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Adorable Count and Cover Earth Day Activity Ideas

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How are you celebrating Earth Day with preschoolers this April? It’s such a great opportunity to teach our students how they can make a difference in caring for the planet by practicing environmental stewardship and making sustainable choices. Some of my favorite Earth Day activity ideas combine hands-on fun and no-prep printables to keep preschoolers engaged and learning at the same time!

Don’t miss my free printable Earth Day counting worksheet! It’s a fun and easy way to incorporate fine motor skills practice, counting practice, and handwriting into your Earth Day celebrations. This easy count and cover printable is a favorite with preschool students in the classroom and at home, so it’s an easy choice for teachers and parents interested in incorporating learning into their Earth Day celebrations this April. 

Earth Day activity ideas

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Tips for Celebrating Earth Day with Preschoolers

Celebrating Earth Day with preschoolers is critical for developing environmental awareness and a sense of responsibility for the world in our children. With engaging Earth Day activity ideas like planting trees, recycled crafts, nature walks, and fun Earth Day counting worksheets, we can help our kids begin to connect with nature on a deeper level at an early age.

Teaching our preschoolers about conservation and the importance of protecting our resources is an important lesson that we can begin teaching as we celebrate Earth Day together.

Earth Day celebrations spark curiosity, empathy, and a commitment to environmental stewardship that will last for years. Integrating the holiday into thematic preschool units this April is an easy and fun way to keep students engaged and excited about learning too.

Consider adding nature-themed art projects, crafts with recycled materials, beautiful Earth Day books at storytime, and my count and cover printable. You could even organize outdoor activities like planting flowers or herbs and nature walks to increase engagement with interactive educational experiences that encourage sustainability and introduce important science concepts to preschool students.

To make Earth Day more fun, add printable Earth Day activities, Earth Day puzzles, and Earth games to encourage and facilitate discussions about conservation and help preschoolers develop critical thinking skills as they celebrate. 

Engage your preschoolers in dramatic play ideas related to conservation efforts to prompt a sense of responsibility. For example, pretend to clean up the ocean by collecting plastic bottles from a baby pool or role-play working at a recycling center by sorting recycled cardboard and plastic items.

My Free Count and Cover Earth Day Activity

Adding count and cover activities to Earth Day celebrations is an adorable way to practice many important academic skills with preschoolers. By incorporating numbers and counting into tasks like sorting recycled materials and planting seeds, preschool teachers and parents can help their children develop number sense and counting skills while having fun with a count and cover printable. The best part is that they won’t even realize they’re doing math!

As kids count and cover corresponding numbers on an Earth Day counting worksheet, they are also developing critical fine motor skills. This hands-on approach is engaging. Plus, it’s an easy way to introduce preschoolers to the importance of sustainability while having fun! 

Count and cover printable activities like this one provide a versatile tool for teachers and parents to weave early math concepts into Earth Day celebrations at home or in the classroom.

With my Free Earth Day Count and Cover Printable, you’ll get recycling bin cards featuring different numbers of plastic bottles for kids to count and an Earth Day counting worksheet featuring numbers 1 through 10 for kids to cover as they count. 

earth day counting worksheet

Preschoolers can count the objects on the cards, count manipulatives they choose (I like green pom poms for building finger strength), and practice tracing the numbers on the included Earth Day counting worksheet. It’s an easy way to practice counting, number sense, fine motor skills, and handwriting.

More Engaging Earth Day Fun for Students

There are so many engaging Earth Day activity ideas parents and teachers can use to encourage kids this April! Check out more of my favorite printable Earth Day activity ideas below.

play dough activities for Earth Day
Earth Day for children
Earth day craft about reduce reuse recycle

Earth Day Play Dough Mats

Color by Number Pages for Earth Day

Earth Day Craftivity Flip Book 

Do you have a favorite Earth Day counting worksheet or activity you like to use with your preschool students? Tell me all about it in the comments! I can’t wait to read about your favorite Earth Day activity ideas and books to read with preschoolers!

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