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The Best Easy Apple Crafts for Kids

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Autumn is finally here! The apple harvest is ready! It’s the perfect time of year to learn about apples and the legend of Johnny Appleseed with your preschool and kindergarten students. I’m excited to share all the best apple crafts for kids with you just in time for this apple picking season!

I’ve got great ideas to help you teach your students all about Johnny Appleseed and celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day on September 26th. Plus, lots of fun books to read aloud together in the classroom and at home.

These easy apple crafts and adorable apple craft ideas are the perfect addition to your preschool apple themed lessons this fall!

Keep reading to discover hands-on apple themed crafts and no-prep printable apple craft ideas for your little learners!

apple crafts for kids

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Try Adding Apple Themed Crafts to Your Fall Lesson Plans

Apple themed crafts and activities are the perfect fall theme for preschool! You can use apples to teach kids about symmetry, shapes, colors, patterns, the life cycle, letters, counting, and so much more! There are endless possibilities with an apple theme in your preschool classroom!

You may not realize that your students are developing lifelong skills as they create easy apple crafts with paint and glitter. However, there are tons of important developmental skills kids can learn while making apple themed crafts. 

Easy apple crafts are the very best way for young learners to develop strong fine motor skills.

Fine motor skills are an essential part of early development. Your students will need to develop finger strength and dexterity for tasks like tying their shoes, using a fork, and zipping their jackets. They’ll also need strong fine motor skills for handwriting.

Apple themed crafts can help preschool and kindergarten students practice these crucial fine motor skills in a way that’s fun and imaginative. Plus, they’re perfect for reinforcing lessons about apples and autumn!

Fun Books About Apples to Read Aloud Together

My apple craft ideas are the best way to build fine motor skills with your students this fall, but reading aloud to them is the best way to build important literacy skills.

Even after your kids can read independently, reading aloud to them is still a wonderful way to increase vocabulary, help them develop phonemic awareness, and fall in love with the world of books!

Check out some of my favorite fun books about apples to read aloud with your students this autumn.

Secrets of the Apple Tree by Carron Brown

How Do Apples Grow? by Betsy Maestro

Applesauce Day by Lisa Amstutz

The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree by Gail Gibbons

Johnny Appleseed by Steven Kellogg

After enjoying some of these fun apple themed books together, check out some of my easy apple crafts for kids below. They’re the perfect addition to any autumn lesson plan this year!

Easy Apple Crafts for Kids to Celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day

Did you know Johnny Appleseed’s birthday is September 26th? That’s the day we celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day! Learning about this American folk hero is a great way to introduce lessons about folklore, tall tales, and learn more about apples this autumn!

Discover some of my favorite apple crafts for kids to celebrate the day with your students below.

Apple Life Cycle Craft

Teaching students about life cycles is a great way to capitalize on their curiosity about the natural world. Add science learning fun to your preschool or kindergarten classroom with this Apple Life Cycle Craft

apple crafts for kids

It will help your students learn to recognize the stages in the life cycle of an apple. Plus, it’s a great way to learn to identify all the different parts of an apple too! 

Apple Name Craft

Teaching students how to spell and write their own names just got a lot more fun with this Apple Name Craft! This cut-and-paste name craft is perfect for your fall bulletin board and it makes a really cute keepsake for parents too.

easy apple crafts

Looking for more ways to help students practice spelling and writing their names this autumn? Check out my list of Preschool Name Crafts and Name Activities for more ideas!

Shape Craft

Teaching shapes is always fun with my shape crafts. Grab this Johnny Appleseed shape craft and practice counting and identifying shapes in a fun, hands-on way this Fall.

Johnny appleseed shape craft

Apple Basket Math Craft

Introduce your students to graphing with this easy apple basket math craft for kids. Create your apple craft with however many apples you choose, then count and graph your craft with the provided templates.

apple math craft

It’s a fun way to learn and craft this September.

Johnny Appleseed Craft

Celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day with this adorable cut-and-paste Johnny Appleseed Craft. This printable apple craft for kids is an easy one to add to your fall lesson plans and perfect for developing critical fine motor skills too.

apple craft ideas

Handprint Apple Craft

Handprint apple crafts for kids are some of my favorite fall activities! They make the very best keepsakes for parents and grandparents. Plus, they make it fun to practice fine motor skills. 

apple crafts for preschool

This Handprint Apple Craft will help your preschoolers develop finger strength and dexterity as they tear and glue the pieces of paper to form their very own apple.

Then, they’ll get to practice cutting and pasting as they cut out their sweet little handprint to form the leaf on the apple. 

Painting with Apple Slices

Finally, have a little more fun with paint and apples in my apple slice painting activity. Your students will dip ½ an apple in the color paint of their choice (red, yellow, green) and stamp apples on paper to create their own adorable fall art projects.

apple themed crafts

Stamp apples in a row to form a pattern. Then, talk about which color would come next with your students for early math skills practice. 

Draw the trunk of a tree and its branches. Then, have students stamp apples on the tree to make their own easy apple crafts for display. 

For another adorable apple craft for kids, you can try this melted bead apple suncatcher craft tutorial too.

Apple Activities for Kids

If you loved my apple crafts for kids, I know you’ll enjoy my apple activities too! These are perfect for kids in preschool and kindergarten to encourage learning in a fun and hands-on way.

Check out my favorite apple activities for kids below:

Apple Coloring Pages

Color by code printables are some of my favorite ways for students to learn. Grab these apple themed coloring worksheets and have your students master letters and numbers this Fall.

apple themed coloring pages

Apple Playdoh Mats

Kids love playdough and will get a kick out of my free apple themed playdough mats this September. They’ll reinforce handwriting, counting, ten frames and more!

free apple activities for kids

Apple Tracing in Applesauce

Want to make sure your preschoolers are truly engaged as they learn to form letters? You’ll definitely want to try out my tracing in applesauce activity.

apple crafts for kids

You’ll get apple themed letter formation cards, perfect for tracing or using with small manipulatives. It’s an easy way to master the alphabet as you head back to school.

More Hands-On Apple Craft Ideas and Activities for Your Classroom

There are so many hands-on ways to learn about apples in the classroom and at home this autumn!

I’ve shared some of my favorites including printable cut-and-paste crafts and fun apple painting projects.

If you’re looking for more fun hands-on apple craft ideas and activities, don’t forget to check out my Apple Themed Lesson Plan for your preschool students this September.

apple activities for kids

Do you have more hands-on apple craft ideas you like to do with your students that I didn’t mention?

Share your favorite apple crafts for kids and hands-on learning activities in the comments. I can’t wait to read them and add a few of your favorites to my apple themed lesson plans this year! 

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