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Downloadable Number Flash Cards Printables for Counting

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I’m so excited to share my new downloadable number flash cards printables with you! These printable flash cards are perfect for practicing critical early numeracy skills with your preschoolers at home and in the classroom.

Number cards help preschool learners practice number identification and counting skills in a way that’s engaging and fun.

There are so many ways to add number flashcard printables to your lesson plans and daily activities with preschoolers and toddlers alike!

Keep reading to discover some of my favorite ways to use these downloadable number flash cards printable bundles. Plus, I’ll share why flashcards are my favorite way to squeeze in some quick number recognition practice. 

downloadable number flash cards printable

How To Use Numbers Flashcards

Flashcards are a fun way to teach numbers! If you use these downloadable number flash cards properly, they’ll quickly become a fun and effective part of your math lessons this year.

Number flashcards should be presented to preschoolers quickly (“in a flash”).

Presenting printable numbers flash cards at a quick pace is important because it engages your preschool students’ right brain, allowing them to learn and master these numbers quickly.

The speed you present the numbers also impacts how much fun your students will have with these colorful flashcards. 

So make it quick and you’ll be rewarded with their undivided attention and faster retention too.

Finally, make sure your preschoolers are in a good mood when you start this lesson. Hungry or tired kids have trouble focusing on flashcards and pretty much everything else too. 

To begin, have your student sit across from you.

Present one card at a time, reading out the number as you hold up the card to your child. Remember, the faster you go, the more effective the lesson will be for your young learners.  

You can start with just a few numbers and add more as your preschoolers master the numbers flash cards. When kids are ready, let them say the numbers out loud without prompting. Keep it light and fun.

If your preschoolers struggle, try using fewer cards. When you need to make corrections, do so quickly and move on. Try to make it feel like it’s not a big deal and they’ll be getting it right very soon. 

Repetition and fun is the key to success. Try to frequently recite the counting flashcards in short bursts with your preschool students. You can send a set home for parents to practice number skills with their children too.

Downloadable Number Flash Cards

My downloadable number flash cards are designed specifically for young children. They’re a great way to introduce basic numbers.

These free printable flashcards will help ensure the best results in your preschool classroom. 

Each card features the number, the writing strokes needed to write the number, and the number words underneath.

downloadable number flash cards printable

These free printable number flashcards are an excellent tool for practicing writing numbers, number recognition, and learning number names with your preschool students at home and in the classroom.

Spending just a few minutes going over these free number flashcards each day is the perfect way to help boost your students’ numeracy skills before kindergarten. Plus, they look fantastic on a math bulletin board.

Grab your very own downloadable number flash cards printable at the end of this post. Print them on card stock or laminate them for longevity.

Then, add them to your math center or use them to play fun games. I love using these free printables to have preschoolers match numbers to number words or practice counting by putting them in order.

Printable Number Recognition Activities for Kids

Want more number recognition activities to do with your preschool students this year? Check out my Number Recognition Activities list including number crafts, printables, and small group activities to do in the classroom and at home.

Here are just a few of the fun printable number activities for little hands you can add to your math lesson plans this year:

Interactive Number Notebook

number recognition activities for kids

Printable Color by Number Worksheets for Preschool

Number Writing Practice Pages

Online Games for Learning Numbers

Incorporating screens into your number learning lessons is another fun and engaging way to help preschoolers master numbers. An online game is a great way to practice basic arithmetic and number recognition skills with your preschool students.

Check out some of my favorite online games for math skills to help you get started.

Splash Learn Math Games

ABCYa Pre-K Math Games

More Printable Flash Cards

Flashcards aren’t just great for learning numeracy skills. There are lots of ways to use flashcards in your preschool classroom! Check out more printable flashcard teaching resources below.

Halloween Flashcards

Summer Flashcards

Which number teaching resources are you most excited about using with your preschool students this year?

Share your favorite ways to use these free downloadable number flash cards printables with preschoolers and tell me all about your favorite ways to teach numbers in the comments.

I can’t wait to read all your great ideas and try them with my own students this year too!

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