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Printables for Halloween Learning Fun

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Halloween will be here soon! My students especially love this time of year because it’s perfect for role play and imaginative play. You can use your imagination to come up with all kinds of Halloween learning fun too.

I’m so excited to share some of our favorite free printables for Halloween with you today. There are Halloween coloring pages, science experiments, literacy and numeracy activities, and more! 

Don’t miss out on these free Halloween printables and craft activities for kids this October. Keep reading to get more fun ways to enjoy the season with your preschool and kindergarten learners this Fall.

Halloween printables for kids

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Learn with Halloween Coloring Pages

As the weather cools this fall, we will all begin looking for more indoor activities to keep our bodies and minds active as we avoid the chilly weather. Coloring is an engaging activity that’s filled with developmental opportunities for preschoolers and kindergartners.

Check out my Halloween Coloring Pages for all kinds of creative fun with your kids this fall.

Free Halloween coloring pages

These Halloween coloring pages give kids a chance to build important fine motor skills for handwriting. Plus, these printable coloring pages give kids a chance to explore color as they choose the right colors to complete these Halloween Color by Number printables.

Your preschool and kindergarten learners will enjoy discovering the hidden characters in these Halloween coloring pages too.

Color by number pages are especially great for helping kids build critical thinking and problem-solving skills while learning to identify numbers too.  Included in this FREE Halloween printable you’ll get a Frankenstein page, a haunted house, and a Jack-o-lantern printable for Halloween.

I love pairing Halloween coloring pages with a great story too. Then, you’ve covered fine motor skill building, numeracy, critical thinking, and literacy too. Check out these not-so-spooky picture books with your early learners this Halloween:

Frankenstein: A Babylit Anatomy Primer by Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver

The House That Jack Haunted by Susan Hagan Nipp & Pamela Conn Beall

Pumpkin Jack by Will Hubbell

Literacy Printables for Halloween

Reading aloud is definitely my favorite way to help children build important literacy skills. We just love good books! However, literacy printables make practicing the alphabet, phonics, and handwriting easy and fun for kids too. 

I’ve put together some adorable printables for Halloween to help you practice important literacy skills with your kids too. One of the first steps to helping kids build important literacy skills is by teaching them to spell and write their own names. I’ve put together a fun activity printable for Halloween to help you do just that!

Name Craft for Halloween

This printable for Halloween helps kids identify and practice the first letter of their name. It’s a great place to start for young children who are just learning to spell their names or beginning to practice the alphabet. You’ll get free Halloween printables with capital letters that you can print for each child. 

name craft for Halloween

Then, have your child glue black “bats” in the form of dyed bowtie pasta to their letter. Ta-da! It’s a wonderful, batty FREE Halloween Name Craft. Extend the learning by having children write each letter of their names instead of just the first letter.

Just be sure to dye the bowtie pasta for your Halloween bat letter craft. It’s a quick and easy process. Plus, it’s the only prep involved in this fun Halloween printable activity. After that, just grab some glue and these FREE Halloween printables for all kinds of learning fun.

Halloween Alphabet Printables

These FREE Halloween printables are perfect for learning the letters of the alphabet with your preschoolers and kindergartners this fall. Once they’ve mastered the letters in their own names, your early learners are ready to tackle the rest of the letters in the alphabet! Check out these cute Halloween Alphabet Printables to have fun learning letters.

I’ve created 26 colorful alphabet printables for Halloween that show each letter inside a candy jar. You can laminate these printable pages for longevity or use them with expo markers. Let kids get familiar with each letter by tracing the letters with markers or their fingers. 

These free Halloween alphabet printables will teach your preschoolers letters and fine motor skills this Halloween.

You can even add a fine motor skill-building element to this Halloween activity with candy and Learning Resources Jumbo Tweezers. We like using candy corn since its shape and size make it easy for little hands to manipulate.

Frankenstein Halloween Craftivity

This cute Halloween craft activity includes free printables that make it easy for kids to practice writing skills and build fine motor skills while getting creative this fall. I’ve included free Halloween printables for boy and girl Frankenstein characters to make it easy for you to customize the activity for your learners.

