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9 Amazing April Lesson Plans for Preschool

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Usher in Spring with my April lesson plans for preschool kids. These April lesson plans are filled with opportunities for teachers and parents to take advantage of the season and engage their preschool learners in all kinds of fun hands-on activities.

Whether you’re teaching a classroom full of kids this spring or searching for printable crafts and activities you can use at home, I’ve got April preschool lesson plans you don’t want to miss. Get ready for beautiful picture books, printable cut-and-paste crafts, and worksheets that incorporate literacy and math concepts through play for increased retention.

You don’t want to miss these 9 amazing April lesson plans for the preschool classroom. I’ve put together some of my favorite ideas including movement activities, read-aloud books, sensory bins, worksheets, crafts, and games with fun April themes for Easter, Earth Day, and everything between!

April lesson plans for preschool

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Bugs & Insects Lesson Plan

Discover amazing insect activities for preschoolers here at The Primary Parade. Your little bug lover will get a kick out of learning math and literacy skills with these fun insect themes during the month of April:

Bee Themed Activities

There are so many ways to celebrate Spring in an insect theme. Here are my favorite bee themed activities you won’t want to miss:

bee name craft
bee craft for kids
bug activities for kids
  • Bee Name Craft teaches kids the letters in their name in a fun and hands-on way. This cute craftivity for Spring also comes with a tracing page for added motor work!
  • Bee Book & Craft is a printable bundle that includes a cut-and-paste bee craft you can use to practice critical fine motor skills with your preschoolers. Then, encourage students to write words or practice writing the letter Bb in the “bee book” printable they create. 
  • Bee Counting Activity asks preschoolers to count the bees on an included card and color the corresponding number on their printable bee counting worksheet. Cards can be hidden around the room to encourage preschoolers to get up and move around as they practice counting. This game also works well as a classroom math center activity.

Spider Themed Activities

My Spider Hunt Activity printable is another fun way to get preschoolers moving. Kids will have fun finding the spiders that match the numbered spiders on their page and coloring them in.

It’s an excellent way to practice counting, number identification, and fine motor skills. Plus, you can use this spider hunt activity bundle to create a spider themed sensory bin for a hands-on multisensory experience your preschoolers won’t forget.

Ladybug Themed Activities

There are lots of awesome bug and insect themed activities and books to read aloud with your preschool learners too. Check out these ladybug themed worksheets for young children:

ladybug name craft
ladybug craft
insect activities for preschoolers
  • Ladybug Name Craft is a cute cut-and-paste craft you can use to help your preschoolers practice writing and spelling their names. Plus, it makes an adorable spring keepsake for friends and family.
  • My Ladybug Ten Frame Craft is an easy way to incorporate ten frames and crafting this Spring. Have your students create their own ladybugs with the amount of dots they’d like. Then, fill out the ten frame with the correct amount.
  • This Counting Ladybug Worksheet is a great way to teach one to one correspondence and number recognition. Simply count the bugs on each leaf and color in the correct amount on the worksheet.

For more fun bug and insect themed activity ideas, don’t miss my Bug & Insect Themed Lesson Plan. It’s filled with reading activities, math worksheets, fine motor skills practice, great book suggestions, and more.

Earth Day Lesson Plan

One of my favorite creative ways to approach monthly themes is by lesson planning around upcoming holidays. Check out my Earth Day printables and worksheets for preschoolers to help you get started. 

play dough activities for Earth Day

Your preschoolers will love my Earth Day playdough mats. These mats will encourage students to learn more about recycling while helping them to develop the finger strength and fine motor skills they’ll need for more complex academic tasks like writing. It’s just one of many fun activities you can use to encourage learning through sensory play.

recycling activity

Speaking of sensory learning experiences, your little learners will love my Earth theme counting sensory bin too. It’s a great way to practice number recognition and counting skills during the spring season. 

Kids will choose cards featuring plastic bottles for recycling from the sensory bin and count them. Then, color in the corresponding earth themed number on my printable activity pages. 

Earth Day for children

Finally, don’t miss my free printable color by number activity pages for Earth Day. These printable coloring pages for Earth Day provide the perfect opportunity for a little extra learning with free resources that don’t require any prep from teachers. It’s a great opportunity to build concentration, problem solving skills, fine motor skills, and practice counting with exciting themes for preschoolers

Easter Lesson Plan

One of the most fun April lesson plans for preschool is all about the Easter holiday. An Easter theme is a fun way to capitalize on your preschoolers’ natural curiosity and excitement about the upcoming holiday. You can use Easter eggs, bunnies, and jelly beans to encourage preschoolers to practice a wide variety of early learning skills. 

Easter activities for kids to teach shapes

Thematic units that use upcoming holidays help kids talk about all kinds of important topics. Discover my list of 39 fun Easter activities for kids to get some great ideas for paper plate crafts, sensory bins with plastic eggs, fine motor activities, art projects, and printable preschool activities all about Easter. Some of my favorite ideas include an Easter Bunny Shape Hunt and a recipe for edible Peeps Play Dough to use with sensory bins and fine motor activities.

