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Printable Camping Worksheets for Kindergarten

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If you’re looking for a fun camping theme to use in your kindergarten classroom, check out my printable camping worksheets for kindergarten. These camping printables make it easy to have fun and learn with exciting camping lesson plans for kindergarten.

Don’t miss camping worksheets, adorable crafts, and great books all about camping too.

Ready to discover how I make summer learning fun with kindergarten camping activities and resources? Keep reading to get the scoop on our favorite camping activities for learning at home and in the kindergarten classroom this summer.

camping worksheets for kindergarten

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Camping Lesson Plans for Kindergarten

Kids are enamored with the idea of camping! Fortunately, we don’t have to trek to the great outdoors with our kindergartners to take advantage of their wonder and curiosity about camping. Camping lesson plans for kindergarten make it easy to bring all the fun of camping into the classroom and I’ll show you how.

Get ready for s’mores, camping worksheets, kindergarten camping activities, and fun read-aloud books you can enjoy with your students. Get ready to sing your favorite silly camping songs and learn all about camping in the classroom this summer.

Camping lesson plans can incorporate pretend play, reading and literacy, math skills, and movement activities.

Don’t forget to check out my favorite camping printables to make it easy to get started with your camping lesson plans for kindergarten.

Crafty Camping Printables 

Are you searching for printable activities to go with your camping theme? You’ll love these printable game pages, camping worksheets, and camping crafts for kindergarten learners and older kids too. Check out my favorite camping themed resource printables below.

Matching Fire Shapes

Practicing matching is an essential skill for kindergarten learners. Matching activities like this Matching Fire Shapes Camping Worksheet help kids improve memory skills, pattern recognition, shape identification, and build concentration skills. 

camping activities for kids

With this fun camping theme activity, you can practice these early academic skills and have fun at the same time! Be sure to end the day by discussing the importance of fire safety too!

Firefly Counting

Get ready to count fireflies right in the classroom with these low prep camping worksheets for kindergarten. Your students can count the printable fireflies and record them on this number identification camping worksheet.

camping worksheets for kindergarten

Plus, it pairs up nicely with my camping printable firefly craft page for fine motor practice.

Count the S’mores

After making your own s’mores and writing about the steps, use my s’mores camping printables to count these tasty treats with your little ones.

fun camping theme

It’s such a fun way to add math skills to your camping lesson plans for kindergarten kiddos this summer.

Firefly Craft

Grab my printable firefly craft to go with your firefly counting camping worksheet. It’s a great way to add fine motor skills practice to a firefly themed camping lesson. 

kindergarten camping activities

Add a little glow in the dark paint to make this firefly craft extra magical for kindergarten students. Your students will get to practice hand-eye coordination and make a super cute craft for your camping theme bulletin board too!

S’mores Craft

Another fun summer camp craft you can do with kindergarten kiddos is to make this cute printable s’mores craft.

Camping crafts for kids

It’s easy for kids to put together while practicing their cutting and pasting skills in the classroom and at home this summer. You can even have a pretend s’mores roast with a pretend campfire for some role-play camping trip fun!

S’mores Addition Mats

Learn how to add numbers to 5 with this easy, hands-on camping activity for kids.

Grab the included s’mores printables or use pom poms to build each math problem on your mat. Then, write the addition equation on the lines provided.

kindergarten camping activities

Camping Books to Read Aloud

Reading aloud to kindergarten students is the very best way to encourage early literacy skills and help kids build print awareness.

These camping books are a great way for young children to build vocabulary and discover the fun of camping! Check out some of my favorite camping books to read aloud before your next camping trip.

A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee by Chris Van Dusen

S is for S’mores by Helen Foster James

Froggy Goes to Camp by Jonathan London

Llama Llama Loves Camping by Anna Dewdney

Pete the Cat Goes Camping by James Dean

Kindergarten Camping Activities

If you’re looking for a fun way to engage young learners with camping themed printables and activities, you’re in the right place! Find a great activity for your little kids with some of the fun activities below.

Backyard Astronomy

Engage in a little backyard astronomy with your kids. Go outside after dark and look at the stars. See if you can identify well known constellations like the big dipper or talk about the phases of the moon together. 

In the classroom, you can use a star projector or glow in the dark star stickers to show your kindergarten students constellations. They’ll love laying on the floor of the classroom and looking up at space with the lights out. It’s a special kindergarten camping activity they’ll remember for years to come!

Camp Charades

Try a fun interactive game of camp charades to get your students up and moving. It’s the perfect way to practice gross motor skills in the classroom and at home with younger kids. First, organize the classroom into groups.

Then, write local wildlife and camping vocabulary words on slips of paper or charade cards for kids to draw from a hat. Students will take turns acting out their word and getting their team to guess the correct answer.  It’s the perfect game for getting the wiggles out on rainy days with your little learners this summer.

Making S’mores

Making this delicious camping treat is a great addition to any camping themed lesson plans in your kindergarten classroom this year. I really love the way this fun snack can be used to help teach kids about following multi-step directions and sequencing.

After making s’mores together, get your kindergarten students to write or draw the steps on paper. They’ll be learning about following steps in order and getting extra practice putting items in the correct sequence too.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

A nature scavenger hunt is another fun camping theme activity for kids. Use camping sight words or a camping-themed picture list to make a checklist of items for your kindergarten nature scavenger hunt.

Then, hide the items around the classroom or take your kids outdoors for a nature scavenger hunt they’ll love. It’s a great way to work on visual discrimination skills with camping fun!

What are your favorite fun games and educational activities for summer camp in the classroom? Share your favorite camping themed activities to do in the classroom and at home. I can’t wait to read them and try a few of your favorites with my students too!

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