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14 Fun February Lesson Plans for Preschool

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I’m so excited to share some of my favorite February lesson plans for preschool with you! I’ve got 14 super engaging and fun February themes for preschoolers that you can use to bring your lesson plans to life the entire month.

You’re sure to find an easy way to integrate learning activities and printable crafts from the funnest February holidays and many themes in between.

Grab your paper plates, tissue paper, cotton balls, and candy hearts. Let’s get ready for a fun way to learn with my most sought after February preschool themes.

February lesson plans for preschool

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February Preschool Themes

Are you ready for great ideas and excellent resources to include in your next few weeks of lesson plans? I have some of the best preschool lessons and fun activities you can do the entire month of February.

Just because February is the shortest month of the year, doesn’t make it short on fun. Let’s learn and celebrate this great month with a few of my favorite February activities.

Groundhog Day

Groundhog’s Day is a great time to introduce your preschoolers to new animals. Most preschool kids don’t know much about Groundhogs which makes it the perfect time to learn all about Punxsutawney Phil.

groundhog day craft

Practice math skills such as graphing and making predictions with your students using my Groundhog Day craftivity for kids. Then keep the learning going with my free printables and counting mats, perfect for this February holiday.

Super Bowl

Do you integrate sports into your classroom? With the Super bowl falling in February each year, its a great thematic unit to include in your preschool February lesson plans.

Not only are sports really fun themes for all children, but the best part is it’s also the perfect opportunity to get father figures involved in the classroom. All you have to do is schedule a Super Bowl party the week before the big game, full of snacks and February learning.

Be sure to invite your dads and wear your favorite team jersey to make it even more festive.

Valentine’s Day Activities

One of the most popular February holidays is, of course, Valentines Day. Celebrate love or a really good friend with these hands on Valentines Day activities with young children.

Science Experiments

Science experiments are one of my favorite activities to do with preschoolers! This Valentine’s Day, discover if Conversation Hearts sink or float with my easy to use printable.

conversation heart activities

Sink or float experiments are ideal for preschool and kindergarten learners who are beginning to explore cause and effect. Other cool scientific concepts your preschoolers will be exposed to with this candy heart science experiment include comparison, observation, and gathering data. 

To complete the experiment, you’ll need candy hearts, cups, and a few liquids you probably already have at home. Grab your no-prep printable candy heart science experiment today to get started. Then, check out more ways to have fun with conversation heart preschool activities below.

Candy Heart activities

These Valentine activities will make it easy to teach early numeracy skills in the classroom this February. Plus, they’re a lot of fun too!

Conversation heart graphing activity

Get the whole class involved in sorting and graphing with conversation heart activities that are both easy and fun.

Post Office Dramatic Play Center

Looking to dabble in dramatic play this February? A post office is the perfect set up to use this month as your students make homemade Valentine’s cards and learn about Community Helpers.

You just need to gather simple materials like card stock, markers, pipe cleaners, and glitter. Be sure to also get my free name clip cards to hang in your post office or writing center to assist your students in writing their friend’s names accurately.

More February Activities for Preschoolers

Black History Month

Have you taught your students about Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King? If not, you’ve come to the right place.

black history month activities and crafts for kids

Grab your craft sticks and construction paper and let’s craft and learn all about influential African Americans.

Save big by grabbing my black history month craft bundle or see all that’s included in my post. Then, continue to strengthen your fine motor skills with my black history month color by code worksheets.

martin luther king coloring pages

These coloring pages are a great way to introduce your preschool learners to Martin Luther King and others this Black History month.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a great time to teach all about holidays around the world. During the festivities ancestors are honored and families gather to celebrate the new year in hopes of bringing good luck, good fortune, and happiness to all.

chinese new year craft of a dragon

Dancing dragons are a fun part of the Chinese culture that preschool kids are always in awe of. Each February you can craft your very own Chinese New Year dragon as you learn about this unique February holiday. After you craft, it’s the perfect time to read a book from your local library about Chinese culture. This is a great way to tie in the craft and literacy all in one.

