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Kindergarten writing prompt bundle

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These Kindergarten writing prompts are perfect for building beginning writing skills in your literacy center as you head back to school! Grab these no prep, print and go writing center templates for students to enhance their writing skills this year!

These Kindergarten writing mats are ideal for beginning writers and easy enough for Kindergarten students to work independently on during your writing block or as early finishers.

What’s included in the Kindergarten Writing Prompts bundle:

• A years worth of writing mats on various themes

• Vertical and horizontal templates

• Large primary writing lines, perfect for Kindergarten students

• Pages with blank primary lines for printing front to back

• Themed word bank for each worksheet

• Writing conventions checklist (use punctuation, start with a capital letter, use spacing between words)

• All templates come with and without sentence starters so you can easily differentiate your teaching

• Illustration box so students can illustrate their work


Sentence stems:

• My family

• I want a ___ for a pet because

• This year I want to learn

• This summer I

• This school year I need

• My favorite sport is

• In the Fall I wear

• The playground has

• My outside chore is

• My favorite Community Helper is

• For Halloween I want to be

• My favorite animal is a

• When I carve pumpkins I

• When I grow up

• I can help by

• At the Fall festival I

• On Veterans Day we honor

• My favorite Thanksgiving food is

• I can travel by

• I’m thankful for

• For Christmas I like to

• At the tree lot

• On a fun Winter day

• To make hot chocolate I need

• My favorite snacks are

• When it snows I

• My favorite winter animal

• My favorite toy is

• When it’s cold I wear

• My new year goal is

• If I had 100 dollars

• I take care of my teeth by

• On Valentines Day

• I can be kind by

• I get ready for bed

• A plant needs

• If I went to space

• On St. Patricks Day

• When I’m sick

• I like Spring because

• In Spring I like to

• At the farm I see

• On Earth Day I will

• On Easter I

• The weather is

• In Summer I like to

• At the beach I can

• On vacation I will

• This year I learned

• I love my mom because

• I love my dad because

• At the carnival

• The park has

• In my backyard

• My favorite food

Check out my Kindergarten writing prompts blog post to see how I use these writing prompts and journals in my classroom!


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