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Interactive and Fun Groundhog Day Activities for Kids

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There are many ways to incorporate fun Groundhog Day math printables into your lesson plans this February. I can’t wait to share all my favorite printable Groundhog Day math activities for kids with you! These Groundhog Day math pages are the perfect way to keep kindergartners and preschoolers engaged and excited about learning this winter.

I’ll share my favorite ideas about celebrating Groundhog Day in the classroom with young learners. Then, you can grab my printable Groundhog Day activities for kids to get the most out of your February lesson plans this year. 

These Groundhog Day printables will ensure you have all the fun without the prep this winter. They make great take-home activities too! Keep reading to get your printable Groundhog Day math activities for prediction-making with your preschoolers and kindergartners.

groundhog day math activities

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Celebrating with Groundhog Day Activities in the Classroom

Celebrating Groundhog Day in the classroom is exciting and educational for kids of all ages. You can make the most of their excitement with lessons and activities about Groundhog Day folklore. Introduce your students to the famous and loveable Punxsutawney Phil and his weather-predicting abilities. 

Engage your preschool and kindergarten students in Groundhog Day predictions, activities, and picture books. Along the way, they’ll be developing fine motor skills and practicing creative expression too.

Groundhog Day is the perfect time to introduce the science behind weather and get extra practice with math skills as your students try to predict what the groundhog will do this February.

Gather students together to watch Punxsutawney Phil’s virtual appearance for a memorable experience in the classroom. Celebrate the occasion with your favorite snacks and Groundhog Day math printables. Then, extend the lesson with my favorite interactive Groundhog Day activity.

Interactive Groundhog Day Prediction Activity

Read Groundhog Weather School: Fun Facts About Weather and Groundhogs by Joan Holub aloud to your students. Then, let them in on the fun with an interactive Groundhog Day prediction activity. 

Making predictions helps kids develop critical thinking skills by asking them to draw on what they already know and make observations to anticipate what might happen next. As your preschool and kindergarten students learn to make logical predictions, they’ll be discovering how to form a hypothesis and forming strong math skills too.

groundhog day math activities

My printable Groundhog Day Class Prediction Worksheet will encourage students to make predictions, record their results, and practice handwriting. Plus, it’s fun! You can graph the class prediction results on the whiteboard and compare them to what actually happened after watching Punxsutawney Phil together as a class on Groundhog Day.

A Groundhog Day math activity for kindergarten and preschool students is a joyful way to learn about the holiday. To make it interactive, create a simple chart with two sections: one for each possible prediction from Punxsutawney Phil. Will it be an early spring or six more weeks of winter? 

Every student will get a chance to make their individual predictions on my Groundhog Day math printable. Then, ask students to share their predictions and record them on the chart. This can lead to some awesome discussions about the weather! Teachers can extend the lesson by incorporating weather-related lessons and activities to introduce weather vocabulary with words like rainy, sunny, snowy, and cloudy. 

On February 2nd, gather the class to reveal Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction, comparing it to the children’s guesses. This not only sparks excitement but also introduces basic concepts of calendar days and time. The activity blends weather awareness, creativity, and a touch of tradition, making Groundhog Day a memorable and educational experience for kindergarten students.

More Fun Groundhog Day Activities for Kids

I’ve got many more fun Groundhog Day activities for kids to enjoy this February. Check out some of my favorite printable no-prep Groundhog Day activities below.

groundhog day shape craft
groundhog day coloring pages

Groundhog Day Shape Craft

Groundhog Day Color by Number Pages

What’s your favorite Groundhog Day math activity for preschool or kindergarten students? Share your favorite interactive activities and books to read aloud for the holiday in the comments. I can’t wait to read about your favorites and try a few with my students too!

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