President’s Day

Presidents Day was created to honor George Washington and Abraham Lincoln who were both born in the month of February. This President’s Day, teach your students how to draw with my 4 directed drawings. They’re easy to follow along and always turn out so cute and unique from one another.

Presidents Day directed drawing

Grab my Presidents Day directed drawing today and create your own with your preschoolers this year. You’ll get step by step guides for drawing Donald Trump, Joe Biden, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln.

Presidents Day crafts

When you’re done, create your very own George Washington and Abraham Lincoln with my hands-on activities and crafts. Along with the President’s Day crafts, I also have several easy readers, sensory bin ideas, and free printable activities to teach your students all about our nations presidents.

Dental Hygiene Activities

Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health Month? Take this time to teach about hygiene, dental health, and healthy eating habits all in one.

dental health craft

My dental hygiene craft and sequencing activity is a fun way to include this great theme into your February lesson plans for preschool as well.

After crafting, you’ll want to reinforce more fine motor skills with these adorable playdoh mats.

dental hygiene month playdoh mats

Using playdough printables in the classroom is an easy way to strengthen tiny finger muscles in your students. When you’re done, keep the learning going with my dental coloring pages for kids.

dental coloring pages

Your students will practice numbers and letters with these fun dental hygiene color by number worksheets.

Other February lesson plans for preschool

Mardi Gras

An easy way to bring a Mardi Gras theme into your preschool classroom is with a fun craft! You can create Mardi Gras masks with your preschool students this February using their handprints, a feather, and a straw.

Simply trace both of your students hands and glue them with the palms of the hands attached. Glue a feather up top for decoration and tape a straw to the back so your preschoolers can hold it up.

Be sure to cut out two eye holes in the hand prints to make these masks fun and usable.

100th Day of School

One of the best things about preschool and kindergarten are milestones such as the 100th day of school. Celebrate the big and monumental day with your preschoolers using my no prep coloring pages.

100th Day of school activities

These make easy morning work ideas because they’re simple, print and go worksheets. You can make this day even more fun by dressing up like you’re 100 years old and doing my free aging activities as well.

craft for grandparents day

Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics isn’t just fun to watch, it can also be educational. Bring the Winter games to your classroom with a bit of creativity and supplies you most likely have lying around your house or school.

To make a fun hockey themed learning activity, grab three jumbo popsicle sticks and duck tape. You can use these to create a hockey stick by breaking one stick in half and taping it to the bottom of another to create an L.

Then, create a “puck” with pennies and garage sale stickers. Place a colored sticker on top of each penny and write letters on the stickers.

As your students hit each puck, they can say the letter name and sound. It’s such a fun way to teach the alphabet to kids. This of course can be differentiated to practice sight words, numbers, or shapes.

Community Helpers

Do you teach about Community Helpers in February? A Community Helper theme is an easy way to integrate Social Studies into your preschool lesson plans.

Let me help plan an entire week for you with my Community Helper bundle. You’ll get book suggestions, craft ideas, and tons of printable learning activities.

community helpers activities

These are some of my favorite activities that are perfect for teaching little hands and young minds all about important people in their community.

February Bulletin board ideas

Need an easy way to show off all the February preschool activities during the winter months? Try a February bulletin board with my printable Vday name craft. Bulletin boards are a great way to showcase your students work throughout the year or during open house.

Valentines Day name craft

Name crafts are one of my favorite bulletin board ideas to display. Try this candy jar bulletin board idea this Valentine’s Day.

It’s a simple cut and paste craft to work on building your name recognition skills in the month of February.

In Conclusion

What are your favorite ways to include thematic units on special days or fun holidays? Which February activities will you be including in your lesson planning, circle time, or morning work?

I hope this post gave you plenty of fun resources and ideas to use because this month’s activities are sure to be a hit.

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