Earth Day Printables and Worksheets for Preschool

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We celebrate Earth Day on April 22 each year to show our support for the environment and help to keep our Earth healthy. You can celebrate Earth Day in your classroom this April with an Earth Day worksheet preschool students will love and any of my Earth Day printables for kids.

My Earth Day activities are great to help preschoolers learn about the planet, environmental concerns, and conservation.

This April, let’s encourage our preschoolers to help protect the planet by teaching them to care for the earth by keeping it healthy and clean for everyone. Reading Earth Day books and sharing engaging Earth Day lessons and activities with your preschool students is a great way to get them involved.

Keep reading to discover some fun Earth Day activities for your preschool students to do this April.

earth day worksheet preschool

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Teaching Earth Day Lessons to Preschoolers

This April, teach your students how to take care of our earth with engaging activities, beautiful books, and an Earth Day worksheet preschool kids will love.  Adopting an Earth Day theme for your preschool lessons is so much fun! Plus, thematic units help preschoolers make connections between a variety of subjects.

Embrace real-world practice opportunities with Earth Day math, literacy centers, Earth Day vocabulary words, STEM challenges, and free printables! Then, get outdoors and go on a nature walk to show your preschoolers what we’re working to protect this April.

Keep reading to discover new and different activities to teach your preschoolers about this important issue.

What Activities Can You Do for Earth Day?

Hands-on learning is a great way to get even the most reluctant learners into the fun! Discover some of my favorite fun Earth Day activities for everyone below.

Spring Play Dough Mats for Earth Day

Playdough is a versatile preschool tool you can use to achieve all kinds of incredible learning outcomes! It’s great for building finger strength and practicing fine motor skills

earth day playdough activities

Plus, you can use playdough to build hand/eye coordination and practice problem-solving skills in the preschool classroom. This Playdough Mat Printable Pack is filled with spring templates and playdough recipes you can use to celebrate Earth Day this spring.

Earth Day Sensory Bin Activity

Imagine the thrill of plunging both hands into a container filled with dry pasta, colorful rice, or slime! First, you see the bright colors, then you feel the sensation of the pasta or slime against your skin.

preschool earth day activities

You can hear the sounds as you move your hands to discover tiny treasures hidden in the sensory bin.

Sensory bins are a fascinating experience filled with learning opportunities for Earth Day! Check out this adorable counting sensory bin, for example. It’s free and perfect for exploring and learning with your preschool students!

Recycling Bin Sorting Game

I love playing games with my preschool students! Games encourage preschoolers to get up out of their seats, engage in healthy physical activity, and practice gross motor skills. Plus, they’re perfect for kinesthetic learners!

Check out this Recycling Sorting Game from Adventure in a Box or create your own version this year! You’ll need a blue plastic recycling bin and several clean items. Choose items that can be recycled and a few that cannot. 

Then, place the objects around the room and encourage your preschool students to find and sort the recyclable items. Items can be sorted into recyclable and non-recyclable or sorted further into paper, plastic, and aluminum items. It’s a great way to introduce the concept of recycling to your preschoolers this Earth Day.

Earth Day Worksheet Preschool Students will love

Here’s another Earth Day worksheet preschool students will ask to do again and again.

earth day activities for kids

Practice counting and improve handwriting with this easy Earth Day printable for kids.

Free Color by Number Earth Day Worksheets

Don’t miss my super fun Earth Day worksheets for preschoolers! These Free Color-by-Number Earth Day Worksheets are full of fine motor practice, number recognition skills, and opportunities to build concentration.

Plus, each of these free Earth Day printables reveals a fun hidden picture.

Earth Day color by number printables

Challenge your preschoolers to take it one step further by inventing a slogan to go with their fun coloring page for Earth Day too. Which slogan will they choose to go with the recycling symbol? What about the picture with the Earth and a heart? 

Discussing the hidden images in these Earth Day worksheets will inspire your preschoolers to learn more about Earth Day and why it’s important to care for our planet earth. Plus, these printables will make it easy for teachers to add an extra fun activity to Earth Day lessons in the classroom and at home this year.

Grab this freebie and more in my color by code blog post!

More Engaging Earth Day Printable Activities

I’ve got even more fun Earth Day worksheets to discover too! Check out this fun printable pack filled with Earth Day crafts and activities.

When you grab this printable activity, your preschool students can create their own earth book to increase print awareness and discover a fun way to reduce, reuse and recycle. 

Earth day craft about reduce reuse recycle

You’ll get a printable recycling craft for Earth Day and a fun flip book where your preschool students can share ways to take care of the Earth. Plus, you’ll get printable cans and bottles to decorate your Earth Day craft or create a fun bulletin board for the classroom this April 22nd.

Great Earth Day Books to Read Aloud

Reading books aloud to your preschoolers is a great way to encourage little learners to fall in love with reading and build important early literacy skills too. Check out some of my favorite Earth Day books to read aloud in the classroom and at home to add to your Earth Day lessons.

Above and Below by Patricia Hegarty

My Friend Earth by Patricia MacLachlan

Secrets of Our Earth by Carron Brown

A Drop Around the World by Barbara McKinney

The EARTH Book by Todd Parr

These books will bring the Earth Day message to life for your early learners! Plus, they’re filled with colorful illustrations and engaging stories to teach preschool students all about the importance of caring for our planet every day. Pair these books with my fun activities for Earth Day to create engaging preschool themes your students will love this spring.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate Earth Day in the classroom? Share your fun activity ideas and Earth Day learning games in the comments. I can’t wait to check them out!

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