolers and discover Magical and Fun Nutcracker Crafts for Kids of all ages from Steamsational.

Christmas Around the World

Celebrating Christmas around the world in your preschool classroom is the perfect time to explore and learn about other cultures and how they celebrate the season. Discover Christmas traditions and recipes from around the world with A World of Cookies for Santa by M.E. Furman.

A classroom Christmas party game that’s fun to play with this Christmas preschool theme is cookie taste testing. Make a few of the recipes from the book by M.E. Furman and have your preschoolers try to guess which country their favorite cookies are from with a blind taste test.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Do you celebrate Grinch Day in your preschool classroom? There are so many important lessons about giving, gratitude, and kindness that our preschoolers can learn from Dr. Seuss’s most famous character!

A Grinch Christmas party theme is a fun way to celebrate the season with the book, the movie, and Grinch Day crafts.

grinch day craft

Gingerbread Christmas Theme

Decorating gingerbread houses and gingerbread men are one of my favorite holiday traditions! This year, bring the gingerbread cookie fun into the classroom with my Gingerbread Man Science Experiment and a gingerbread house building competition for your preschoolers.

gingerbread man science experiment

Discover an easy way to make gingerbread houses out of pop-tarts in your classroom with a recipe from Spruce Eats.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Another fun way to celebrate during your classroom Christmas party is with an Ugly Christmas sweater theme! Have everyone dress up in their DIY sweaters or favorite hand-me-downs or create your own Christmas sweater with my printable.

classroom christmas party games

Gather bows, pom poms, and tinsel for a festive and hands on way to work on counting this holiday season. Then, tie it all together with creating your own Christmas sweater cookies.

Classroom Christmas Party Games for Kids

Are you searching for the perfect classroom Christmas party games for kids in your preschool room to play this December? Then, you’re in the right place! Check out five of my favorite Christmas games for preschoolers to play in school below.

Pin the Nose on Rudolph

Similar to pin the tail on the donkey, this festive holiday version involves having preschoolers pin a red nose on Rudolph. It’s a fun way to help preschoolers build skills like coordination and problem-solving skills. Plus, everyone will get a good laugh at the results in the end!

Reindeer games for Kids

Have you tried out these fun reindeer games for kids during the holidays? This set of inflatable antlers are perfect to use in a game of ring toss.

Simply inflate the reindeer antlers and have one student place it on their head. The other kids will get a kick out of tossing their inflatable rings around each antler in this festive game for kids.

Christmas Tongue Twisters

Build rhyming skills with your preschoolers and learn about grammar concepts like alliteration as you encourage kids to try saying Christmas tongue twisters. Here are some of my favorites:

Running reindeer romp ’round red wreaths

Chilly chipper children chant cheerfully

Eleven elves licked eleven little licorice lollipops

Holiday Charades

My preschoolers love playing charades! At your classroom Christmas party this year, consider adding a holiday twist to the classic game of charades.

It’s the perfect time to practice holiday-themed vocabulary by incorporating it into the game of charades with your preschoolers. 

Christmas Bingo Cards

Bingo is always a class favorite, which makes this holiday Bingo card set the perfect classroom Christmas party game for kids to play this December.

What to Do at a Classroom Christmas Party

Everyone loves Christmas party activities! Preschool students are especially fond of festive celebrations in the classroom. The key to planning the perfect classroom Christmas party is having plenty of fun Christmas party activities and entertainment options for your students.

If you’re looking for ideas about what to do at a classroom Christmas party you’re hosting this year, you’ve come to the right place! Check out some of my favorite budget-friendly ways to entertain your preschoolers during a classroom Christmas party this year.

Holiday Photo Booth

Setting up a holiday photo booth in the classroom is a great budget-friendly way to celebrate during your Christmas party. It’s a fun way to send your students home with a photo keepsake for parents and grandparents too.

Setting up a space for holiday photos is easy and fun! You can create a backdrop with red or green paper or a roll of holiday gift wrap.

Then, add fun props for Christmas selfies. You can add santa hats or my printable elf hats to make this Christmas party activity even more fun. 

elf hat template

Christmas Themed Snacks

Did you know playing with food can be a good thing? It’s true, preschoolers can learn a lot about their five senses by engaging with different foods.

You can use themed snacks to reinforce things you’re learning about in the classroom and encourage picky eaters to try new things too.

Grinch Popcorn

If you’re using a Grinch theme for your classroom Christmas party, you can enjoy some green Grinch popcorn as you read this Dr. Seuss classic or watch your favorite film version. Get the recipe for grinch popcorn from Two Sisters Crafting. 

Gingerbread Cookies

A gingerbread cookie Christmas party theme isn’t complete without some sweet gingerbread men for snacking. You can add more fun by decorating gingerbread cookies right in the classroom too!

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows

My favorite part of The Polar Express is the scene where they serve the hot chocolate. You can recreate this iconic scene from the Christmas train with hot chocolate and marshmallows in your classroom this year.

Mouse King Cheese Bites

If you’re learning about The Nutcracker and celebrating with a Nutcracker themed party, you’ll love this cheesy snack. The mouse king is everybody’s favorite villain and your preschoolers will love these mouse king cheese bite snacks from Wonderland Recipes. 

Cookie Walk

Explore other cultures and learn about how they celebrate Christmas during your classroom Christmas party with a cookie walk from all over the world. Set up tables with cookies from other countries and let preschoolers sample the sweets from all over the world at this year’s Christmas celebration.

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

There are so many awesome Christmas crafts for kids you can add to your classroom party this year. My printable no-prep Christmas party activities make it easy to celebrate the season and keep the learning going in your classroom this December.

You can discover all sorts of easy peasy holiday crafts in my list of 30 Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids.

easy christmas crafts for kids

Classroom Christmas Party Games

Christmas is the most exciting time of the year for children. In keeping with the spirit of the season, preschool teachers everywhere are planning fun Christmas activities.

Throwing a Christmas party in your classroom is one way to capitalize on all the fun at a time of year when everyone is bursting with anticipation!

Celebrate the season with some of my favorite Christmas party games for kids to keep the learning going, encourage kids to get up and get moving, and have all kinds of holiday fun! Discover my favorite Christmas party activities for kids to play in the classroom below.

classroom Christmas party games

Printable Preschool Christmas Party Activities

There are many printable preschool Christmas party activities you can do with your kids this December too. Check out some of my favorite Preschool Christmas Activities to get you started. In my lesson plan bundle, I’ve included 15 activities to help preschoolers practice literacy concepts, develop numeracy, build fine motor skills, and more. 

What’s your favorite way to celebrate the season in the classroom? Are you planning an epic classroom Christmas party with your preschoolers this Winter

I’d love to hear all about the classroom Christmas party games you’ve got planned in the comments. Don’t forget to share your great ideas down below so everyone can add a few new Christmas party activities for kids to their lesson plans this December.

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