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Free Printable Graduation Invitation 

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Graduation ceremonies aren’t just for high school. You can have a celebration with your preschool or kindergarten students too! Celebrate this exciting beginning to their academic careers with a graduation party for your students and my graduation invitations.

My free printable graduation invitations make it easy to invite family and friends to your preschool or kindergarten graduation party. It’s a wonderful way to help your students build confidence, honor their achievements, and encourage them to keep learning all their lives. 

There are so many fun ways to host a graduation ceremony and a graduation party for your kids! Keep reading to get my free printable graduation invitation templates, editable diplomas, and fun graduation crafts you can make to decorate for the party too.

graduation invitation free printable

Free Printable Graduation Invitations

My free printable graduation invitations are a great way to save money without compromising on quality for your child’s graduation party. These printable invitation templates look adorable and they’re totally free!

You can customize your graduation template to feature your student’s name and all the graduation party details too.

You can even include a fun photo keepsake of your child’s own beautiful design art on the back for everyone invited. After you’ve customized this printable invitation and printed it, the only cost you’ll have is stamps.

graduation invitation free printable

Get kids in on the fun of adding addresses to envelopes for practice writing letters. Then, they can help you get these free graduation invitation templates in the mail too. What a fun way to learn about the art of letter writing with kids!

How To Host a Preschool or Kindergarten Graduation

These printable invites will make it easy to invite friends and family to your preschool or kindergarten graduation ceremony. You can host a graduation program in the classroom (or at home if your school isn’t hosting). 

free graduation invitations

A graduation ceremony is a special way to recognize your students’ achievements. It’s an opportunity for parents and teachers to recognize all the academic successes their children have had this year.  

There are so many ways to make this day memorable for your students! Get tips on How To Host The Best Preschool Graduation or kindergarten graduation with your kids this school year.

I’ve included my favorite graduation songs, graduation certificates, and party favors like these festive class rings.

preschool graduation gift

My Fun Graduation Ceremony Program

In addition to my editable graduation announcement, you can create a fun graduation ceremony program too. It’s an easy way to let your guests know what to expect during the celebration. My fun graduation ceremony program is totally customizable for your big day!

Discover all kinds of fun graduation program ideas you can use to share important details about this great achievement with your family and friends this school year. You can include your graduate’s name and details about all their hard work too.

Student Diplomas for Preschool

What’s one of the most important parts of a graduation ceremony? It’s not the speech or that black graduation hat. Every graduate is looking forward to receiving their diploma. I’ve made it easy for you to create your own student diplomas this year.

preschool graduation program ideas

Finish out your preschool or kindergarten year by giving each student a personalized diploma on graduation day. Check out my Student Diplomas for an easy printable template you can use to make a certificate for each of your students just in time for the big day.

Fun Graduation Crafts and Decorations

After sending out graduation invites and planning your ceremony, don’t forget to decorate. Custom decorations will make your graduation party extra special. Plus, getting kids involved in creating graduation decorations has tons of benefits.

boy and girl graduate craft

Your students can practice their fine motor skills and express themselves while making their own fun graduation crafts. Use my list of 20 Best Graduation Crafts to get ideas for adorable crafts you can use to decorate for your upcoming graduation party. Plus, these crafts are the perfect way to create custom invitations your guests will remember for years to come. 

Virtual Graduation Invitation Ideas

If you’re looking for ways to save paper and save money on stamps, consider sending virtual graduation invitation cards this year. You can use Google slides, Canva, or Facebook Invites to send a virtual invitation to your guests. Check out some of the fun ideas below about virtual graduation invitations.

Graduation Party Invitations with Google Slides

This customizable graduation party invitation from GooDocs uses Google Slides to create a simple invitation in a variety of colors. Graduation guests can view the invites on their device or print them in any size.

Custom Grad Invites with Canva

Design and share custom party invitations for your graduation with over 100 different layouts from Canva. However, many images and styles come with a small fee. Invitations can be downloaded and emailed to your guests or sent to a printer.

Facebook Invites for Graduation Parties

You can use Facebook to send virtual invites to your in-person or online graduation celebration too. These are easy to create and they make collecting RSVPs really easy for the host. However, your guests will need to have an active Facebook social media account to be invited with this option so it might not be the best choice for grandparents or classmates.

In the end, my free graduation invitations are the easiest way to ensure everyone gets your graduation party invite in time for the celebration. Plus, the ready-made template will give you a unique invitation that’s fun for your student and your guests.  Don’t forget to grab your free custom graduation invitation template and send out your own announcements for this important milestone. 

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