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39 Fun Easter Activities for Kids (2024)

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If you’re looking for the best Easter activities for kids, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve compiled a list of my top 38 Spring printables and Easter activities for kids to do this April. Keep reading to see them all!

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Easter Activities for Kids

#1 Easter Bunny Shape Hunt

Easter activities for kids to teach shapes

Teaching shapes is a great way to introduce math to little learners. I love doing these write the room hunts because they incorporate math and gross motor activities in fun ways!

This activity comes with two sets of cards and worksheets. Hang the shape cards around the room and set your little learners free to search for them. As they find each shape they will identify it and color in the matching shape on their worksheet!

#2 Color sorting

Easter activities for toddlers to sort by color

This toddler Easter activity is a great way to build on your toddlers fine motor skills and math abilities this Spring. Grab some tweezers and let your toddlers and preschoolers transfer pom poms and jellybeans into plastic Easter eggs by color.

#3 Peeps Playdough

Edible Peeps playdough. The perfect edible playdough for Easter marshmallows

Edible playdough has got to be my new favorite thing. And after your little ones try this edible Easter Peeps playdough, I know you’ll be loving it too. Want to know how to make Peeps playdough? You’ll need:

  • At least 5 fresh Peeps (you can use stale ones, but it’ll harden a lot faster)
  • A microwave
  • 1 tsp Canola Oil
  • 1 cup Cornstarch
  1. Place the Peeps into a microwave safe bowl and heat them for 30 seconds.
  2. Remove from the microwave. and add the Canola Oil and 3/4 cup of Cornstarch
  3. Stir the ingredients together
  4. Dust your hands with Cornstarch and knead the mixture until it’s no longer sticky.
  5. Store in a Ziplock bag for 3-4 days

#4 Easter Alphabet Activity

If you’re looking for an amazing way to practice letters this Easter, you’ve come to the right place. This Easter alphabet activity is highly engaging and low prep, making it perfect for center work!

Easter activities for kids to learn their letters in an Easter theme

Your students will love building each letter of the alphabet in various ways with this Easter theme. We tried Playdough, Jelly Beans, chocolate eggs, mini erasers, and pom poms. You can also trace the letters for extra fine motor and handwriting practice! What will you use with these preschool Easter printables?

#5 Easter Egg Patterns

Grab your jumbo pom poms and some fine motor tools and let’s have some Easter fun!

Practice patterns with this Easter egg activity for kids

This Easter pattern set includes pictures for your toddlers and preschoolers to match one-to-one. Your preschoolers will love imagining these pom poms are eggs and matching the colors they see in each card to their egg carton.

These large pom poms are the perfect size for even the smallest hands and I highly suggest grabbing some for your kids! Another fun option would be to dye Easter eggs with food coloring and enhance your matching skills with real eggs.

#6 Jelly Bean Math

Here’s a great Jelly bean math activity to practice measuring with kids.

Jelly Bean math activity to practice measuring with kids.

Your preschool students will love measuring the cards with Jelly Beans or the included Easter Bunny ruler. To play, just take one card at a time and see how long it is. Then, record the answer on the worksheet.

#7 Easter egg stack

How many Easter eggs can your students stack without it falling over? This Easter STEM activity is a blast for kids to do and great for building on fine motor skills this Spring.

Easter egg stacking stem activities

If you want to throw in some added academics, have your preschoolers first roll a dice and subitize or count how many dots they see. Then challenge them to add that many more Easter egg shells to their stack.

#8 Easter Math Activity

Be sure to grab this Easter math activity to practice counting and number recognition with your little learners. Hang these egg carton cards around the room for some added gross motor fun, or simply toss them in a math center.

Easter math activity to practice counting and identifying numbers

Your students will count how many eggs are in each carton. Then, they will work on number recognition as they locate the number on the worksheet and color it in.

#9 Easter Counting

Grab your pom poms, mini erasers, or candy eggs and let’s fill up our Easter basket!

Easter counting activity. Fill the Easter basket with eggs in a fun Easter game.

This Easter math game is a great way to practice counting this Spring. It comes with a basket counting mat and several counting cards. Simply count out as many eggs as shown on each card and place them in the basket for loads of Easter fun!

# 10 Easter Tic Tac Toe

Head to your local Dollar Tree and grab these super cute Easter Tic Tac Toe boards for some spring fun.

