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Cute Earth Day Recycling Activity for Kids

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If you’re searching for cute Earth Day activities, don’t miss my printable write-the-room recycling activity! This easy low-prep activity is a great way to develop number sense and practice counting skills with preschool students in the classroom and at home. 

You can use printable Earth Day activities to bring the holiday to life and help spark conversations about environmental stewardship and conservation with your little learners. Write-the-room activities are perfect for creating holiday-friendly sensory bins or getting kids up and moving around the room!

Want to learn more about cute and engaging Earth Day activities you can do with kids this April? Keep reading to discover more of my favorite Earth Day activities to go with this printable recycling activity.

recycling activity

Celebrating with Earth Day Activities in the Classroom

There are so many fun and easy ways to celebrate in the classroom with adorable Earth Day activities for kids! Celebrating Earth Day is a fun way to encourage kids to get involved in learning more about our planet and how they can contribute to conservation efforts around the world. 

Celebrating Earth Day in the classroom can help our elementary students to develop environmental awareness and instill a sense of responsibility for the planet at an early age. With interactive activities, we can engage our kids in an Earth Day celebration to remember!

Making hands-on contributions to conservation efforts can teach students that everyone can make a difference. Consider beginning a classroom garden, planting trees, or sorting recycling to encourage your kids to get on board. 

These activities don’t just teach kids about the importance of plants, they provide them with hands-on experiences that develop critical thinking skills and teach kids about the impact they have on their environment. We can remind our students that everything is connected and that it’s important to preserve biodiversity by getting involved in environmental issues and promoting sustainable living locally and globally. By celebrating Earth Day together, we equip future generations with the knowledge and skills needed to become fantastic environmentalists!

My Favorite Printable Recycling Activity for Earth Day

My favorite printable recycling activity for Earth Day is a fun and free write-the-room preschool math activity. This Recycling Activity for Earth Day is perfect for classroom math centers, and sensory bins, and a fun way to get the wiggles out too! 

preschool earth day activities

Kids can use the included Earth Day number worksheet to record their answers. They’ll walk around the room and count the number of plastic bottles on each printable Earth Day card. Then, color in the correct number on the worksheet.

If your kids truly need a break from table work and a chance to get up out of their seats, this recycling activity is perfect! Use the included cards or set up stations with recycled water bottles. It’s a fun way to add more tactile learning to this recycling activity for Earth Day!

Alternatively, you could hide the printable bottle cards in a sensory bin and let kids dig for cards to complete their Earth Day worksheets. Either way, this recycling activity is sure to be a favorite with your little learners!

More Earth Day Activities for Kids

There are lots of cute Earth Day printable activities you can add to your lesson plans this April. Check out more of my favorites below.

Earth Day for children
Earth day craft about reduce reuse recycle
play dough activities for Earth Day

Free Color by Number Pages for Earth Day

Earth Day Playdough Mats

Earth Day Crafts and Flip Book

Plant Themed Lessons and Preschool Plant Activities

What’s your favorite way to celebrate Earth Day in the classroom? Do you have any excellent Earth Day activities your students love? Share your favorite recycling activity idea in the comments. I can’t wait to read all about it!

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