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Have Fun With Kindergarten Writing Prompts This Year

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Did you know you can have fun with kindergarten writing prompts and assignments this year? Encouraging kindergartners to write can sometimes be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be boring or stressful with these fun writing prompts and writing activities.

Keep reading to discover how you can practice writing skills with kindergarten journal prompts that are silly, fun, and engaging for all your students. Plus, get my new writing template to encourage writing practice with your kindergarten students this year. 

Then, discover my favorite writing games and activities for even more fun writing practice all year long. You won’t want to miss these fun writing games and printable writing prompts!

kindergarten writing prompts

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Practice Writing Skills with Kindergarten Writing Prompts

One of the best tips to remember when practicing writing skills with kindergarten students is to be consistent. Mastering writing takes lots of practice. Engage in meaningful writing with your kindergartners from the beginning.

Kids learn to write well by writing often, so it’s important to keep writing even if your kindergarteners are just putting strings of letters or scribbles on paper at first. After all, everyone has to start somewhere.

You can give your students the tools to develop into confident writers by giving them time to write and draw each day with my free Kindergarten writing journal. These are perfect to add to your writing center to build strong and confident writing skills.

kindergarten writing journals

Although writing should have a place in every corner of your classroom, a writing center is a central place where students can access materials to write with and engage with written language. Setting up a space for writing in your classroom can be a fun way to encourage your kindergarteners to practice writing skills.

Choose a quiet corner of your classroom that you can supply with writing tools to begin setting up your classroom writing center. Here are some things you’ll want to have on hand for students:

  • Pencils, pencil grips, and erasers
  • A variety of paper with and without lines
  • Highlighters, markers, and crayons
  • Pictures and examples of writing
  • Fun writing prompts, templates, and checklists

My Printable Best Friend for Kindergarten Literacy Centers

I’ve got a new Kindergarten writing prompt printable bundle that’s perfect for encouraging writing in your kindergarten literacy center throughout the school year. I’m excited to share it with you! Hopefully, these new printable writing prompts become your writing center’s best friend too.

Each template includes a word bank filled with words you can use to create daily writing prompts and encourage your kindergarteners to practice their writing skills. There’s also space on each template for kids to illustrate their writing, which will get your visual learners excited about writing this year.

kindergarten writing prompts

I’ve included writing journal lines to make it easy for kids to practice handwriting and stay on task as well.

My favorite part of this new writing template is the checklist. This helpful checklist will remind your kindergarten students to use spaces, practice punctuation, start with capital letters, and more.

It’s an effective way to encourage your preschoolers to check behind themselves and practice writing properly without your intervention.

You can grab this writing template and add a stack of these printables to your writing center or pass them out whenever you give a writing prompt to the class. These writing worksheets will be just as helpful for you as they are for your students!

Plus, they’re themed monthly sets with various topics to keep your students engaged all year long. Grab the yearly writing bundle or each monthly set below:

My Kindergarten Students’ Favorite Thing To Write About

Fun writing prompts are the best way to make writing fun and encourage your kindergarten students to practice these important skills. My kindergarten students love to write about their favorite things!

Here are a few fun ideas for kindergarten writing prompts:

  • Write about a best friend or favorite grandparent with my Grandparent Writing Craft
  • Write about your favorite sport, favorite color, favorite toy, favorite movie, favorite book, favorite animal, favorite food, or favorite place
kindergarten animal reports
  • Write about your favorite activities in the classroom or at home
  • Write a letter to a friend or Santa
  • Write about summer vacation with my End of Year Craft
end of year craft

Another Great Way To Practice Writing Skills

Are you looking for more great ways to practice writing skills with your kindergartener? Check out some of my favorite fun writing activities you can add to your classroom writing center or complete together with students.

Mad Libs

Mad libs are silly, engaging, and a great way to practice parts of speech, and increase vocabulary with kindergarten learners. Fill a sheet with the outline of a story, then remove some of the verbs, nouns, adverbs, and adjectives.

Kindergartners can complete these mad libs independently or together as a class. 

Magnetic Poetry

Magnetic poetry is a super fun activity to add to your writing center. Plus, it’s great for practice at home or in the car. Check out these Poetry Tiles from Kids Word Play for an easy addition to your classroom writing center that will help your preschoolers explore parts of speech, build sentences, and encourage writing practice.

To make magnetic poems, have students close their eyes and draw a few words form the pile. Then, arrange the magnetic words to create an image, phrase, or sentence that’s interesting and fun!

You can also use a few words to craft a writing prompt for the whole class to write about independently.

Comic Books

This activity is a great way to practice writing skills with visual learners. Creating a comic strip to accompany a story is helpful for kids who like to express themselves visually and for kindergarten students who are just beginning to explore writing words.

Give your kindergartners a set number of panels and challenge them to create a short comic with only a few sentences. Then, illustrate the scenes with colored pencils, markers, or crayons. Remember, it’s not about who is the best artist, it’s about who can write an exciting short comic.

Classroom Pen Pals

If your students are reluctant writers, this writing activity might be just the thing you need to add to your weekly lesson plans. Set aside a time when students can write letters to one another, establishing pen pals in the classroom.

You can use this activity to help kindergarten students develop writing skills, learn about the proper form for writing a letter, and practice spelling. Plus, it’s a great way to encourage comradery and kindness among your students.

More Fun Writing Prompts for the Kindergarten Classroom

Looking for more fun writing prompts for your kindergarten classroom? Check out some of my other favorite writing activity pages to use with kindergarten students in the classroom and at home.

Plus, a few more fun writing games you can add to your classroom resources this year!

Name Writing Template

One of the first words we learn to write is our own name. Encourage name writing practice with your kindergarten students using my editable Name Writing Templates.

name recognition activities

These are perfect for practicing handwriting with your students at the beginning of the school year and as a name recognition activity.

Pre-Writing Activities

Before students can learn to write letters and numbers, they must master pre-writing skills. Fortunately, there are so many fun ways we can help kindergarten students master these important skills in the classroom.

Check out My Favorite Pre-Writing Activities to get started.

Tell Tale Card Game

Encourage your kindergartners to invent their own stories with 120 illustrations of characters, settings, objects, and emotions in the Tell Tale Card Game. It’s an engaging way to promote early literacy skills and language development.

With unlimited possibilities, you’ll be able to encourage writing practice with creativity for everyone!

Rory’s Story Cubes

Rory’s Story Cubes is a fun tool to add to your kindergarten literacy center. These dice come with pictures your students can use as writing prompts to create their own stories.

There are several sets with different themes you can combine together or use independently to create unique and imaginative tales with your students. 

Create A Story Card Game

eeBoo games are cooperative and easy to use with the youngest learners. This new card game from eeBoo is a perfect way to help your kindergarteners explore writing skills and narration in the classroom and at home. 

Create a Story Cards involve recurring woodland animal characters, locations, and props allowing the cards to be linked in endless combinations for fresh, new writing prompts every time you play. This game will encourage interactive and imaginative play while building literacy and writing skills with your kindergartners.

What’s your favorite way to have fun with kindergarten writing prompts in the classroom? Do you have a favorite resource or writing activity I didn’t mention? Share your fun writing skills practice ideas in the comments. I can’t wait to read them!

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