Easter tic tac toe fine motor activity with pom poms

These boards are the perfect size for little hands and make fabulous fine motor and matching activities! Simply grab the Easter Tic Tac Toe printables and some small manipulatives so your preschoolers can match for hours to come!

#11 Jelly Bean Estimation

Estimation can be a tricky skill to teach little ones. Over the years I’ve found that making difficult skills into fun activities is key to learning. Take this jellybean math activity for example.

Easter math activity to teach estimation with jelly beans

Here your preschoolers will estimate how many jellybeans they think will fill up each jar. Then, they will cover each jar with jellybeans and see if their estimation was correct.

This is also a great way to reinforce counting with kids and math vocabulary such as more and less.

#12 Jelly Bean Addition

Hands on math is definitely the way to go and developmentally appropriate for little minds. Take this Jellybean addition activity for example.

Typically addition is a difficult skill. So, try giving your students manipulatives such as jellybeans and watch as it becomes much easier for them to be successful.

Easter math activity to teach addition with jelly beans

#13 Easter Worksheets Preschool

These Preschool Easter worksheets are a great way to introduce an Easter theme while teaching math, literacy, and fine motor skills.

Preschool Easter worksheets and printables to teach math, literacy and fine motor skills in an Easter theme.

Whether your preschoolers need help with counting, graphing, letters, spelling, or fine motor work, these Easter worksheets for preschool has it all!

#14 Easter Emergent Readers

emergent readers for kids to learn to read this Spring

As a Reading Specialist, Literacy is so important to me. Which is why I always include reading resources in my themes! In this Easter theme, there are two emergent readers that are easy enough for your preschoolers to follow along or read on their own.

emergent readers for kids to learn to read this Easter

These are perfect for children who are just starting out in reading and are needing to use picture clues to assist them on being successful.

Easter emergent readers

#15 Easter Sensory Bin

Do you need Easter sensory bin ideas? This Easter sensory bin is easy to set up and helps your preschoolers sort the letters in their names!

Easy Easter sensory bin to sort letters in your name

Simply fill plastic Easter eggs with letters and print the name sort Easter worksheet.

As your child discovers each letter inside the eggs, they will identify it and decide if it’s a letter in their name or not.

#16 Easter Egg Letter Hunt

This is another Easter themed activity that can easily be thrown into a sensory bin or used as a literacy center during an Easter egg hunt.

Easter sensory bin

To recreate this, fill 26 eggs with letters. As your preschooler opens up each egg they will need to identify the letter and trace it on the Easter worksheet.

#17 Capital and Lowercase Letter Match

Here’s another easy preschool Easter activity for kids to play this Spring. Write capital letters on the top half of a plastic egg and lower case letters on the bottom half of the eggs.

Easter activity for kids. Match capital letters to lowercase letters on Easter eggs.

Then, rip the two apart and scatter them around a sensory bin.

Easter sensory bins for letter matching alphabet learning

Your preschoolers will love working on color matching and literacy skills as they match the uppercase and lowercase letters together. And you’ll love this fun Easter center for kids because it’s incredibly low prep.

Easter activity for kids. Match capital letters to lowercase letters on Easter eggs.

#18 Easter Egg Scramble

This Easter activity for kids is one of my favorites to do because it is easily differentiated for all grade levels. I’ve used letters with my preschoolers and sight words with my second graders and no matter how old, kids always have fun with this Easter printable!

Easter egg scramble sight word activity

To play, first number 18 eggs. Then, place letters inside Easter Eggs and hide the eggs around the room. After that, give each child this Easter printable and let them search for the eggs. As they find each egg, they will unscramble the sight words and write them on the lines. How many words can your little ones unscramble with this free Easter printable?

#19 Easter Sensory Idea

Here’s a fun sensory idea for Easter. Draw an Easter basket on a ziplock bag. Then, fill the bag with clear hair gel.

Easter sensory idea in a bag. Add hair gel and pom poms and push the poms poms to activate senses.

Toss in pom poms and let your toddlers push the pom poms to the matching color eggs.

#20 Q Tip Easter Egg Painting

Q tip painting is one of my favorite Easter activities for kids to do. I love how cute this Easter art turns out and how great it is for fine motor practice.

easter fine motor activities with q tip painting

All you need is my Easter fine motor templates, paint, and q-tips. Simply dip one side of the q-tips into the paint and dot each circle on the fine motor mats!

