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Hands-On Clean Teeth Activity for Preschool Kids

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Don’t miss all the learning fun your kids can have with preschool dental activities. These interactive dental activities for children encourage preschoolers to explore and learn about oral hygiene while practicing important early academic skills in the classroom.

My printable activities are the perfect way to add fun and learning to your Dental Health Month lesson plans for February. I’ve got an exciting hands-on teeth cleaning activity your preschoolers will love! These interactive dental activities give children extra ways to practice brushing their teeth in the classroom as they build fine motor strength and master math concepts.

Keep reading to get the scoop on my favorite preschool dental activities and printables. Plus, discover more fun resources for your students!

interactive dental activities for children

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Preschool Dental Activities and Themes for Dental Health Month

Thematic units are comprehensive lesson plans that revolve around a central theme or topic your preschoolers can get excited about. Thematic unit studies and lesson plans incorporate a variety of subjects including handwriting, reading, science, math, and the arts. It’s a fantastic way to show preschoolers the connections between academics and the world around us with hands-on projects, discussions, and immersive activities.

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. Planning a thematic unit for Dental Health Month is a great way to encourage preschoolers to practice good oral hygiene, teach them all about their teeth, and explore fun topics like the Tooth Fairy. A Dental Health Month theme can also be a good way to help preschoolers overcome fears about visiting the dentist by learning about dentists and how they help our community.

Adding preschool dental activities makes learning all about teeth, oral care, and the dentist a lot more fun! Plus, it’s a great way to get extra practice with literacy, numeracy, and fine motor skills for young children. I’ve got lots of awesome printable dental health activities that make it easy for parents and teachers to practice counting, shapes, and fine motor skills with preschool students.

Clean Teeth Dental Health Activities for Preschoolers

Check out my printable clean teeth dental health activities to get started. If you’re searching for interactive dental health activities for children, this is easy to add to your lesson plans! 

interactive dental activities for children

This hands-on Clean Teeth Activity asks preschoolers to brush teeth with laminated printable pages featuring teeth and simple instructions like “clean two teeth” and “add one cavity.” Preschoolers will build fine motor skills as they brush teeth and color in cavities on dirty teeth. It’s a fun race to see who can clean their mouth the fastest! 

It’s an interactive teeth cleaning activity that will help students practice proper brushing, counting skills, and pre-writing. Plus, it’s fun! The best part is that this printable activity can easily be added to your classroom math centers for learning fun during Dental Health Month. 

Preschoolers can also practice tooth brushing with a Montessori Tooth Brushing Toy. Toys like these give kids an opportunity to practice proper brushing and flossing techniques without putting tools in their own mouths. Teachers can add hands-on learning resources like this to classroom centers for children to explore and learn independently all month long.

Want more resources for encouraging healthy teeth in the classroom? Check out more of my printable and interactive dental activities for children below.

More Printable and Interactive Dental Activities for Children

I’ve got lots of other printable activities for Dental Health Month! If you’re searching for exciting preschool dental activities for children that are easy for teachers too, don’t miss some of my favorites.

healthy teeth coloring pages
preschool dental health game
shape activities for dental health month

Dental Health Month Color by Number Pages

Clean Teeth Memory Matching Game

Healthy Teeth Shape Worksheet

What are some of your favorite interactive dental activities for children to practice early learning skills at home and in the classroom? Share your favorite great ideas in the comment section. I can’t wait to read them and try a few of your favorite preschool dental activities with my little learners too!

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