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Groovy Pete the Cat Activities and Crafts for Preschool

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Do you love incorporating preschool Pete the Cat activities into your lesson plans? Then you’re going to love all my groovy Pete the Cat coloring pages, printable activities, crafts, and hands-on learning ideas.

There are so many colorful and engaging ways to have fun with this groovy cat! Pete the Cat books are just as much fun to read aloud as they are for preschoolers to explore independently.

Pete teaches some great values too! Dedicate a few weeks in your preschool classroom to this cool feline character and watch as your preschoolers fall in love with reading.

Ready to see all the fun preschool Pete the Cat activities, book suggestions, printables, and themed snacks I’ve picked out for our Pete the Cat lessons this school year?

Keep reading to discover groovy button cookies, the perfect pizza party, and printable cut-and-paste crafts all about Pete the Cat!

preschool pete the cat activities

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My Favorite Pete the Cat Books to Read Aloud

Reading aloud is one of the very best ways to help your preschoolers get ready to read independently. Children build print awareness, increase vocabulary, and develop important phonemic skills when they are exposed to books.

Pete the Cat books by James Dean feature a fun feline character kids can relate to and rhyming stories that are fun to read. 

Discover some of our favorite Pete the Cat books to read aloud in the classroom that pair up well with preschool Pete the Cat activities and crafts below.

Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes

Pete the Cat Rocking in my School Shoes

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons

Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses

Pete the Kitty’s First Day of Preschool

Pete the Cat’s Perfect Pizza Party

Printable Pete the Cat Coloring Pages and Activities

After enjoying a cool Pete the Cat story during circle time, gather your students to have more learning fun with printable Pete the Cat coloring pages and preschool Pete the Cat activities.

In fact, these printables are perfect for preschool or kindergarten students who need extra fine motor practice this school year. 

Pete’s Groovy Buttons Name Activity Printable

This printable Pete the Cat groovy buttons name activity is the perfect back-to-school craft! Use it to create an adorable bulletin board or pair it with Pete the Cat and His Groovy Buttons.

preschool Pete the Cat activities

This Pete the Cat coloring page craft is also perfect for helping students learn to write their names, practice scissor skills, and develop fine motor muscles too.

Printable Pete the Cat Book Buddy Craft

My printable Book Buddy is my favorite Pete the Cat craft! You can print this cute cut-and-paste book character in full color for your students to enjoy or print in black and white and let students turn this Pete craft into a cat coloring page that’s super fun for everyone!

book character crafts

These Book Buddy Crafts come with 25 different cut-and-paste characters so you can use them with your read aloud books all year long!

They also make an awesome addition to your classroom reading center. Your preschool students will have so much fun making their own Pete, the beloved children’s book character.

Thanksgiving Pete the Cat Printables

This Pete the Cat Thanksgiving Craft is the perfect Thanksgiving activity to do with a large group after you read The First Thanksgiving by James Dean!

It’s a great way to practice story sequencing with a fun book this November.

pete the cat craft for preschoolers

You can use it in your preschool or kindergarten classroom to help students practice fine motor skills, learn about the first Thanksgiving, and practice sequencing the fun way with a hands-on Pete the Cat printable activity. 

Christmas Pete the Cat Coloring Pages

Get ready to celebrate the 12 groovy days of Christmas with Pete the Cat! This fun Christmas themed Pete the Cat craft pairs well with the 12 Groovy Days of Christmas book.

Send this activity home for preschool parents to do with their kids over the holidays or use it to make the last day of school before Christmas break even more fun! 

Pete the cat Christmas craft

This cut and paste craft uses simple supplies, it’s easy to prepare for teachers, and it’s great for practicing putting story elements in order.

Grab this printable pack for Pete the Cat fans and emergent readers to enjoy this December.

Hands-On Preschool Pete the Cat Activities and Games

Printable crafts and preschool Pete the Cat activities are lots of fun, but sometimes you need an activity that lets your kids get up out of their seats. Hands-on Pete the Cat learning activities are great for kinesthetic learners.

Plus, these hands-on games and activities encourage healthy physical activity and gross motor skill building. Check out my favorites below.

White Shoes Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are awesome for helping preschool students develop critical thinking skills. They’re also a great way to break out of the desks and get kids up and moving.

Host a Pete the Cat white shoes scavenger hunt in your classroom to help your preschoolers practice recognizing color words and identifying different colors. 

You can hide Pete the Cat’s famous school shoes in different colors all around the room. Then have your students hunt for Pete’s shoe color card pictures hidden around the room for a fun and easy scavenger hunt activity they’ll love!

Pete the Cat Sensory Bottles

Sensory activities are perfect for preschool learners! They help to create a multisensory experience that allows preschoolers to form connections between what they’re learning, seeing, and doing. 

Try creating some Pete the Cat Sensory Bottles to keep in your literacy learning center.

Want more sensory bin and bottle ideas for your classroom? Don’t miss my DIY Preschool Sensory Bin Ideas for even more sensory learning activities you can tie into your lesson plans this year.

Play Dough Pete the Cat Pizzas

Make pizzas to go with Pete the Cat’s pizza book using play dough.

This activity is perfect for helping preschool students build fine motor skills and finger strength they’ll need for handwriting later. Plus, you’ll love seeing all the creative toppings in this fine motor game! 

Pete the Cat Snacks Themed for Your Lesson Plans

Theming snacks to the books you’re reading in your classroom is lots of fun! Plus, it’s a great way to reinforce your lesson and get your preschoolers to try some new foods in the process.

Discover my favorite Pete the Cat snacks themed for your lessons below.

Groovy Button Cookies

These groovy button cookies are easy to make and tasty too! You’ll need graham crackers, m&m candies, and yellow icing. 

First, give each preschooler a graham cracker on a paper plate. Then, let your students spread the yellow icing on the graham cracker with a plastic knife. Finally, give preschoolers colorful candy “buttons” to place on top. 

Be sure to tie it all together with this fun Pete the Cat game. It’s a fun way to snack and play at once!

Perfect Mini Pizza Party

Have you read Pete the Cat’s Perfect Pizza Party? Everyone loves pizza! Consider having a pizza party for your preschoolers after you finish the book. 

Kids will love making their own mini pizzas the easy way using English muffins, pizza sauce, and mozzarella cheese. You can have lots of fun exploring toppings just like Pete did in the book too!

Which Pete the Cat books are you planning to read aloud with your preschool students this school year? Share your favorite Pete the Cat books and preschool Pete the Cat activities in the comment section. I can’t wait to read them and try your favorite fun ideas with my students too!

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