#21 Egg Roll Art

Easter egg roll art

This Easter art always turns out precious and is incredibly simple to make. All you need is paper, paint, a tub, and plastic Easter eggs.

Lay blank paper on the bottom of an empty tub. Squirt a few drops of paint on the paper and place the plastic eggs in the tub. Shake the tub and let the eggs roll around, creating a unique Easter art project.

#22 Build an Easter Bunny tail

My Santa and Leprechaun build a beard activities have been such a hit that I decided to create an Easter themed resource for you too.

Easter activities for preschool

This build a tail activity would be a fantastic Easter math center. Just grab small manipulatives like playdough, buttons, or pom poms and my printable for some great Spring fun.

#23 Easter Bunny Counting Activity

Here’s another fun Easter Bunny themed counting activity to do this April.

Easter Bunny activities for kids

These free Easter worksheets and printables will teach your preschoolers counting and number recognition this April.

#24 Easter Mazes

All kids love mazes! Your little learners will get a hit out of trying to escape from these Easter themed mazes.

easter printables for kids

Plus, these fun Easter printables have an added fine motor handwriting activity with it.

#25 Easter Sensory Bin

If you haven’t tried a sensory bin in your classroom or home yet, you’re missing out. Especially when they’re as fun as this free Easter write the room activity for kids.

preschool easter activities

This Easter resource is perfect as a gross motor activity or tossed in a sensory bin. Simply count the bunnies on each card and color in the correct number on the worksheet.

#26 Easter Playdough Mats

All kids love creating with playdough! Why not turn this fun past time into a hands on learning experience this Spring?

Easter playdough mats

Grab these Easter playdough mats today and get started strengthening your children’s fine motor skills in a fun, hands on way.

#27 Easter Coloring Pages

Color by Number printables are some of my favorite ways to teach foundational skills to kids.

Easter color by number printables

Grab these free Easter coloring pages and work on skills such as subitizing, alphabet recognition, colors, and numbers this Spring.

#28 Counting Carrots

I thought it would be fun to squeeze in another Easter math activity into these Easter plans.

preschool easter activities

With this fun Easter freebie, your students can practice counting with two sets of printables (1-10 and 11-20).

#29 Counting Chicks

Here’s one last free, math printable to go you through your April learning.

preschool easter activities

Simply toss this chick counting activity in a sensory bin and have your students search for the Easter cards. As they find each one, they’ll count how many chicks have hatched and color in the right number on the worksheet.

Easter Science Experiments

#1 Jelly Bean Science Experiment

Here is a cool science experiment for kids. This Jelly Bean science experiment is always such an easy and engaging activity to do with my preschoolers. I know you will love it too! To recreate this:

  1. Sort a pack of Jelly Beans by color into clear cups
  2. Fill the cups with warm water
    • You can always fill it with another liquid such as vinegar, soda, salt water etc. and see if the results change.
  3. Record your predictions and results on one of the Jelly Bean science experiment worksheets.
    • There are 3 to choose from to differentiate instruction for your students writing needs
Jelly Bean science experiment for kids

After 10 minutes, you will be able to notice a white film floating around the cup.

Jelly Bean science experiment for kids

If you check on the Jelly Beans after 30 minutes, you’ll notice that the color is beginning to come off.

After one hour, swish the liquid a bit and notice that the color from the Jelly Beans has completely came off!

#2 Peeps Science Experiment

Peeps science experiment for kids to do this Easter

I can’t think of a cooler science activity than this Peeps science experiment. This science lesson completely stumped my students and had their predictions in left field. To recreate this science activity for kids:

  1. Fill 3 clear cups (1 with water, 1 with soda, and 1 with vinegar)
  2. Place Peeps marshmallows in each cup
  3. Record your predictions and results on the science worksheet
Peeps science experiment for kids to do this Easter

The great thing about these Peeps printables are that there are 3 different worksheets to use, depending on your child’s writing ability. They include:

  • One with just drawing (as shown)
  • One where students can draw and finish a sentence stem and
  • One where kids will draw and record their observations in a full sentence.

#3 Fizzy Easter Eggs

I’m sure you remember the fizzy fun we had with our St Patricks Day pots of gold. It was such a fun fizzy science experiment for kids that I just knew I had to bring it back.

