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Easy Elf Hat Craft Printable for Kids

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My easy elf hat craft printable for kids is a fun way to turn your preschool or kindergarten classroom into Santa’s workshop this December! This printable elf hat craft template will make it easy for your students to imagine themselves as Santa’s little helpers all season long.

This easy elf hat craft printable will help your little learners master fine motor skills, build concentration, and practice using scissors. Plus, they’re perfect for holiday selfies in the classroom! 

You can do all kinds of fun activities with these adorable elf hats to make learning a lot more fun!

Keep reading to discover my favorite Christmas elf books, printable elf activities, and more.

elf hat craft

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How To Make an Easy Elf Hat Craft

This elf hat craft is totally adorable! Your little learners will have so much fun creating their own elf hats to wear in the classroom and at home this Christmas season.

My elf hat craft printable makes it easy for students to practice scissor skills, following directions, and more as they create their own cute hats.

Just print my elf hat craft template (link below) on the colored paper of your choice. Or use black and white paper and let your kids get creative with crayons or markers.

Then, attach the elf hat craft to a sentence strip for a fun and easy elf headband they can wear to any Christmas party.

elf hat craft template

There are so many ways you can use this elf hat craft in your lessons this December.

It’s a cute hands-on fine motor activity to add to any Christmas movie watch party, classroom Christmas party, or holiday storytime. But, that’s not all! Keep reading to check out even more fun lesson plan ideas for your little elves!

Fun Lesson Plans for Little Elves

Reading aloud to children is the very best way to help them fall in love with books and develop critical early literacy skills.

You can read one of my favorite elf books at home or in the classroom to enjoy the magic of the season with your little ones.

The Elves’ First Christmas by Atsuko Morozumi

The Day the Elves Saved Christmas for Themselves by James Whitney Kahn

Memoirs of an Elf by Devin Scillian

I also love the idea of having your preschool or kindergarten students wear these fun elf hats as they do “elf jobs” together to practice early numeracy and literacy skills.

Here are a few of my favorite printable elf jobs.

Sorting Santa’s Sleigh

Sorting the gifts in Santa’s sleigh is a fun way little elves can practice their sight words this December. My printable Elf Job Sight Word Activity makes it easy for kids to practice basic sight words with a fun holiday gift theme they’ll love.  

Christmas preschool activity

Measuring Gifts

Mastering non-standard measurement is an important early math skills. Little learners can practice measuring gifts for Santa just like the elves at the North Pole using my printable Gift Measuring Activity.

christmas crafts and activities

More Easy Elf Themed Crafts and Activities

There are so many fun crafts and activities you could add to an elf themed lesson plan this holiday season! Discover more of my favorite elf crafts below:

Elf Name Christmas Craft

elf crafts for Christmas

Elf Bookmark Name Craft

Christmas elf craft

What’s your favorite way to celebrate Christmas in the classroom? How will you use these free printable elf hats to help make it happen? Share your holiday lesson plan ideas for little elves in the comments. I can’t wait to read them!

Then, have fun creating elf crafts all season long!

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