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Free Printable A An Worksheets for Kindergarten

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Are you looking for a an worksheets for kindergarten and preschool children? Kindergarten students should be using articles like a and an frequently in speech.

Teaching articles a and an in kindergarten is a great way to help your students practice important language and literacy skills in the classroom. 

To help us get started teaching and learning articles, I’ve put together three great a an worksheets for kindergarten. These free printables are ideal for helping kindergarten students learn about articles, get extra practice with a and an, and have fun too!

Keep reading to discover my free printable a and an worksheets for kindergarten and some hands-on article activities you can do in the classroom and at home to help your students develop strong literacy skills. 

a an worksheets for kindergarten

Teaching Articles A and An in Kindergarten

Teaching the articles a and an in kindergarten will help your students develop important literacy skills.

Kindergartners will be better readers and writers if they have a strong grasp of grammar. You can introduce the articles a and an in kindergarten with a variety of simple activities. 

Begin by holding up an object and asking your kids to name it, including an article in their responses. For example, prompt students to say “a ball” instead of simply “ball.”

Next, you can focus on teaching articles in sentences. 

​Show your kindergarten kids a picture of a word. Cards with sight words are great for this task. Ask them to make up a sentence about the word.

You can start practicing this simple sentence activity by prompting your kindergarten level learners with “I see a …”

Next, your students will be ready to practice using articles like a and an during story time in the classroom.

Ask questions about what’s going on in the story to prompt kids to use articles in a fun way. Have them recall what happened during the story after you finish reading to increase reading comprehension and linguistic skills. 

Finally, show your little learner the written words a and an in the book as you read.

Have each little kid in the classroom take turns finding the words in the printed text and reading them aloud. If your students skip the articles, read them back to them correctly. This is also a great activity for circle time too!

Printable A & An Worksheets for Kindergarten

My new printable a an worksheets for kindergarten make learning grammar fun! These no-prep kindergarten printables are the perfect way for kindergarten teachers to introduce articles like a and an in a variety of ways that are fun and engaging. 

a an worksheets for kindergarten

Help your young children master articles with these printable a & an worksheets for kindergarten in the classroom and at home.

Discover the printable learning fun below.

A & An Articles Worksheet

This fun grammar printable for kindergarten students encourages kids to choose and color the correct articles for each picture.

a an worksheets for kindergarten

It’s a good way for kindergartners to practice recognizing “a” and “an” with lowercase letters. Plus, get lots of extra practice learning to use the correct articles.

A & An Cut and Paste Worksheets

Cut and paste worksheets have lots of great benefits for kindergarten learners! These printables will help your students develop their fine motor abilities by practicing pasting and scissor skills.

While they’re at it, kindergartners will get lots of practice with articles too.

The first cut and paste worksheet gives kids 8 different images to cut out and glue to a square beside the corresponding article. Kids will need to decide if words like “whale” and “igloo” go next to the article “a” or “an.” 

a and an worksheets for kindergarten

The second a & an cut and paste worksheet encourages kindergarten kiddos to cut and paste the pictures into the correct boxes in the chart.

Students will need to decide which article the words go with. They’ll also have to correctly identify which word is in the box, giving them more opportunities to practice recognizing and reading these articles while building fine motor skills.

​Each of these worksheets are free printable worksheets you can add to your classroom ELA worksheets this year. These no-prep educational activities are perfect for extra practice and practicing language skills in different ways that are engaging and fun for everyone.

Keep reading to get more early literacy skills practice with hands-on activities you can do in the classroom and at home.

Hands-on Activities for Teaching Articles in Kindergarten

There are so many hands-on activities for teaching articles in kindergarten that you can pair with these free kindergarten worksheets for learning practice.

Check out some of my favorite hands-on activities for practicing these high frequency words with your students in the classroom and at home.

Article Fly Swat Game

This game can get a little crazy, so it’s best to take turns. Write a few sight words on the board. Then, give a student a fly swatter. Give them instructions to swat a word that goes with the article “a” or a word that goes with the article “an.” 

Kids will have fun swatting the article “flies.” For each correctly swatted fly the student or student team gets a point.

The winner is the student (or team of students) that correctly swats the most article “flies.” Play this fun game after completing my free printable kindergarten worksheets about a and an for even more practice.

A An Relay Race

This hands-on activity for kindergarten students is a good way to get those wiggles out before working on my a an worksheets for kindergarten.

First, organize your students into two teams. Then, assign one team the article a and the other team the article an. 

Line up your teams on one side of the classroom. Then, place balls with a or an written on them all over the floor at the other side of the classroom.

Let students race one at a time to the other side of the room to retrieve a ball with the correct article and bring it back to their team. 

The first team to correctly retrieve all their balls wins the relay race. It’s the perfect way to practice articles with your kinesthetic learners! 

More Fun Worksheets for Kindergarten Classrooms

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What’s your favorite way to practice articles like a and an in the kindergarten classroom? Which of my free printable worksheets is your favorite?

Share your favorite fun activities for teaching grammar to kindergarten students in the comments. I can’t wait to read them!

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