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Dental Health Month Memory Match Game for Preschoolers

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February is Dental Health Month and it’s the perfect time to learn about oral hygiene for preschoolers. Dental health games and printables are a great place to begin these lessons with young children. Preschool oral care activities can encourage kids to practice good oral hygiene and alleviate fears about visiting the dentist for regular checkups. 

In the classroom, we can use dental health games, crafts, and resources to encourage preschoolers and get extra practice with a wide variety of early academic skills. I’ve put together lots of fun dental health games your preschool students can use to practice counting, encourage healthy physical activity, and build fine motor skills. Many of these preschool oral care activities can be done in classroom centers, in small groups, or at home with friends and family.

Keep reading to discover some of my favorite ways to practice great oral hygiene for preschoolers including a Dental Health Month themed unit and my printable healthy teeth memory matching game for kids.

oral hygiene for preschoolers

Dental Health Month Preschool Theme

Theming preschool lessons is a fantastic way to get kids engaged and excited about new concepts. I love thematic units that take advantage of upcoming holidays and other topics preschoolers are naturally excited about. The benefits of themed preschool units also include the ability to tie together a variety of subjects and academic concepts under one umbrella.

This February, celebrate Dental Health Month with a healthy teeth theme in your preschool classroom. A Dental Health Month preschool theme is a fun and engaging way to educate your little learners about their teeth and gums while practicing fine motor skills at home and in the classroom. As teachers, we often think of fine motor skills as a critical first step for proper penmanship. 

However, fine motor skills are also important for many different daily tasks including practicing good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing teeth. Encourage your preschoolers to practice tooth brushing by learning about the benefits of healthy teeth with a Dental Health Month theme in the classroom.

Healthy Teeth Memory Match Game

My Healthy Teeth Memory Match Game is one of my favorite dental health games to add to a Dental Health Month themed unit for preschoolers. I’ve put together lots of matching cards that will encourage your preschoolers to practice matching, counting, tally marks, and one-to-one correspondence with these fun preschool oral care activities.

preschool oral care activities

You’ll get a set of printable cards featuring mouths with dirty teeth. The number of teeth needing to be cleaned varies on each card. Another set of cards features a set number of toothbrushes arranged like tally marks. 

Preschoolers can count the toothbrushes as they would count tally marks and match them up with the corresponding dirty teeth card. Kids can work together in small groups or independently. This interactive healthy teeth activity promotes oral hygiene for preschoolers while helping them practice lots of important math skills too. 

Matching activities like this healthy teeth game have lots of awesome benefits for preschoolers. 

Dental health games like these encourage cognitive development by enhancing memory skills and strengthening your child’s ability to remember and match pairs.

Memory games like this one are also a great way to help preschoolers practice concentrating and improve their focus. As your students pay careful attention to the details on each card, they’ll be improving their visual discrimination skills. 

Games like these are also an excellent way for preschoolers to practice problem-solving skills because they encourage little learners to strategize as they try to find matches faster than their peers. It’s a fun way to keep students motivated and engaged in the lesson!

Teachers and parents can use matching games like this Dental Health Month Memory Match Game to reinforce concepts they’re learning, build dental health awareness, and make memories together this February.

More Printable Dental Activities for Preschoolers

If you’re searching for even more printable dental activities for preschoolers this month, you’re in the right place! I’ve got lots of fun preschool oral care activities that pair nicely with this dental health game for your lesson plans this month. Check out some of my favorites:

dental health awareness
interactive dental activities for children
shape activities for dental health month

Missing Teeth Number Hunt

Clean Teeth Activity

Healthy Teeth Shapes

What’s your favorite dental health game for preschoolers? Do you have any awesome preschool oral care activities that I forgot to mention? Share your favorites in the comments! 

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