Free Social Skills Sorting Worksheets

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Today, I’m thrilled to share something super special with you that’s close to my heart. It’s all about nurturing our little ones’ social skills. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Social skills? But they’re just kids!” Exactly! This is the perfect time to guide them through understanding their choices, actions, and the impact they have on others. And guess what? I’ve got a fun, engaging way to do just that with my social skills sorting worksheets!

social skills sorting worksheets

Why Should I Teach Social Skills?

Before we dive into the goodies, let’s talk a bit about why social skills are so crucial. From sharing toys on the playground to saying “please” and “thank you,” these skills are the building blocks of empathy, respect, and communication. By fostering these from a young age, we’re not just teaching manners; we’re shaping future adults who are kind, understanding, and well-equipped to navigate the world around them.

Good Choices VS Bad Choices Sort

I’m all about making learning fun and interactive, which is why I’ve created a fabulous and free printable social skills activity designed to engage preschoolers and kindergarteners in learning about their social-emotional development through play and creativity.

This social skills activity is a hands-on way for kids to learn about the consequences of their actions. It features a variety of scenarios where children have to decide if the behavior is a good choice (helping a friend, listening to the teacher) or a bad choice (taking something without asking, pushing). They’ll cut out the pictures and sort them into the right columns, which is great for their fine motor skills too!

social skills sorting worksheets

More Activities for Making Good Choices

Coloring is always a hit, and this worksheet takes it to the next level. Kids will find scenarios depicting different behaviors and will color good choices green and bad choices red.

social emotional activities for preschoolers

It’s a simple yet effective way to visually reinforce the concept of actions having positive or negative outcomes.

How to Use These Social Skills Sorting Worksheets

Integrating my social skills sorting worksheets into both school and home settings can be a seamless and impactful way to teach young learners about the importance of making good choices. By incorporating these engaging activities into classroom lessons and family time, educators and parents alike have a valuable tool to foster discussions on positive behavior and decision-making.

In the Classroom

These worksheets are perfect for circle time or as part of a social skills lesson. Start with a group discussion about what makes a choice good or bad, then distribute the worksheets. It’s a fantastic way to engage children in thoughtful conversation while allowing them to express their understanding through cutting, pasting, and coloring.

At Home

Looking for a rainy day activity or a way to keep your little one engaged and learning at home? These worksheets are not only educational but also a great way to spend quality time together. Sit down with your child, talk through each scenario, and see what they think. You could even try role playing some of the situations for real world exposure! It’s a beautiful opportunity for bonding and understanding their perspective on different social situations.

Tips for Successfully Teaching Social Skills

Remember to encourage open discussions. There’s no right or wrong way to feel about a scenario. Encourage kids to express their thoughts and feelings about each choice.

Modeling behaviors you want your students to exhibit is an excellent way to successfully teach social skills. Kids learn by example. Show them what good choices look like in your daily interactions.

Don’t forget to always praise effort too. Celebrate when your kids make good choices, both in the worksheets and in real life. Positive reinforcement goes a long way.

Wrapping Up

Teaching social skills doesn’t have to be a chore – with these worksheets, it can be a fun, engaging process that kids will love. By introducing concepts like good choices vs. bad choices in a playful manner, we’re laying the groundwork for a lifetime of empathy, understanding, and positive social interactions.

I hope you find these activities as delightful and useful as I do. Let’s make learning about social skills a joyous journey for our little ones. Grab your scissors, crayons, and let the sorting and coloring begin!

Remember, at the heart of these activities is the message that we’re all capable of making good choices. It’s all about learning, growing, and having fun along the way. I’d love to hear how these activities go for you, so feel free to share your stories and experiences in the comments section below.

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