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Free Printable Scarecrow Counting Activity for Kids

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I can’t wait to share my free printable scarecrow counting activity with you!

This new counting crows printable is the perfect way to practice counting, one to one correspondence, and number recognition with your preschool and kindergarten students in the classroom or at home.

Have you read The Scarecrow by Beth Ferry? It’s one of my favorite fall books for preschool and early elementary students. This easy printable counting activity is a fun way to practice counting together this fall that pairs up so well with the book.

Want to count crows with your preschool and kindergarten kiddos this fall?

Keep reading to get the scoop on how you can add this activity to your fall lesson plans with very little prep time. Plus, discover how to make this counting crows activity a part of your own scarecrow theme this year!

scarecrow counting activity

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Practice Counting Together This Fall

Understanding numbers requires lots of exposure and practice. We can give our preschool and kindergarten students lots of experience by regularly incorporating activities that ask them to count and identify numbers.

My free printable scarecrow counting activity is perfect for helping kids practice these critical skills all autumn long.

There’s a lot to count this fall! A walk outdoors can lead to counting acorns or falling leaves. A trip to the pumpkin patch is the perfect time to count pumpkins together as you choose the perfect one.

Ask your preschoolers to imagine a scarecrow. I bet they have a lot to count too! With this printable fall activity, your preschoolers can practice counting crows just like the scarecrows.

My Counting Crows Printable Math Activity

First, grab my free printable scarecrow counting activity. Then, you’ll need to gather a few supplies:

Color the bowtie pasta black and you’ll be ready to begin! You can either spray paint them black or mix hand sanitizer and black food coloring to get the job done.

When you’re done, choose a numbered card and place it on the printable scarecrow counting mat. Then, have your child add the correct number of pasta “crows” to the counting mat. 

Your students will be having so much fun counting crows, they won’t even realize all the amazing numeracy skills they’re practicing at the same time. This activity encourages kids to develop rote counting skills, one to one correspondence practice, number recogntion, and fine motor skills too.

I love that this scarecrow “counting crows” activity is so versatile!

You can easily adapt this printable fall math activity to work with older elementary learners by asking them to choose two number cards and add, subtract, or even multiply the numbers. It’s a perfect for students who benefit from using counters or manipulatives to complete math equations.

Scarecrow Themed Lesson Plan

This printable scarecrow math activity can be completed by itself, added to your classroom math center, or become part of a scarecrow themed lesson plan. After all, there are so many fun scarecrow themed activities to enjoy this fall!

Discover some of my favorite scarecrow learning ideas for literacy, science, and more down below.

Building Literacy Skills with Scarecrows

Reading aloud to children, even after they can read independently, has tremendous benefits. It’s a wonderful way to build connection and communication skills with your kids. Reading to students is also the best way to encourage them to fall in love with books, increase their vocabulary, and develop print awareness.

This fall, consider reading some of my favorite scarecrow books together with your little learners. The Scarecrow by Beth Ferry is always a favorite. I also love Scarecrow by Cynthia Rylant and The Scarecrow’s Hat by Ken Brown. 

Learn About the History of Scarecrows

Scarecrows have been used to protect crops from crows for 3,000 years. In Ancient Egypt, people hung tunics on reeds to scare quail away from crops along the Nile River. In Ancient Greece, farmers created large wooden statues to stand in their fields and frighten birds. 

This fall, you can use scarecrows to talk about the history of agriculture as well as introduce important ancient cultures to your students.

Learning about history in this way can help to bring the people and time periods to life for kids. 

Animal Science with Crows

Crows are fascinating creatures! You can use this printable counting crows activity to help introduce a fun unit study all about these interesting birds. Then, encourage your students to build their own scarecrows and study their effects.

More Printable Scarecrow Fun

I know your kids are going to have so much fun counting crows with this printable scarecrow math activity! Don’t miss out on even more scarecrow learning fun with my scarecrow shape craft for preschool and kindergarten learners.

scarecrow activity for kids

Then, tell me all about your favorite scarecrow lesson plans and fall counting activity ideas in the comments. I can’t wait to read them and discover more fun learning activities for my classroom too!

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