Sometimes crafts are the best way to build in lots of learning opportunities. Check out my list of 50 Easter crafts for kids to get ideas your preschoolers can do at home and in the classroom this April.

Flowers & Plants Lesson Plan

April is a great time to begin learning about flowers and other plants with your preschool students. A field trip to a local farm is a fun way to talk about all the new plant life we see during this month too. As a preschool teacher, I love incorporating a special day for a field trip to bring themed activities to life.

Preschool teachers and parents can also add flower crafts to lesson plans and begin discussing the different parts of a plant during circle time with great books like What’s Inside a Flower? By Rachel Ignotofsky. Then, discover more printable activities and book suggestions in my Plant Themed Lesson Plan for preschoolers.

spring flower activity

Don’t miss my flower themed mats. They are ideal for extra practice with counting, one-to-one correspondence, and number identification too. 

Life Cycle Lesson Plans

Did you know that April is National Frog Month? It’s true, that’s why it’s a good time to learn about frogs with your preschool students. Frogs also provide us with the perfect way to introduce our little learners to the concept of metamorphosis, since frogs change so much during their life cycle. 

frog life cycle craft

Discover the different stages in a frog’s life cycle with my Frog Life Cycle Craft. This activity can be printed in color or black and white to give your students a chance to color each stage in the life cycle of a frog as they learn. 

The Froggy book series by Jonathan London is a fun picture book series to add to your classroom literacy center this April. These books cover a variety of topics with a loveable frog character your students will be excited to get to know. 

Butterflies are another wonderful spring theme for lesson plans about life cycles. You could even purchase a butterfly kit for your classroom to bring this fun theme to life. Discover more of my butterfly crafts, printables, and worksheets for easy life cycle theme ideas:

Butterfly Life Cycle Worksheet

Butterfly Crafts for Kids

butterfly life cycle worksheet
chicken life cycle worksheet

Finally, check out my Chicken Life Cycle Craft activity. It’s the perfect way to marry together a life cycle theme and Easter preschool lesson plans!

Pond Lesson Plan

Do you know what frogs, butterflies, and other bugs all have in common? You can find them all at the pond! Pond themed April preschool lesson plans are an excellent way to introduce your kids to habitats and ecosystems. 

My Pond Themed Lesson Plan comes with 15 fun and engaging April activities to do with your preschool students at home and in the classroom. You’ll get amazing book suggestions including classics like The Ugly Duckling and reading activities including lily pad letters and phonics activities with ducks.

Plus, there is plenty of math learning fun too! Have fun counting dragonflies, graphing goldfish, and learning the famous 5 Little Ducks song together with your preschool students. Then, squeeze in a science lesson with by sorting land and water animals to practice sorting, labeling, and identifying animals together.

Rainbow Lesson Plan

You can have lots of fun learning about and exploring different colors with your little learners this month. A rainbow theme is a very cool April lesson plan. Discover rainbow crafts for kids using household items like fruit loops, paper plates, and sticky notes.

color mixing worksheet preschool

Then, check out my primary color mixing worksheets for an interactive finger paint project. This activity encourages kids to explore what happens when we mix certain colors, identify the colors they create, and write color words for handwriting practice.

Get even more ideas for teaching all the colors to your students with my tips for teaching colors to preschoolers with activities, books, and songs. With activities like these, teaching colors to preschoolers is going to be so much fun. They’ll have this important early concept mastered in no time with all these fun games!

color mixing worksheet preschool

Plus, check out my primary color mixing science experiment. In this experiment, preschoolers will get to see what happens when you mix ice and food coloring to create new colors. It’s a great way to explore the scientific method this April.

Spring Lesson Plan

Spring has arrived! Your April lesson plans wouldn’t be complete without a few spring lesson plans. Discover my favorite preschool spring activities and themes for ideas. 

Then, combine several of the spring activities mentioned above to create a seasonal lesson plan that will last all of April and beyond. It’s the perfect time of year to get outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather with a spring themed scavenger hunt too. Give each preschooler a small paper bag to collect spring plants and tokens they may find along the way.

Weather Lesson Plan

Warmer weather is here! April Showers bring May flowers and the perfect time to study weather with our preschool students. I’ve got a set of Preschool Weather Themed Lessons to help you bring these April preschool lesson plans to life.

You’ll get a printable lesson plan activity page including 5 reading activities, 5 math activities, 5 picture books to read aloud, and more fun hands-on learning activities to explore with your students this month. A few of my favorites include weather graphing, weather rhymes, and the temperature sensory bin activity. 

dress me for the weather activity

Then, don’t forget to grab my dressing for the weather printable activity pages. These worksheets will encourage your preschoolers to think about the weather in every season, including spring. It’s an interactive printable activity with 4 different characters, 16 interchangeable outfits, seasonal backgrounds, and weather vocabulary cards.

Which of these April preschool lesson plans are you most excited about? Is there a printable, craft, or hands-on activity idea that you just can’t wait to share with your preschool learners? I’d love to read about your favorites in the comments, so don’t forget to share.

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