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Free Printable Counting Leaves Activity

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I’m so excited to share my free printable counting leaves activity with you! This fall counting mat activity will help your preschoolers and kindergartners practice counting, number recognition, and more.

If you’re searching for play-based counting activities to do in the classroom and at home with your little learners, don’t miss some of my favorite counting leaves activity ideas. There are so many ways to learn early math skills with fall leaves! 

Keep reading to get the scoop on the counting leaves song, and grab your own counting leaves worksheet printable for extra practice. Plus, discover more fun activity ideas with fall leaves for your students!

counting leaves activity

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The Benefits of Play-Based Counting Activities

Play provides opportunities for young children to learn and develop foundational math skills. The time children spend playing with classmates, toys, and games is spent learning new skills, practicing skills they have already learned, and developing interest.

While it’s true that many early math skills must be explicitly taught, play-based counting activities in early education give students the opportunity to practice numeracy skills. 

For example, preschool and kindergarten students can practice counting skills while playing with fall leaves, completing puzzles, and building with blocks. There are tremendous benefits to this kind of play in early education. 

We can encourage activities that incorporate counting and other early numeracy skills in the classroom and at home.

Discover how you can use my free printable counting leaves activity to get started with a play-based math approach in your classroom this fall. 

My Free Printable Counting Leaves Activity

Ready to grab your own fun fall counting leaves activity? This free printable counting leaves worksheet is a versatile counting activity you can use with your preschool and early elementary students to practice counting, number recognition, and fine motor skills.

counting leaves activity

First, grab a copy of this free printable counting leaves activity. You’ll get a “count the leaves” worksheet with themed numbers for students to identify and color. Plus, printable cards you can laminate featuring trees with one or more leaves. 

Students will get to practice their counting skills and one-to-one correspondence as they count the leaves on each tree. Then, identify the matching number and color it in for fine motor practice and number identification practice. 

You can use this fall counting leaves activity in a variety of ways!

Add the counting tree printables to a fall sensory bin filled with leaves or candy corn. Then, have preschool and kindergarten students dig out the trees and match them up for a multisensory learning experience they’ll love!

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Want to incorporate gross motor skills, too?

Hide these printable trees around the classroom. Then, ask students to go on a scavenger hunt to find the missing trees.

Once they find them, they’ll identify the number and color in the matching number for every tree they find. It’s a fun way to get the wiggles out while encouraging early math practice and healthy physical activity.

Sing the Counting Leaves Song Together This Fall

There are so many fun counting leaves activities to do together in the fall! For example, you could have a leaf scavenger hunt! 

Get students outdoors to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and hunt for fallen leaves in nature. Then, count the leaves you find, sort them into groups, or compare and contrast the leaves for even more learning fun.

Another fun idea you can do in the classroom is to sing the counting leaves song together. Check out Mr. Kipley’s Autumn Counting Song. Sung to the tune of “London Bridge is falling down,” this counting leaves song is a fun way to practice counting from 1 to 15 with your preschool and kindergarten students.

More Activity Ideas with Fall Leaves 

After you’ve exhausted my free printable counting leaves activity, discover more fun printable activities with fall leaves, including my fall name craft.

This is a perfect Fall craft to help your preschool students practice writing and spelling names this year. 

fall name craft

What’s your favorite way to have fun counting fall leaves? How will you use my free printable counting leaves activity with your little learners this autumn? Tell me all about your fall activity ideas in the comments. 

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