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Free Printable Preschool Worksheets

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Are you searching for free printable preschool worksheets? Sometimes you just need a quick worksheet or easy printable activity to practice with your pre-k students in the classroom or send home for extra practice. 

Here at The Primary Parade, I’ve got so many fun crafts, lesson plans, printable activities, and hands-on learning ideas you’ll love! I’ve also got some excellent, quick, and easy free preschool worksheets you can grab when you just need something a little extra to go with your lesson plan.

Check out these fun preschool worksheets and grab a few for your substitute folder this year too.

free preschool worksheets and printables

Do Worksheets Help Students Learn?

Sometimes worksheets get a bad rap, especially worksheets designed for preschool and kindergarten students.

However, there are times in a classroom when a worksheet really does the job best. Fortunately, most professional educators agree.

Research supports the idea that purposeful and well-designed worksheets don’t just support learning, they also provide valuable opportunities for independent practice.

Plus, preschoolers get the opportunity to practice following directions while completing worksheets in the classroom.

Lucky for you, my friends and I have bundled together our favorite themed printables to use throughout the school year. Download some of the free educational resources to print and use in your classroom this year.

Back to School Worksheets for Preschool

The beginning of the school year is a busy time and lesson plans can get interrupted in all the schedule changes. Add extra tracing practice, handwriting activities, and learning fun with these back to school themed preschool pages.

Seasonal Preschool Worksheets

Theming your preschool lesson plans and activities to line up with the seasons is a fun way to capitalize on your student’s natural curiosity about the world around them. As you educate your young learners about spring, summer, fall, and winter, share these free printable preschool worksheets.

Let’s use these fun activities to encourage early learning in the classroom and at home.

Spring Worksheets

Check out these free printable preschool worksheets themed for the spring season so you can have all kinds of fun and keep learning going too:

Summer Worksheets

Don’t miss my free printable preschool worksheets for summer! They’re great for rainy days and long car rides with your preschoolers during the summer months.

Discover all the fun you can have as the leaves change with these fall worksheets for preschoolers. They’re filled with fine motor practice and easy preschool activity opportunities.

Winter Worksheets

If you’re stuck inside and looking for extra activities to keep your preschoolers busy, check out my winter preschool worksheets for all kinds of indoor learning fun including coloring pages and literacy activities.

Holiday Preschool Worksheets

I love incorporating the holidays into my lesson plans and activities in the classroom! Kids get so excited about all the holidays and it’s a great way to make learning feel like a celebration! 

Plus, there are lots of important holidays to teach your preschool students about too. Check out these holiday-themed free printable preschool worksheets to help you get started practicing with number worksheets, preschool math skills, and more.

Alphabet Preschool Worksheets

Teaching preschoolers the alphabet can be very exciting and lots of fun! These free preschool worksheets will give you an opportunity to build letters of the alphabet into to your lessons, send home more practice for kids who need it, and encourage fine motor skills development as well.

Check out the free printables and alphabet worksheets to practice uppercase and lowercase letters: 

free alphabet activities

Animal Themed Preschool Worksheets

Looking for even more fun preschool printable activities you can use to encourage learning and exploration in the classroom and at home? Well then you’ve got to teach in an animal theme! Get in on all the extra learning fun with free worksheets all about animals

animal activities for kids

What’s your favorite way to use worksheets or printable packs in the preschool classroom? Do you use free preschool printables to teach the ABCs? Share how you’ll use these free printable preschool worksheets with your students in the comments.

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  1. I LOVE free printable worksheets. It allows my little kiddos to do one “learning” thing before play.

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