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How to Teach Writing Simple Sentences for Kindergarten

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Teaching kindergarten is so rewarding! Helping students learn how to read and how to write a sentence are some of my favorites. When you teach writing simple sentences for kindergarten, you get to see your students’ eyes light up as they begin to understand simple sentences and practice sentence writing. 

Then, you get to build on those lessons about writing simple sentences for kindergarten with writing simple sentences worksheets. Today, I’m excited to share some of my favorite simple sentences activities and sentence writing lesson ideas.

I can’t wait to see how you use some of my favorite ideas when you teach your students how to write a sentence this year!

writing simple sentences for kindergarten

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Writing Simple Sentences for Kindergarten

Learning how to write a sentence is a big step! Once your kindergarten students can read simple sentences, they’ll be ready to practice sentence writing. Writing simple sentences for kindergarten helps them develop important literacy skills and begin practicing grammar concepts too. 

If you’re curious about how to teach writing simple sentences for kindergarten, you’re in the right place! You should know that there are many different ways to practice sentence writing in the classroom and at home. 

First, let’s talk about the natural progression of early writing. Understanding these phases will help you teach young students how to write a sentence. 


Young learners often write using scribbles or symbols that don’t make much sense. They may even insert letters or numbers into these silly “sentences.” Some kids will also add a period after every word when beginning to practice writing sentences. 

Copying with Support

When you are ready for this step in writing simple sentences for kindergarten, students will begin to dictate their own sentences or sentence fragments.

Then, you can write these simple sentences down and cut them up into many parts. Kids can practice putting the words or groups of words in the correct order with help. 

When your kindergartners are finished with these make-shift writing simple sentences worksheets, they can copy what they have completed.

It’s a fun way to practice sentence writing that’s reminiscent of putting together a puzzle. At this stage, your students may struggle with putting good spaces between words and they might reverse some letters.

Sentence Starters

There are lots of ways to use sentence starters. You can use writing prompts to help students begin practicing this skill. Kindergartners will be able to complete the sentences by adding one or more words to a sentence you have started for them.

writing simple sentences for kindergarten

Simple Sentences

At this stage, kindergartners can independently attempt to write their own sentences about simple subjects without relying on a sentence starter. It’s important to use high-frequency words and words that your kindergartners already know how to read or sound out independently for this step. Remember, kids may still need help using capital letters, spaces between words, and full stops properly. 

Fortunately, there are lots of different strategies for supporting beginning writers as they learn about building sentences.

Sentence Writing Activity Ideas

Want a great way to help your students practice reading simple sentences and writing their own sentences? Setting up a writing station in your classroom can be a helpful way to teach your kindergarten students how to write a sentence.

Establishing literacy centers and writing stations in the classroom encourages the whole class to engage in practicing writing complete sentences.  Are you looking for a great activity to encourage your students on their journey toward becoming independent writers? Check out some of my favorite kindergarten sentence building activities below.

Make Simple Sentences with Sentence Dice

Sentence Dice encourages writing simple sentences for kindergarten by having kids roll different dice to form a sentence. Then, students can practice writing the simple sentences they’ve created on their own paper. 

It’s easy to make your own sentence dice by printing a simple dice template. Then, add words your kindergarten students have been practicing at home or in the classroom. It’s lots of fun too!

Practice Writing Sentences with a Game

Learning through playing games together is so much fun! Plus, it’s a great way to engage reluctant students and generalize new concepts. Discover the Build-a-Sentence board game with your kindergarten students this year.

It’s the perfect way to practice writing simple sentences for kindergarten in your classroom literacy center.

Use Sentence Building Dominoes

Dominoes is a classic tile game that’s easy to play with children of all ages. Kindergarten teachers can use these sentence-building dominoes right in the classroom for fun sentence writing practice.

If your students aren’t quite ready to make sentences, discover sight word dominoes and word building dominoes to encourage early phonics skills.

Writing Simple Sentence Worksheets 

Keeping a range of kindergarten writing worksheets and printable sentence starters in the classroom will make it easier to meet the varied needs of your little learners this year. As your kindergarten kiddos begin to develop these important early writing skills, you can use these simple sentence worksheets to encourage them and provide extra practice in the classroom and at home. 

Kindergarten Writing Practice Worksheets

Are you looking for kindergarten writing worksheets? It’s important to practice writing with our students every day. These Printable Kindergarten Writing Practice Worksheets make writing simple sentences easy and fun for teachers and students too.

Printable Kindergarten Sentence Stems

Did you know you can have all kinds of fun with kindergarten writing worksheets and activities this year? Encouraging kindergartners to write can sometimes be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be boring or stressful with these fun with and without sentence stems and writing prompts for kids.

how to write a sentence

Kindergarten Animal Reports

When your students are ready for the next step, don’t miss out on these fun kindergarten worksheets!

This whole group of printables will help your kindergarten students begin to practice complex sentences as they write their very first informative topic assignment. Kindergarten Animal Report Pages are the perfect writing center activity for helping students develop complete full sentences just in time for 1st grade!

writing simple sentences for kindergarten

I hope you’ve found some great interactive worksheets for helping your students learn how to write a sentence this year. Share your favorite ideas and activities about writing simple sentences for kindergarten in the comments. I can’t wait to read them and add a few of your favorite ways to practice to my lesson plans this year!

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