Exciting Easter Math Activity for Kids

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Easter is on the way! Get excited with some of my favorite Easter egg hunt ideas you can do at home and in the classroom this Spring. This fun Easter math activity for kids is easy to incorporate into your lesson plans and exciting for little learners.

This printable Easter bundle is a fun way to set up your Easter egg hunt in the classroom. This activity will help kids practice gross motor skills, get them up and moving around the room, and encourage number identification practice.

Then, check out more fun Easter activities for kids including hands-on fun and printable pages that make learning easy with no extra prep time for teachers or parents. You won’t want to miss all this exciting Easter fun!

Easter math activity

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Your Classroom

Easter egg hunts are engaging and tons of fun for students! Hosting an Easter egg hunt in your classroom isn’t as difficult as it might seem. There are all kinds of fun Easter activities for kids to get students engaged in Easter egg hunting and early learning this Spring!

Teachers can incorporate many different academic skills and concepts into Easter egg hunt ideas, including math, literacy, science, and social studies. Children also get the opportunity to practice critical thinking skills and problem-solving as they search for eggs. 

You could hide letters, sight words, math equations, or timeline facts inside plastic eggs for children to find; the possibilities are endless! By integrating lessons into a classroom Easter egg hunt, teachers can make learning fun and memorable for students, helping them to love learning and increasing retention simultaneously. 

Printable Easter Math Activity

My Egg Hunt Easter Math Activity includes printable cards featuring egg cartons with varying numbers of colored eggs inside and a worksheet where students can record the numbers found. As students find and count the eggs in each carton, they’ll color the correct number on their egg hunt printable. It’s a wonderful way to practice number recognition, counting, one-to-one correspondence, and develop fine motor skills with preschool and kindergarten students. 

Easter math activity

There are so many ways to use this printable Egg Hunt Easter Math Activity! Teachers can hide the egg carton cards in an Easter Sensory Bin or set them up in the classroom math center for an engaging Easter-themed activity kids will gravitate toward.

My favorite way to engage little learners with this Easter math activity is by hiding the egg cards around the room for children to locate. You could post them in different places around the classroom or hide them inside plastic eggs. It’s such a fun and engaging way to enjoy Easter egg hunting in the classroom! 

Printable Easter Activities for Kids

If you love this Easter egg hunt activity idea, you won’t want to miss out on my other printable Easter activities for kids. I’ve got lots of fun and easy ways to incorporate the magic of Easter in your classroom this Spring without adding lots of prep time for teachers. Check out more of my favorite Easter activities for kids to do in the classroom and at home.

Build an Easter Bunny Tail

Help your preschool and kindergarten students build fine motor skills in the classroom and practice counting with my printable Build an Easter Bunny Tail Activity. It’s a fun way to help kids learn to count to 20 and recognize numbers too. 

Easter Bunny tail printable

Easter Science Experiment

These Easter Science Experiments are a class favorite! This bundle of Easter activities for kids includes 2 science experiments, one with jelly beans and one with Easter peeps. Both experiments will encourage your kids to make observations, record data, and form a hypothesis while having fun with popular Easter candy.

easter science experiments with Peeps and Jelly Beans for kids to do in a preschool spring theme

Easter Bunny Craft

Crafting with your preschool and kindergarten students is a great way to create a memorable keepsake for parents, decorate your classroom, and develop critical early learning concepts too. Children can practice following step-by-step instructions, sequencing, cutting, pasting, and expressing themselves creatively with this Easter Bunny Craft

This Easter bunny craft is the perfect Easter craft for kids

Easter Math Activity Ideas

If you love this Egg Hunt Easter Math Activity, check out more of my favorite hands-on Easter math activity ideas below. These math-themed Easter activities for kids will keep students engaged and help them master all kinds of numeracy concepts this Spring.

Egg Pattern Practice

Create patterns with colorful plastic eggs and ask students to continue the pattern with their own eggs or create new patterns. This Easter activity is perfect for a classroom math center this spring.

easter egg patterns to practice visual discrimination in homeschool preschool

Non-standard Easter Measurement

Provide children with rulers, non-standard measuring tools like jelly beans, and various Easter objects to measure. Kids can have fun comparing the lengths of different objects using jelly beans as a unit of measurement or a fun bunny ruler using my measurement printables

Jelly Bean math activity to practice measuring with kids.

Easter Egg Sorting

The easiest Easter math activity for little learners is to have them sort plastic eggs. You can provide eggs with different colors, patterns, and sizes for students to sort into different Easter baskets. This Easter math activity is a great way to help kids develop their classifying skills.

How will you use my exciting egg hunt Easter math activity for kids? What exciting activities have you planned for your students this Easter? Tell me all about it in the comments! I can’t wait to read them and try a few of your excellent Easter ideas too!

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