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4 Cute Easter Coloring Pages for Kids

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Get ready for Easter fun you can easily add to your classroom activities this Spring! I’ve got 4 cute Easter coloring pages for kids to complete in the classroom or take home for extra practice. These easy Easter color-by-number printable pages are perfect for keeping little hands busy during storytime or adding to classroom centers.

Easter coloring pages like these give preschool and kindergarten students lots of opportunities to practice number recognition, read color words, and develop problem-solving skills. Coloring and revealing the hidden picture on these Easter coloring pages is so much fun! Plus, it’s a great way to help kids build fine motor skills and develop concentration.

Keep reading to discover how you can use these cute Easter color-by-number printables with your students. Plus, get lots of fun ideas for celebrating Easter in the classroom with your little learners too!

Easter coloring pages

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Celebrating Easter in the Classroom

Celebrating Easter in the classroom can be exciting! Teachers can begin by decorating the room in pastel colors, adding fluffy bunnies, and even crafts made by students. Getting in on the fun with a classroom celebration is a fun and engaging way to explore culture and traditions while keeping kids interested in lessons. There are so many creative learning experiences kids can enjoy with a fun Easter thematic unit.

Build a sense of community within your classroom with an Easter celebration. It’s an easy way to bond with your students and provide fun learning opportunities for everyone. Decorate eggs together in creative new ways, host a classroom egg hunt around the room, and enjoy Easter-themed books during storytime.

Some of our favorite Easter books to read aloud include:

Rechenka’s Eggs by Patricia Polacco

Bently & Egg by William Joyce

The Easter Egg by Jan Brett

Beautiful Eggs by Alice Lindstrom

The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams

Then, consider adding some of my cute Easter coloring pages to your lesson plans for the day. They’re perfect for keeping little hands busy and little minds focused while you read. Plus, they make great take-home activities for children to do with their parents. 

Cute Easter Coloring Pages

Easter coloring pages have lots of benefits for children. Cute Easter coloring pages encourage kids to get creative and express themselves through art as they form masterpieces. These Easter color-by-number printable pages make it easy for children to get started with guidelines to follow and the promise of an adorable Easter image when they are finished. 

Easter coloring pages

Let your students’ imaginations run wild as they explore their artistic abilities with these cute Easter color-by-number pages. Along the way, they’ll get lots of fine motor skills practice as they work to hold their crayons or colored pencils properly and use finger strength to shade in the shapes on their Easter coloring pages. They’ll also be developing focus and concentration as they work to stay in the lines and reveal the hidden image in these Easter color-by-number printables.

Cute Easter coloring pages are a fun activity that can help kids destress after a challenging lesson too. They’re perfect for independent practice so you can easily add them to your classroom centers this Spring as well. 

 I’ve included 4 different cute Easter coloring pages in this bundle. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Easter Bunny
  • Bunny & Carrot
  • Easter Egg
  • Easter Basket

More Printable Easter Fun for Kids

Are you searching for more printable Easter fun for kids to do at home and in the classroom? Then don’t miss more of my favorite Easter printable activities.

Build an Easter Bunny Tail Activity

Practice counting, develop fine motor skills, and have fun with your little learners using my printable Build an Easter Bunny Tail activity. It’s an adorable addition to your preschool math center and makes a really cute craft for an Easter bulletin board or classroom decoration this Spring.

Easter activities for preschool

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Easter Basket Counting Activity

The best part about this Easter basket activity is certainly the counters. They’re chocolate eggs! Kids will love practicing counting skills, sorting, and number identification with this sweet treat.

Easter basket activity printable

Easter Egg Hunt Activity

Go Easter egg hunting in the classroom with preschool and kindergarten students using my printable Easter Egg Hunt Activity. It’s the perfect way to get kids up and moving around the room this Spring. Plus, it adds an educational element to the classic egg hunt.

Easter coloring pages

Which Easter activities are your favorites for keeping students engaged in the classroom? How can you use these cute Easter coloring pages with your kids? Share your favorite ways to celebrate Easter and keep learning going in the comments.

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