All you need is:

The results were an erupting good time. My preschooler had a blast with this Easter science experiment, and I know yours will too. To recreate this experiment:

  1. Rip the Easter Eggs apart and place each half in a muffin tin.
  2. Drip food coloring into each Easter Egg.
  3. Put 2 table spoons of Baking Soda in each egg.
  4. Squirt vinegar on the Baking Soda until it begins to bubble.
    • We used this squirt bottle which made it so easy for my preschooler to participate.

The colors turn out so gorgeous! The best part is, if you keep adding more vinegar, the eggs will fizz again and again for you. Your preschoolers are sure to enjoy this fizzy Easter sensory bin and will definitely stay engaged the entire time.

#4 Skittles Experiment

This Skittles science experiment is a quick learning experience for preschoolers. All you need is a plate, a pack of Skittles, and water to make this fun Skittles experiment come to life.

Skittles experiment to teach the colors of a rainbow.

To recreate this Skittles science experiment, place your Skittles around the edge of a plate. My 4 year old is working on patterns, so we also worked on that skill here! Then add water into the plate. Make sure it touches the edge of all the Skittles.

After that, wait a minute and watch the colors begin streaming towards the center of the plate. It’s an amazing sight to see!

skittles experiment for science

This Skittles experiment would also be a great Jelly Bean experiment to try! It makes the same rainbow colors and is a great way to teach colors this Spring.

#5 Borax Crystal Eggs

We had so much fun making Borax rainbows on our St Patricks Day science experiment, I knew I needed to bring it back for Easter.

Borax crystal eggs Easter science experiment

This Easter science experiment was such a hit and turned out absolutely gorgeous. You’ll need to gather some supplies if you want to make this for your little ones.

How to make Borax Crystal Eggs

  1. Fill the larger Jar about 2/3 of the way full of hot water.
  2. Mix in about 1/3 cup of Borax powder.
    • Be sure to stir it until it is dissolved.
  3. Add liquid water color.
  4. Unravel the paperclip and push it all the way through the egg from top to bottom.
  5. Bend the paper clip at the top and bottom and hook the top to the edge of the jar.
  6. Fill the smaller jar with rocks or marbles and place it inside the larger jar to keep the styrofoam from floating to the top.
  7. Leave the eggs submerged for at least 24 hours.

Easter Crafts for Preschoolers

If you’re wanting to make Easter crafts with toddlers and preschoolers, these are sure to be a hit!

#1 Easter directed drawing

Do you need a directed drawing activity this Spring? This Easter directed drawing is the perfect way to teach your kids how to draw an easy Easter Bunny.

spring directed drawings for Easter

This holiday directed drawing bundle also comes with a leprechaun activity for St Patricks Day.

#2 Easter bunny craft printable

This Easter Bunny craft is perfect for an Easter bulletin board or to be used at the end of an Easter themed week.

This Easter bunny craft is the perfect Easter craft for kids

Simply print the template on colored paper and glue the pieces together.

#3 Chick craft printable

Chicks are so fun to learn about during an Easter theme.

This chick craft printable is the perfect Easter craft for kids

Plus they make adorable Easter crafts for bulletin boards! In this Easter craft bundle, you will get both the Easter bunny craft and the chick craft for preschoolers!

#4 Life cycle of a chicken

We always use this time to learn about a chicken life cycle as we make adorable chick crafts in preschool. With these templates you will get:

  1. A boy chick craft
  2. A girl chick craft
  3. Life cycle of a chicken shell in color and black and white
  4. Chicken life cycle shell with blanks for a cut and paste activity

This would also be a great activity to save and use in a Farm theme when you teach about the life cycle of a chicken.

This chicken life cycle craft is the perfect way to teach the life cycle of a chicken this Spring in an Easter theme or farm theme lesson

#5 Tear art

Easter crafts for preschoolers using tear art construction paper to make an Easter egg

Tear art is one of my favorite Easter activities for kids of all ages. All you need to do this fun, fine motor activity is my Easter egg or Easter bunny template, construction paper, and glue. I chose to have my youngest cut the squares with scissors; however, I usually let her tear them into tiny pieces. Both work well and are fantastic ways to practice fine motor skills.

When she was done cutting, she added glue to the template and placed the squares down on it.

This would also be really cute with tissue paper.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed these Easter activities for kids. Out of all the fun Easter crafts and printables I showed you today, which one is your favorite activity to do this Spring? Do you have any more ideas for preschool Easter activities? I’d love to hear about them in the comment section below.

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