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Fun Easter Play Dough Mats for Kids 

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Easter is almost here! There are so many fun Easter activities for kids to engage in while building critical fine motor skills this Spring. Check out some of my favorite printable Easter play dough mats to get the ball rolling with your little learners this season. 

These Easter play dough mats are a fun and engaging way to build finger strength and coordination with preschool and kindergarten students. They’re easy to laminate and add to classroom centers or busy little hands on a rainy day.

Keep reading to discover some of my favorite Easter activities for kids. Play dough mats and a recipe for edible Easter play dough made with marshmallow peeps. You won’t want to miss this sensory Easter play dough experience! 

Easter play dough mats

Printable Easter Play Dough Mats

Printable Easter play dough mats are a fantastic addition to your collection of Easter activities for kids. These mats feature adorable Easter-themed designs like bunnies, eggs, and chicks, providing a creative outlet for little hands. Let your children sculpt and shape their way through Easter fun with these engaging play dough mats! 

Easter play doh mats offer numerous educational benefits for kids. Firstly, they promote fine motor skills development as children manipulate and mold the dough to fit the shapes on the mats. Secondly, they encourage creativity and imagination as kids design adorable Easter scenes using the images on these Printable Easter Play Dough Mats

Easter play dough mats

Additionally, these mats will enhance your students’ cognitive skills, shape recognition, and spatial awareness as they match the dough to the outlines. Moreover, they provide a sensory experience, stimulating tactile exploration and fostering sensory integration. Easter play dough mats like these offer a fun and versatile way for students to learn and grow this Spring.

How to Make Edible Play Dough with Peeps

Want to learn how to make edible play dough for Easter with peeps marshmallows? Making this edible Easter play dough can be a fun activity to do in the kitchen with kids and it’s perfect for using with my printable Easter play dough mats. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Peeps marshmallow treats
  • Powdered sugar
  • Cornstarch

First, microwave the peeps in a bowl in short intervals. Stir the marshmallows between each short session in the microwave. If you overheat them, they’ll become too sticky to make Easter play dough.

Once the peeps have melted, gradually add powdered sugar and cornstarch to the mixture. Stir the mixture well after each addition. Continue adding and mixing the dough until it’s pliable. 

Edible Peeps playdough. The perfect edible playdough for Easter marshmallows

If your Easter play dough is too sticky, incorporate more powdered sugar or cornstarch until it’s just right. Then, let the dough cool slightly.

After the dough has cooled, spread it onto a clean surface dusted with powdered sugar. Knead the peeps Easter play dough gently until it is smooth and not sticky. Now, your edible Peeps play dough is ready to be molded and enjoyed! 

Children can use Easter cookie cutters, play dough molds, or my printable Easter play dough mats to create festive shapes and designs. This will be a fun sensory experience that allows your students to explore their creativity, build fine motor skills, and enjoy a tasty Easter treat!

More Printable Easter Activities for Kids 

Discover the joy of Easter with my printable Easter activities designed especially for little learners. From coloring pages to crafts and counting games, these printable Easter activities for kids offer endless entertainment and creative learning opportunities. Discover some of my favorite Easter-themed fun to keep kids engaged and excited all season below.

Counting Easter Bunnies Activity

Kids will love counting the adorable Easter bunnies on these printable cards. Then, they can practice number recognition skills by coloring the numbers on the included counting worksheet with this Counting Easter Bunnies Activity.

preschool easter activities

Easter Color-by-Number Pages

Color-by-number pages are so much fun for everyone! They’re easy for parents and teachers to prep with my printable Easter Color-by-Number Pages and a box of crayons. 

Easter coloring pages for kids

Build a Bunny Tail Activity

Build fine motor skills and practice counting with this adorable Build a Bunny Tail Activity. Kids will have so much fun making their very own fluffy bunny tails with pom poms or cotton balls! Plus, it’s a great way to celebrate Easter in the classroom.

Easter Bunny activities for kids

I just know you’re going to love these Easter playdoh mats! Do you have any other fun Easter activities for kids planned this Spring? Don’t forget to share your favorite ideas in the comments for everyone to check out.

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