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15 Fun and Playful Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers

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Teaching the letters of the alphabet can be a lot of fun with alphabet activities for preschoolers. There are many engaging and easy ways to get your preschool learners in on the fun this year! If you’re searching for playful alphabet activities, you’re in the right place.

I’m excited to share 15 of my favorite ways to learn and practice letters with preschool students. I’ve got great alphabet activity printables, hands-on alphabet activities, book suggestions, songs to sing, and games to play! This year, consider adding a few of my favorites to your classroom lesson plans or at-home practice ideas.

alphabet activities for preschoolers

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How To Begin Teaching Letters of the Alphabet

Learning the alphabet is a critical preschool skill, but how exactly can you get started teaching the letters of the alphabet to your preschool students? The good news is there are lots of ways to begin! Unfortunately, that also means it can be challenging to decide where or how to begin.

teach letters of the alphabet

Before your preschoolers can put letter sounds together and begin writing words, they need to know the letters of the alphabet. Teaching letters can be easy and lots of fun too! I’m going to show you how to learn letters in a fun way with your early learners.

Fun Ways to Learn Letters with Preschoolers

Preschoolers need to see and hear the letters of the alphabet a lot in order to memorize letter names, letter sounds, and be able to identify them. There are lots of fun ways to learn letters with preschoolers. I like to focus on letter recognition, letter sounds, and forming letters with my preschool students. 

hands-on alphabet activities

I’m going to tell you all about some of my favorite printable alphabet activities to help you get started. Printable activities are an easy no-prep way to add extra practice to your lesson plans. Plus, they’re great for helping preschoolers build fine motor skills and practice following directions too.

Then, I’ll share some of my students’ favorite hands-on ways to practice the letters of the alphabet. I’ve got movement games to build crucial gross motor and fine motor skills with your preschoolers. These games are filled with different ways to practice letters and letter sounds that your preschoolers are sure to remember.

Rudolph alphabet activity for kids

You won’t want to miss all the silly book suggestions, learning apps, and alphabet toys you can use to practice in the classroom and at home too. There are sensory bins, art projects, and even board games you can use to practice letter sounds and letter identification.

Printable Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers

Printable alphabet activities make it easy for preschoolers to practice uppercase and lowercase letters. Check out some of my favorites available in the shop down below.

Interactive Alphabet Notebooks

Are you looking for printable letter activities you can incorporate into your daily lesson plans? If so, don’t miss this Interactive Alphabet Notebook.

interactive alphabet notebook for kindergarten

It’s a creative way for preschoolers to learn letters. Complete letter worksheets included in this bundle for extra practice with your preschool students as you move through your letter of the week preschool theme.

Printable Alphabet Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are a great way to practice lots of preschool skills! Coloring helps preschoolers develop fine motor skills, build concentration, and explore creativity.

alphabet coloring pages

These Alphabet Coloring Pages make it easy to practice the letters of the alphabet while revealing the hidden letter picture on every page. 

Rainbow Write the Alphabet

Young children will love this fun rainbow writing activity with the letters of the alphabet! Get ready to learn to identify letters with my printable Rainbow Write the Alphabet game.

alphabet activities for preschoolers

This fun activity uses spinners, colors, and magnetic letters to make practicing the alphabet a whole lot of fun for everyone!

Lowercase Letter Crafts

Crafts are so much fun for everyone! Letter crafts make it easy to practice identifying letters with your preschoolers. Plus, they’re filled with opportunities to help preschool learners master cutting, pasting, and other fine motor skills.

alphabet crafts of lowercase and uppercase letters

These fun Lowercase Letter Crafts help kids create animals using the letters of the alphabet.

Uppercase Letter Crafts

You can practice recognizing uppercase letters with crafts too. Check out my Uppercase Letter Crafts for a bundle of 26 printable letter crafts your preschoolers can get excited about this year.

alphabet activities for preschoolers

They’ll love the U is for Unicorn craft and the J is for Jellyfish craft!

Alphabet Worksheets for Kids

I know worksheets sometimes get a bad rap, but this alphabet worksheet for kids is pure gold.

alphabet worksheets to teach kids letters of the alphabet

It’s an easy way to work on several skills at once. With this fun alphabet printable you can reinforce skills like tracing, handwriting, identifying letters, and initial sounds.

Playful Hands-On Alphabet Activities

Hands-on alphabet activities give preschoolers opportunities to practice letters without books and worksheets. These playful hands-on activities will help your kinesthetic preschool students practice letters with sensory play and alphabet games. 

Alphabet Sensory Bins

An alphabet sensory bin offers preschoolers the chance to interact with the letters of the alphabet in a multisensory experience that’s fun for young children. Sensory bins encourage preschool students to explore letters with sight, sounds, smells, and different aspects of touch.

alphabet sensory bin activity

Check out my Sensory Letter Play ideas to get tips on setting up your own alphabet sensory alphabet activity for preschoolers. 