You can print these characters in full color or black and white to create Halloween coloring pages and writing prompts your early learners will enjoy. Each printable Frankenstein craft activity includes a Frankenstein character and a writing prompt that encourages your kids to think about their favorite part of preschool or kindergarten.

preschool halloween craft

These printables for Halloween are also a fun learning activity for your Halloween class party or trick-or-treat activity. Just add candy and you’ve got a sweet treat that’s filled with early learning fun!

frankenstein hat craft

Then pair it with your very own Frankenstein hat printable and get crafty all October long.

Numeracy Activities for Halloween

There are lots of fun ways to help your preschool and kindergarten students build numeracy skills this Halloween. Early numeracy skills help young learners build a strong foundation for math concepts that they can build on throughout their academic years. 

I’ve got printables for Halloween with fun opportunities to learn about graphing, numbers, and shapes too. Check out some of my favorite numeracy printables for Halloween and get some great sensory bin activity ideas too. 

Witches Brew Counting Stew

Counting games are one of my favorite ways to teach counting to kids. Simply download this witches brew printable and gather up some materials:

halloween printable for kids

Once you’ve gathered the manipulatives the learning fun begins. Learn how to identify numbers and count using one to one correspondence as you place the correct number of items in the witches brew.

Counting Eyeballs

Looking for a not so spooky printable for Halloween fun? You won’t want to miss this counting eyeball resource. Simply print this free Halloween activity, choose a number card, and add as many googly eyes or candy eyes as it says.

halloween printable for preschool

Frankenstein Shape Match

Learning basic shapes is an important early numeracy skill for preschool learners. This Halloween printable focuses on making shapes fun for kids to help them master their shapes before kindergarten. This printable makes practicing shape identification fun for kindergartners too.

Halloween ideas for kids

With this FREE Halloween printable, you’ll get Frankenstein-themed two-dimensional shapes like pentagons, ovals, stars, squares, and more. Kids can color and identify the shapes on the page as they match them up with the included Frankenstein shape cards. I love adding this shape matching printable for Halloween to sensory bins. 

To turn this Halloween printable into a multisensory learning experience, you’ll need a plastic bin, black beans, and these Halloween printables. Then, just fill the bin with beans and hide the shapes inside. Your preschool and kindergarten learners will have fun digging out the hidden shapes in this Halloween sensory bin and coloring every shape they find on this free Halloween printable.

Halloween Candy Graphing

Practice graphing with my Candy Graphing Printables for Halloween. This free Halloween printable is a great way for kids to enjoy a sweet treat and learn important early numeracy concepts too. Just grab my printable activity and a bag of m&m candy to play with.

halloween math activities

You’ll get a graphing printable and a page with questions about the graph for your early learners to answer independently or complete the questions together. This Halloween candy graphing page will help your kids practice sorting, counting, and graphing. You can use it to introduce math processes like tallying and comparing using graphs too.

Counting Activity for Halloween

One of the most important early numeracy skills you can teach your kids is counting. Learning to count by rote, identify numbers, and use techniques like one-to-one correspondence are all important skills your preschoolers and kindergartners will need to master before first grade. This printable Counting Activity for Halloween makes learning about numbers fun and easy this fall.

Halloween ideas for kids

Each of the monster-themed numbers on these FREE Halloween printables matches up with a monster card. The not-so-scary monsters on the corresponding cards have a certain number of fangs. Your students will match the number to the monster and color the correct number.

You can hide the monster cards in a Halloween-themed sensory bin or post them around the room for kids to discover. When your early learner finds a monster, he will count the fangs and color the correct number on the free Halloween printable. It’s a great way to get kids out of their seats and moving about the room while learning.

Another fun idea for these counting Halloween coloring pages is to add some spooky Halloween-themed counters. Kids can use the counters to practice one-to-one correspondence as they color the numbers on their Halloween coloring page. I really like using Plastic Vampire Teeth for a fun “count the fangs” math activity.

More Free Halloween Printables and Activities

There are so many fun ways to learn and celebrate the season this Halloween! I hope you’ve found some great ideas for your preschool and kindergarten kids. If you have loved these Halloween coloring pages and free Halloween printables, don’t miss these extra ways to have fun in the classroom and at home this year:

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Build a monster printable

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Halloween Fine Motor Painting Mats

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Printable Halloween Playdoh Mats

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Pumpkin Patch Dramatic Play Center

What’s your favorite way to add imaginative learning fun to your Halloween celebrations with preschoolers and kindergartners? Share your favorite lesson plans and learning activities in the comment section. I can’t wait to read about and try some of your fun ideas with my Halloween printables this fall!

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