Learn Letters with Movement Games

I love incorporating movement games into my preschool lesson plans because they’re perfect for helping little ones get the wiggles out. These activities are also important for establishing the brain-body connection with your preschool students. You can use movement games to practice the alphabet too.

First, try playing hopscotch with your preschoolers. You can play outside with sidewalk chalk or inside with painter’s tape. Instead of adding numbers to your hopscotch squares, use letters of the alphabet. You can focus on uppercase or lowercase letters. 

Then, try playing a game I like to call “hopping letters.” Grab a set of Classroom Carpet Spots and use a permanent marker to add the letters of the alphabet to them. Then, arrange them on the floor throughout your classroom. Have preschoolers hop to the letter you call out to practice letter identification.

Hopscotch and hopping games are great for practicing gross motor skills with your preschoolers, but you can use movement games to build fine motor skills at home and in the classroom too. A few sheets of bubble wrap and some markers will help you get started.

First, write alphabet letters on the “bubbles” on a piece of bubble wrap. Then, give each student a chance to pop the next letter in the alphabet. It’s an alphabet activity for preschoolers that is filled with sensory fun and a great way to build finger strength!

Art Projects and Activities

One of my favorite ways to work on letters and sounds is with alphabet crafts. These hands-on alphabet activities are fun for kids and great for providing extra practice in the classroom. Plus, they’ll help your preschoolers learn to express themselves through art!

I love adding art projects that help preschoolers learn to master the letters in their own names. Preschool Name Crafts are great for teaching how to spell and write a child’s name. They’re the best way to practice letter identification and letter sounds too!

Board Games and Card Games

You can learn about letters with lots of fun board games and card games too. Check out some of my favorite alphabet games to use in literacy centers below.

Peaceable Kingdom’s Alphabet Bingo

Magnetic Alphabet Maze Board

Seek-a-boo at the Zoo Alphabet Game

Mudpuppy’s ABC Spot Me Game

Educational Insight’s Frida’s Fruity Fiesta

Alphabet Blocks

Another one of my favorite great ideas for practicing letters is building with alphabet blocks. You can purchase wooden alphabet blocks or use a permanent marker to add letters to blocks you already own.

Use the blocks to learn about alphabetical order with hands-on practice or build CVC words and sight words with your preschoolers.

You can also use blocks to build alphabet letters. Let preschool students explore and build letters by forming lines with blocks. It’s a fun three-dimensional way to practice forming letters with young kids who might not be able to write letters on paper yet.

More Letter Practice with Preschool Students

There are so many fun alphabet activities! Fortunately, preschoolers do best when we incorporate lots of different kinds of letter practice during the early years. Check out more letter practice activities you can do with preschool students below.

Alphabet Books

Alphabet books help preschoolers become familiar with letters they’ll find in everyday words and phrases. They’re also perfect for helping early learners develop print awareness, increase vocabulary, and learn to fall in love with reading. 

Alphabet books can entertain and captivate your preschool students with silly stories, rhymes, and illustrations too! Here are some of my favorite alphabet books: 

Eating the Alphabet by Lois Elhert

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr.

Dr. Seuss’s ABC Book by Dr. Seuss

Z is for Moose by Kelly Bingham

ABC Learning Apps

Incorporating technology and screens into your alphabet activities for preschoolers can be a great way to engage reluctant learners. The combination of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic practice is an excellent way to appeal to all your preschool students too. Check out some of my favorite apps for practicing the alphabet to get started.

Endless Alphabet

Starfall ABCs

ABC Kids Tracing & Phonics

Letter Learning Toys

Toys can be a fun thing to add to your literacy center too. After all, play is the ideal way for children to learn and develop critical skills. These letter-learning toys will make practicing the letters of the alphabet fun for all your preschoolers.

Elmo’s On the Go Letters

VTech ABC Learning Apple

LeapFrog Mr. Pencil’s ABC Backpack

Alphabet Songs

Sing an alphabet song with your preschool students to help them practice the letters of the alphabet. Singing songs is a lot of fun and it’s a great way to engage your auditory preschoolers.

Discover some fun alphabet songs you can sing with your students below.

Usher’s ABC Song from Sesame Street

The Phonics Song from Gracie’s Corner

Act Out the Alphabet from Jack Hartmann

Cocomelon’s ABC Song

Play Dough Alphabet Activities

Did you know you can build phonemic awareness and letter recognition with play dough? Playdough is great for helping preschool students develop fine motor strength and practice letter formation too.

Check out my favorite Homemade Playdough Recipes to get tons of ideas and add some learning fun to your alphabet lessons this school year. 

Free Alphabet Printables

Do you need free alphabet activities to get you through the school year? If so I have you covered. Here’s 46 free alphabet printables for you to use with your young learners. Be sure to grab all 1000 free printables while you’re there.

free alphabet activities

Do you have a favorite way to practice learning the alphabet that I didn’t mention? Share your favorite alphabet activities for preschoolers in the comment section. I can’t wait to read about your favorite letter-learning resource and awesome alphabet activities!

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